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As the popular saying goes: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy; it can also be said that “all work and no time to laugh makes jack a dull boy, too”. No matter how serious you are in your endeavors, you definitely do need something that will ease off the stress, and something stirring up genuine laughter won’t be a bad idea. Amongst other types of sarcastic statuses, the funny ones always result to a good amount of positive reactions from people who devote their time to viewing them.

Do you want to have fans hungry for your funny updates? That can be feasible when you’re serving statuses that causes more than a smile on the faces of your readers. It can’t be gainsaid that a few people are actually a hard nut to crack when it comes to making them laugh — to achieve that as an end result is likely to be tough. But, gradually following this article of several relatable jokes will surely crack the nuts — put beyond smiles on the faces of readers.

Touch your cheek to be sure that it has no pain, even though after you’re done with this, your cheek might experience little pains. Don’t be scared it won’t hurt.

Already challenging it? The challenge is accepted. Prepared? Let’s go!

Read below:

Funny Facebook Wall Posts that Will Get Likes
  • I’ve been thinking. How about I change my name to “No one”, so that, when I click the add button to get friends on Facebook, it’ll show “No one wants to be your friend”? That’s what I’ll do.
  • I’m sure you know that lucky feeling harboured in you when you and your friends are about taking a group picture, and you’re given the camera to snap. You initially don’t want to join in, because you know how ugly you are.
  • Let’s try a trick: bring out your money, fold it and put it back in your pocket. Congratulations, you’ve doubled your money!
  • That moment you’re held by the Police, and instead of hearing the normal words: you have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law; what you hear is: you have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be misquoted and used against you.
  • That moment you snap a really good picture amongst others, and all which comes to your mind is making it your profile picture.

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  • A pessimist is the best person to borrow money from, you know why? Because, he won’t expect it back.
  • How about I give my iPad a name? Uhmm! I’ll call it “Titanic”, so when I click cancel after it shows “Syncing Titanic”, I’ll feel like a hero.
  • That moment I’m on my death bed, I desire my last words to be: “I left one million dollars in the…”
  • You see people go underwater in movies, right? Whenever I see such, I seize my breath to check if I would have survived in that instance.
  • I had rice cooked in its white state, without adding anything, then I perceived the aroma of stew. Immediately, I went straight to where it was coming from, with my white rice, and started eating my rice with the aroma of the stew. I was caught doing that, and sent away from there. Please, did I do anything wrong?
  • They said I should eat balanced diet, I balance whatever food, which I want to eat, on my plate. Isn’t that balanced diet? Tell me oh!
  • There were two men, each of them has a son. So, one day, they had a fierce argument on whose son has more of stupidity. The first one called his son, and sent him on a errand to buy something, he didn’t wait to collect money, he took off to get it. He was like, you see! The second one called his son, sent him to check his house whether he’s around, and he, with much seriousness, ran to check the house. Whose stupidity supersedes?
  • Earlier today, I sent a message to my good friends, informing them that I have lost my phone, and also to know if they can dial my number. Right now, I’ve received over 13 calls. Please, I really need smart friends.
  • People say I’m afraid to die, but how do I tell them that I’m not really afraid, I just don’t want to be present when it will happen. I don’t want to be present!
  • It’s general knowledge when you’re aware that tomato is a fruit; good wisdom is not adding it to the fruits for a fruit salad.
  • I was given a syrup to cure the cough I had, it was so sweet. One night in my house, I decided to drink a large amount of it, so at least, I’ll be relieved of the cough; after I took the large amount, I sat for some minutes, and once I stood up, I went straight to my mum, to tell her that I want to start preparing to go home!
Funny Facebook Status Lines
  • You called me, I picked my phone and called you back, you’re now asking “who are you?” You know who I am? I am your ancestor.
  • There’s one popular saying — it’s actually an advice though — and it goes this way: don’t drink while driving. But, this afternoon I tried it, and it didn’t hurt me. What exactly is the saying for? Though it was a fruit juice.
  • There’s something I want to really try, I want to try changing my Facebook username to NOBODY, so when I hit the like button on a post which makes no sense, it’ll display, “NOBODY likes this!”
  • Has a woman ever asked you “WHAT” whenever you’re talking to her? If yes, she’s really nice. That means she’s giving you a chance to change what he has said — that isn’t because she didn’t hear what you said.
  • Have you noticed that it’s only in a mathematics problem that you buy excess of what you really need? In a mathematics question, you’ll get over 500 of an ingredient, are you trying to cook for a whole nation?
  • A whole Microsoft couldn’t exercise a little common sense, they bought Skype for a whopping sum of 8.5 billion dollars, when they could just comfortably download it, and explore with it on smartphones, computers.
  • I feel like being left alone by people around me, but I don’t know, I still feel I want people to notice my absence.

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  • I’ve been seeing some posts on Facebook which end with “Forward to ten people”, but one thing I’ve not seen is a note placed closed to someone’s grave which reads: “Died from not forwarding that text to ten people”
  • I thought I have a good IQ until I went for an IQ test, which result appear to be negative, then I knew I haven’t known anything!
  • The sports called Wrestling is obviously fake, really very fake; how will two persons fight profusely just to win a belt which they wouldn’t even wear afterwards.
  • I saw a girl from afar, and I was shocked with what I saw, she’s really beautiful from far. Once I approached her, I noticed that she’s just beautiful from afar, but taking a closer view, she’s far from fine.

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