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50 Best Facebook Status for 2020

50 Best Facebook Status for 2020

Whether you love to or not, you have to, once in a while put up status on your Facebook wall. Almost everyone in the world today is on Facebook and of course, different users have made the space livelier in recent times with their posts and interactions.

Coming up with what to post on your wall might seem like Herculean task a times, but then you don’t have to worry too much.

In this post you will find 50 of Best Facebook Status which you can use that everyone will like.

1. If I don’t ask you for help, or I’ve never asked you, be confident that one day I sure will. No man is an island as it is always said.

2. Look into yourself and create an atmosphere where your dreams can thrive. You can do it. That why you are you.

3. Hate is a heavy word, before you use it on a person, try using ‘dislike’ it works.

4. A smile is actually an expensive commodity especially when it seems the heart is heavy. But when it’s become an habit, it can not be easily broken.

5. You can blame people all you want when things go wrong but the truth is everyone is the author of his own misfortune.

6. Jealousy and hatred goes hand in hand, they are one of a kind. When it eats into the soul it births toxins and spreads very fast.

7. Opinions are no longer opinions when you’ve shared them with others.

8. Taking a step at decision-making is quite a task, many shy away because they are not ready to take responsibility for their actions and in-actions.

9. Forgiveness is a great tool, only the strong wields it..

10. A great heart and a beautiful soul in a friend’s body is worth more than gold.

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11. Sometimes you have to get up and command bad moods to stay away, those things are blind they don’t know when to visit or when not to, you are not.

12. Ignorance is no longer bliss, it is sure, steady, painful but slow death.

13. The world would be a better place if everyone mind their business and of course stay true.

14. When life’s troubles and worried set in, just relax, close your eyes and open them back, then stare at the problems and say boldly with great convictions: it’s not me you will kill.

15. A heart that appreciates is a healthy one.

16. Take time out and enjoy the cool and refreshing breeze, it relaxes the soul.

17. Everyone is an artist, we all have to paint our future and life ourselves.

18. Different people will come to our lives for different purposes, but then it’s our choice whether to allow them make or mar us.

19. You owe no one an explanation, just live your life and do what’s right.

20. Everyone is a genius we all know, what we don’t know is everyone has limited capacities and capabilities.

21. The fear of the unknown is the greatest of fears. And this has eaten deep into what we would have been.

22. In the world today, everyone is wiser than the other, this is the root of our problem.

23. I may not display anger or throw baby’s but trust me, I’m a bit weird in my own way.

24. I admire myself so much that no matter what you say in disapproval, I don’t care.

25. Life does not come with manuals and instructions, sometimes you just have to figure it out on your own.

26. Sometimes I can help but ponder on why we should have books, that’s a great waste of tree.

27. Nothing comes easy and free, not even the social media.

28. Always remember that the sky is not the limit, people have been to the moon.

29. You want to be extraordinary? Just try to be out of normal. Normal is altogether very boring.

30. Birthdays are good for the health, that’s when we get to eat cake to our heart content.

31. Dare to be different, try walking on water.

32. You call yourself hot and you can’t even turn on the microwave? That’s absurd really.

33. Dear friends, don’t invite and mention me in things that are not in anyway my concern, I have many things to do online and the least of them is meddling in conversations that I can’t even get the drift.

34. I’m following you not because I know where you’re going to but that I want to see if you know where you’re going to.

35. Most times, we get enmeshed in activities that are not even supposed to get our notice, minding ones business is actually a great task after all.

36. Sometimes I wake in the morning and tell myself: let’s get something started. But then I spend the rest of the day here on Facebook.

37. A day without sunlight is not necessarily night.

38. Wake up, bath, eat, drink, come to social media and then the cycle continues, this should have been the routine if Adam had not eaten the apple.

39. It would have made sense if it weren’t absurd, but then absurdity is not necessarily stupidity, or is it?

40. I want to spend a whole day talking to every of my friends on Facebook but then I remember what data costs and I’m sober.

41. Why do phones play hide and seek the day you put them on silent? If my phone were to be a child I’d have beaten it to stupor today, what nonsense!

42. I don’t keep much friends, this has greatly reduced the level of my being disappointed.

43. I don’t have exes, I only have why’s; like why the hell did I do that?

44. True friends can be compared to the message in a toilet: Treat them well, clean them up great and no one will know what the hell went down over there.

45. I don’t write on Facebook, I’ve been thought since I was young not to write on walls.

46. When I see “retweet”, “sweet” comes to my mind.

47. Want to avoid your girlfriend’s trouble when she’s asked if you heard what she said, just reply yes, keep the fact that you heard nothing deep inside you

48. What you know won’t kill you does not applies in the world anymore, infact it kills faster than you can guess.

49. Sometimes just stare at your worries hard and laugh your heart out, it scares those things away.

50. Be you, that’s the most important life lesson.

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