132 Amazing Facebook Profile Pic Status in English (2024)

Choosing a caption for your Facebook could be overwhelming! Especially for your Facebook profile picture, you need to use your humor and a good sense to craft some perfect lines. It could also be daunting you know.

To ease this stress, we have brought you some creative Facebook profile pic status in English lines that perfectly describe your passion and inspiration. Whatever you need; cute selfies or even pictures of yourself with friends and loved ones, you are sure to have some cool and short captions to show your creativity and attitude. You can now browse these posts to select your favorite captions.

The Best Facebook Profile Pic Status in English

The wait is over! Now, you don’t have to worry about what you will write as a caption for your Facebook DP. What are you waiting for? Let’s check them out!

Facebook Profile Pic Status in English Examples

Blue background with the text: "Ignore your head but follow your heart. You can break the rules and stand apart!"

1. There are lots of fish in the sea; millions of them, yet I’m a mermaid.

2. When I look in the mirror, I see my competitor.

3. My desire is to be your favorite hello and your hard-to-find goodbye

4. A perfect reflection of your personality and attitude is style. I love it!

5. It’s simply my style and not my attitude

6. Don’t see me as lazy; just on my energy saving mode

7. Ignore your head but follow your heart. You can break the rules and stand apart!

8. When words can’t, Silence speaks

9. I like being followed and not to follow others

10. Yes, I may not be perfect. But I am 18 and simply awesome!

11. I know I’ll be alright someday, but not today.

12. Raise your hand if you like me. Raise your standard if you don’t! if you don’t!

13. The second best thing to do with your lips is a smile.

14. You don’t have to accept that the sky is your limit when there are footprints on the moon

15. It isn’t everyone that likes me, yet it isn’t everyone that matters

16. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.

17. I just take selfies once in a while every day; I don’t do it all the time.

18. It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.

19. I’m a star, so, I will be sending my selfie to NASA.

20. The most important part of improving one’s self should be inner beauty.

21. Though we see laziness as the mother of all bad habits, she deserves some respect; at least she’s a mother.

22. A true friend understands where you have been, knows you as you are, accepts what you have become and helps you to grow

23. While other girls are made of spice, sugar, and everything nice, some are made of wine, sarcasm, and everything fine.

24. I’m in love with whatever makes you smile

25. My heart, I give to you

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English Status for Facebook Profile Pic

Yellow background with the text: "Live your life NOW. Always make NOW the most precious time because NOW will never come again."

26. Though you hurt me, I still love you

27. Without you, I feel so lonely

28. When you’re in love, something amazing happens. You don’t give a damn about what day it is.

29. Until I can download food, I don’t think I will be impressed with the technology

30. Just change your picture and stay calm

31. Love means caring for each other when you are not in the mood.

32. I wish I knew before time that you were going to break my heart

33. I may be quiet but I’m not blind

34. I knew an adventure was about to unfold the moment I say you

35. Make sure you are perfect before passing your judgment on me Ok?

36. I’m simply going to be myself. I don’t care if you’re going to hang or whatever.

37. The only beauty that never fades is elegance

38. I will assume you’re a transformer if you send me a request on Facebook and your profile picture is a car.

39. Just being my kind of beauty.

40. Speak more than you know and have more than you show.

41. Falling in love is not a function of gravity.

42. Live your life NOW. Always make NOW the most precious time because NOW will never come again.

43. Those who break the rules make history

44. You don’t have to go looking around for miracles because you yourself are the miracle.

45. Creating your future is the best way to predict it

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Awesome FB Photo Status in English

Lavender background with the text: "When people try to bring you down, just know that you are above them."

46. You don’t need to shout, let your success do that

47. One phrase that’s easy to say but difficult to do when you’re broken is “be strong”.

48. Build a door is if an opportunity doesn’t knock.

49. You are gifted with two hands; one to help yourself and the other to help others

50. When people try to bring you down, just know that you are above them.

51. Wherever you are planted, flourish!

52. Though the sun is alone, it still shines.

53. Don’t stay away from what keeps you feeling alive.

54. You have every right and license to a beautiful life.

55. Sometimes, to save your heart you need to listen to your brain

56. The shadows fall behind you when you turn your face towards the sun.

57. I’m still going to shine. It doesn’t matter if you love me or hate me.

58. Your haters are your biggest fans, so, love them too.

59. The best is yet to be so, grow old along with me.

60. A good heart shines brighter than beauty.

61. Where comparison ends, personality begins.

62. The risks you didn’t take would be the only things in life you will regret.

63. Just as pencils have erasers, there’s no one that is perfect.

64. Anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary doesn’t deserve your love.

65. I want a happy life rather than a perfect life

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Cool Status for Facebook Profile Picture

Green background with the text: "Be proud that you were made like no one else. Don’t be ashamed you are different."

66. There’s zero completion because no one can become me

67. To be me, I don’t think I need any approval

68. I’m damn proud of who I am and what I’ve become.

69. It’s simply cool being me

70. Be proud that you were made like no one else. Don’t be ashamed you are different.

71. I’m quite comfortable with who I have become and I take a lot of pride in being myself.

72. Don’t be ashamed of how someone else sees you rather be proud of who you are

73. You should try it sometimes – it’s called “originality”

74. Don’t die being a copy, you were born original

75. An original is always worth more than a copy so, be yourself!

76. Be you. Be original!

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Unique Facebook Photo Status in English

Violet background with the text: "You may know my name but not my story. So, don’t judge me."

77. You were born to stand out. So, be unique!

78. You were born to stand out. Don’t try to fit in.

79. In being yourself, there is great beauty!

80. You may know my name but not my story. So, don’t judge me.

81. We weren’t born to be perfect. We were born to real.

82. I am what I choose to become and not what happened to me.

83. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

84. Respect lasts longer than attention. Go for it.

85. Don’t fail to wear your invisible crown. Have it always.

86. Small moments like this make part of life.

87. If you hate me, you don’t make yourself any prettier.

88. The beauty of the soul is love

89. Stay classy!

90. You are the best thing about me.

91. You became my life the moment you came in.

92. The prettiest girls are the happy ones.

93. I am just a girl looking for my heart.

94. Better an oops, than a what if.

95. You may see me as a bad girl, but deep inside, I’m a good woman.

96. You don’t believe it’s you when you take a very good selfie.

97. I’m just one in 7 billion.

98. Let me take a selfie first.

99. Morning time, selfie time.

100. Warning: you may fall in love with my face.

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More Facebook Photo Status in English

Blue and yellow background with the text: "Take your time, learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

101. OMG! Just take a look at my selfie.

102. Don’t copy my style of taking selfies.

103. This is a selfie with no filter. Love it!

104. Be positive, take risks and live your life on your own terms.

105. Take your time, learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

107. I run out of patience, time and money

108. Life is a long process of getting tired.

109. Even common sense is not so common

110. The universe contains electrons, neutrons, protons, and morons.

111. I still have checks left so I can’t be out of money.

112. My philosophy remains “No pain, No pain”. I’m simply not into working out.

113. I’m old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway.

114. Action is what you don’t take when the other guy is bigger than you

115. Follow me if you want to come second.

116. Have great aim. A small aim is a crime

117. Though I started out with nothing I still have most of it left.

118. Live what you love.

119. Dream big and dare to fail.

120. What’s your excuse? I’m just a baby

121. Where there’s a will… that’s where I’d rather be.

122. The heartbeat of the soul is HOPE.

123. Elegance is what I have never seen go out of style.

124. Just chilling like a gangster.

125. Don’t cry for bastards and bitches. You can only do that for cuts and stitches.

126. My haters are always disturbed by the noise of my success

127. Here it is if you were looking for a sign.

128. I’m comfortable with who I am. And I take a lot of pride in being myself.

129. Never trashy, always classy, and a little bit sassy.

130. Raise your hands if you like me then. And if you don’t then raise your standards.

131. When I am the catch why chase you?

132. It’s the way I am and not an attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions: Amazing Facebook Profile Pic Status in English

How do I caption photos for FB?

When captioning photos for Facebook, consider expressing your emotions, sharing a brief story related to the photo, or using relevant hashtags.

For example, “Weekend vibes with the best crew! #SquadGoals

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