83 Cute Things to Post on Boyfriends Facebook Wall (2024)

A Facebook wall is an area on a person’s profile or page where friends and fans on Facebook can post their thoughts, views, opinions, and criticisms mostly related to you. More so, a Facebook wall matters a lot to him, and you are entitled to do kinds of stuff on his wall either by writing or by sharing cute things to post on boyfriends Facebook wall.

What Can I Write on My Boyfriend’s Timeline?

Posting cute things on his wall is a way to express your love, boost his social media page and ward off other suitors trying to steal your man. Doing so strengthens your presence in your boyfriend’s life as it’s a silent way of saying, “He is mine.”

Posting on your boyfriend’s Facebook wall also strengthens your relationship as it keeps your boyfriend happy and makes him proud to know that you care and are open about it.

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Looking for what to post on your boyfriend’s wall? The cute things to post usually involve:

  • Cute words or messages, usually witty, romantic or heartfelt.
  • Cute photos of him, yourself or both of you,
  • Cute photos of presents bought for him or by him.
  • Cute pictures of places you will visit or have visited.

List of Cute Things to Post on Boyfriends Facebook Wall

Below are some cute messages you can consider posting on your boyfriend’s Facebook wall:

1. I have met a lot of guys, but you are the only real guy I know and have.

2. Will you please catch me, for I’m falling for you?

3. To be smart, sexy and nice like you should be a crime.

4. God took his time creating you, and the angels cried when you were being sent to earth.

5. Even when I don’t want to smile, you always find a way to make me smile.

6. You are always near that’s why you are dear to me.

7. Getting to know you is like unwrapping a present; the best is yet to come.

Blue background with the text: "I know that I have you in my heart, but I want the world to know that you have mine too."

8. I know that I have you in my heart, but I want the world to know that you have mine too.

9. Loving you is euphoric for you are aphrodisiac.

10. Every day, life is colorful, beautiful and fruitful, just because of you.

11. Back off ladies, he’s solely mine.

12. You are like dark chocolate, tasty and irresistible.

13. You are like caramel, a candy to me.

14. You say you lucky to be mine; I say you are lucky because I’m yours.

15. Every time I see your face, my heart starts to race.

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Sweet Posts for Boyfriend

16. Hey! You are wanted, for stealing my heart.

17. I love how strong your arms are, to hold me tight all day long.

18. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and you are the reason why.

19. I have my personal cheerleader, coach, masseur, bodyguard, friend, and love.

20. As a friend you are wonderful, but as a lover, you are delightful.

21. Sweet kisses, warm hugs, beautiful presents; I’m grateful every day.

22. Are you a magician because every time I look at you, I get enchanted.

Light background with leaves and the text: "You take my breath away, but you are the air I breathe."

23. I’ve got an addiction to you, but I love it.

24. You take my breath away, but you are the air I breathe.

25. You steal my breath sometimes, but you are the reason I breathe.

26. I’m drunk in your love, and I’m intoxicated by you.

27. My favorite person in the world is you; being with you is my favorite thing to do.

28. Your hands, eyes, words, smile, and heart are my favorite things in the world.

29. Living in your heart is my favorite place to be.

30. Getting lost in your beauty is my favorite thing to do.

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Status for Boyfriend on WhatsApp

31. Marveling in your awesomeness is my favorite hobby.

32. I love you so much that I’m scared to lose you.

33. I’m always thinking of you; I’m here to say that I’m thinking of you right now.

34. He’s sexy, smart and he’s mine.

35. You are unbelievable; it’s unbelievable that you are mine.

36. If being with you is a dream, then I don’t want to wake up.

37. My friends think you are cute. I say you are beautiful.

38. You make me feel like a princess, thanks for being my prince.

39. I love him and guess what, he loves me too.

40. You are a lovely present, a nice surprise and a miracle to me.

41. You are the total package babe; I’m lucky to have you.

Green background with plants and the text:  "I’ve found a place for you, stay in my life and pay no rent."

42. You are rare package love, and I’m glad to have you.

43. You add colors to my life; you make my life beautiful.

44. I’ve found a place for you, stay in my life and pay no rent.

45. I have a good reason to be proud, thanks for being the reason.

46. I have a good reason why my friends are jealous, the fact that I have you.

47. I knew what love was, but you showed me what true love is.

48. It’s great to love someone who treats you like a queen; I’m lucky to be your girlfriend.

49. I can never get tired of showing you how much you mean to me, never forget this.

50. You showed me what a real gentleman is to a woman.

51. You are true, honest and rare; you are my treasure.

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Cute Message to Post on Boyfriends Timeline

52. Real love is what your eyes speak; true love is what you do.

53. You showed me what love is; together we will see what life will be.

54. I know people think I’m crazy but being crazy about you is worth it.

55. I look forward to the times we meet; I can’t wait to hold you again.

56. I love you, and you love me, always and forever.

57. I don’t know where when or how but I find myself loving you so deep and strong.

58. You are my superhero for you save me every day.

59. You are my cheerleader, and I’m your number one fan.

60. I will love you until the sun doesn’t shine again.

61. I won the lottery, and I got you.

White background with the text: "Though you may not be my first love, you are my true love, and you are my best love."

62. Your love is magical; so enchanting and beautiful.

63. Your love is sweet, intoxicating and warm; I love it!

64. I love how amazing you are; you make these photos amazing.

65. You are my captain and anchor in this boat of love.

66. You are like a breath of fresh air for your love revives me.

67. Though you may not be my first love, you are my true love, and you are my best love.

68. The day I met you was written in the stars.

69. One of my favorite places is being in your strong arms.

70. You are sweet, caring, sexy and smart. Are you real?

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Cut Status to Post on Boyfriends Facebook Wall

71. Only you can give me that feeling like I have fireworks all over my body. My special person.

72. The only time I don’t need help falling as I’m falling and drowning in your love.

73. Can I be any closer than close to you? I never want to leave your side baby.

74. I rarely get attached to people. But with you, I’m wondering what happened to me.

75. Relationships have their ups and downs. Some moments are painful, but most are amazing. You know how to balance the good and bad, and I love you for it.

76. It feels like yesterday that we met, and you proposed to me. It has already been such a long time since we have stuck together. Life looks beautiful with you, only you.

Multi-colored background with the text: "Caught me staring at you? I couldn’t believe you’re mine."

77. Caught me staring at you? I couldn’t believe you’re mine.

78. You are not just my boyfriend but also my best friend.

79. Whenever you hold my hand, my heart flutters.

80. Please stop being so adorable. I’m falling for you all over again!

81. Tell me your biggest regret. Mine is not climbing over the table to kiss you last night.

82. You are my perfect match; I can’t imagine my life without you.

83. Thank you for sticking around through thick and thin.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cute Things to Post on Boyfriends Facebook Wall

What should I post on my boyfriend’s Facebook wall?

You can post sweet messages, compliments, or expressions of love. Share special moments you’ve had together, celebrate anniversaries, or express appreciation for him. Consider using emojis or even posting a photo together.

Should I post my boyfriend on Facebook?

Posting about your boyfriend on Facebook is a personal choice. If you both are comfortable with it, sharing moments can be a positive way to express your love. However, it’s essential to respect each other’s privacy and preferences.

Why is it important to post your partner?

Posting about your partner can be a way to celebrate your relationship, share joyous moments, and express your love publicly. It allows you to create memories together and strengthens the sense of togetherness.

How can I post my boyfriend on status?

Craft a status that highlights a special moment, an inside joke, or something you love about your boyfriend.

For example, “Celebrating life with the one who fills my heart with joy! 💑 #Grateful”

Final Thoughts: Cute Things to Post on Boyfriends Facebook Wall

Remember that while posting, don’t come off as too cheesy, aggressive, obsessive, or possessive as this gives off wrong messages. Make sure to choose the cute things to post on boyfriends Facebook wall.

Be original, and creative, and enjoy posting on his wall!

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