93 Perfect Facebook Status for New Born Baby (2024)

Most times we find it challenging to string the right words together to describe how adorable babies truly are. Again, we are often lost in the search for the perfect words to define the joy of becoming a parent. But in moments like these, you can only trust perfect lines that truly articulate and express your affection and innate feelings toward your adorable new arrival.

There is no better way to convey your endearing love for the dearest to your heart than these quotes that are perfect as a Facebook status for a new born baby below:

Perfect Facebook Status for New Born Baby

Here are our samples of Facebook status for new born baby which you can also use across social media platforms. Whether you want to express the joy of giving birth or even just announce pregnancy, we have a list of statuses with wonderful options available here. Enjoy!

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Best Facebook Status for New Born Baby

These are the best Facebook status for new born baby, they can also be used however you like. Feel free to personalize these or use them as captions or stories.

Blurred baby background with the text: "It doesn’t matter how many angels that exist. What matters most is the one that changes our lives."

1. There’s a space in your heart that never knew was empty. That’s where a baby fills

2. Children are the bridge to heaven

3. A newborn baby is simply an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.

4. The newborn babies are God’s own opinion that life on earth should not cease.

5. One of the most beautiful sounds in our world is a child’s love. It echoes!

6. A child is the most beautiful gift on earth.

7. A newborn baby walks into this world open-hearted and spreads magic with the eyes shining.

8. Little toddling sleep in the mother’s arms which are so soft and tender to provide perfect comfort. What a feeling of love!

9. Newborn babies bring warmth in a magical way just like the sun. They cast their rays and light our lives with happiness.

10. Babies are like books we should write and should also read.

11. A newborn baby is sweet. Even sweeter than honey.

12. The decision to have a child means to make an eternal decision to have your heart walking around outside your body. It’s indeed momentous.

13. A newborn baby gives you a totally different perspective on life and the reason you wake up each day.

14. I’m a strong believer of love at first sight. I started loving my baby at first sight.

15. A little baby grows up to become your best friend.

16. Children are indeed a piece of heaven sent down to earth.

17. You are the prettiest babe I’ve ever nursed. I truly hope to see you married. That’s my wish.

18. Children enjoy the present. They have neither a past nor future. Most of us don’t.

19. It doesn’t matter how many angels that exist. What matters most is the one that changes our lives.

20. Babies rejoice the heart and refresh life.

21. It’s quite magnificent to behold a baby grow from an infant to a human that can care for itself. One day when your baby becomes the person of its dream, I truly hope you’ll derive the pleasure ten-fold. Cheers!

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Whatsapp Status for New Born Baby

You can as well post any of the status below on your WhatsApp status to announce your baby birth to friends and family. Here are some perfect WhatsApp statuses for new born baby.

Blurred baby with the text: "The most beautiful thing about being a parent is seeing a glimpse of yourself in your little one. Happy parenting."

22. Every child is like a unique species of flower. When put together, they make the world a beautiful garden.

23. We started with knowing and having each other. Next, we had you. Now we are complete.

24. Just a little bit of heaven sent to us on earth. I adore you

25. Your tiny fingers and feet make the biggest prints in our hearts

26. A new baby marks the beginning of new things – the beautiful dream of possibilities, hope, and

27. There’s no other day like the day your baby arrives

28. As a life changer, a baby gives a whole new reason and perspective to why you wake every morning.

29. Think of a nice way to start people, think of babies

30. You snuggled your way into our hearts the very moment you were placed in our arms

31. A baby occupies the room in your heart that you never knew was empty.

32. A baby makes night longer, days shorter, love stronger, clothes shabbier, bankroll smaller, future worth living for and past forgotten.

33. A baby never outgrows the need to be loved. It grows stronger with time.

34. Babies are just so wonderful. They initiate an overwhelming moment where your entire life changes for good and forever.

35. A newborn’s feet is quite so sweet and nothing is really like it.

36. A new baby is just like a bit of heaven sent down to earth.

37. With your little fingers and your wonderfully crafted toes, our hearts are filled with love that overflows.

38. The grandest gift that could ever be, if I am thinking correctly, is a newborn No doubt.

39. One knows that ties families together is a baby.

40. Babies give us the hand to get hold of heaven.

41. Oh little one, what a miracle you are. So small, yet precious and sweet. Straight from heaven’s brightest star and dancing in on angel’s feet.

42. The moon danced with the stars as the angels clapped their hands the day you were born

43. There is laughter, there is joy, there is trust, there is hope, a chance to shape the future. All in the eyes of a baby.

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Facebook Status for New Born Baby Girl

Did you just give birth to a bouncing baby girl? And you are so much excited about this new bundle of joy that you can’t keep the joy to yourself alone, pick from the selected statuses for new born baby girl ideas below to share the good news of the new queen.

Blurred teddy bear background with the text: "We were sent a princess when we asked for only a daughter. That’s our toddling little girl."

44. Such a pretty little girl, what a miracle it is

45. Wrapped in a tiny bundle, she’s just a definition of perfect

46. A baby girl is always mommy’s world and Daddy’s daughter.

47. A baby girl is nothing but a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous

48. A baby girl often brings a bit of rainbow and a bit of sparkle where it goes.

49. A baby girl is a gift far more precious than the most precious jewels.

50. Our baby girl is so cute and adorable from hair to toe. Like ribbons, curls, and

51. Newborn baby girls are priceless. Like gifts, they are wrapped in love serene. With their futures tied with dreams and their dresses tied with sashes.

52. To parents, baby girls represent a source of perpetual wonder.

53. A baby girl knows how to dance her way into your heart, scattering kisses and gold dust to your path, whirling on the tips of angel wings.

54. Thanks to the heavens for such pretty little girls. Such pretty little curls.

55. Baby girls are giggles that come from the inside, always precious and wonderful. She is a bundle of firsts that delight and excite so much that your love for her knows no bounds.

56. With her adorable smile, a baby girl will always render sunshine in your life no matter what moment you’re in.

57. Your baby girl’s face reflects a piece of your flesh and spirit. It’s really an extraordinary feeling.

58. Watching your baby girl break into laughter is indeed a great feeling you won’t want to miss.

59. A toddling little girl brings dissimilar people to a better understanding of each other. It is a center of common feeling.

60. We were sent a princess when we asked for only a daughter. That’s our toddling little girl.

61. Like streams and brooks and birds tied up with bows and ribbons, Baby girls are precious gifts. Their spirits are united with dreams.

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Facebook Status for New Born Baby Boy

You are happy and elated about the new addition to the family, it is not a bad idea to let your friends, family, and colleagues get the good news of the arrival of the little king by posting awesome Facebook status for the new baby boy arrival.

Blurred baby background with the text: "The newborn babies are God’s own opinion that life on earth should not cease."

62. You want more adorable quotes to say how much you love your little baby boy? Let’s ride on then

63. While his little hands took my heart, his little feet did run with it.

64. And so goes this little boy. He calls me Mom. He has stolen my heart.

65. He will move mountains when he dares wake up, so let him sleep

66. Trust a baby boy to leave smudges on your heart and your house.

67. Like superheroes in disguise, baby boys have come to be

68. These little toddling boys have their pockets full of saddle and mischief, always overflowing with excitement and joy.

69. A little baby boy is an angel you always need to handle with care, a miracle you would always like to share.

70. My little baby boy is the most precious and beautiful of all things I have ever held.

71. The most interesting and exhilarating aspect of parenthood is the excitement on the face of your baby boy.

72. I look into my son’s eyes when I need a miracle, and I realize I’ve already created one

73. Baby boys are made of puppy dog tails, snails, and frogs.

74. That little angle; that’s what you call a baby boy. You will love him so much even more than yourself

75. When I look at you I just get reminded of how a lot depends on what we make of the days now.

76. The love between a mother and a baby son is one special feeling that has never known any match.

77. While you little son holds your hand just for a short time, he will hold your heart till eternity.

78. Suddenly your baby boy fills your life with these sounds; chuckles and Coos and gurgles that always tug your heartstrings.

79. Each night, my love will fly to you on angel’s wings. Godspeed little man!

80. Despite the roughs of life a baby boy always is that anchor of your life

81. He is a true definition of hope of the future with a frog in its pocket, wisdom with bubble gum in its hair, and beauty with a cut on its finger.

82. You can refer to your little boy as the truth with dirt on its face

83. God’s way of letting you know that your house is too neat is through the little baby boys.

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New Born Baby Status Messages

There is a special feeling that comes with the joy of having a new born baby, be it a baby girl or boy and it is also very cool to wish the new parents on the arrival of the gift. When you congratulate them, it makes them feel good and you do not have to think about how you want to go about that, just a simple text message will make them feel good. Here are some lovely messages for that cute baby, feel free to pick any of them and send them to the happy parents:

Blurred baby background with the text: "Every child is like a unique species of flower. When put together, they make the world a beautiful garden."

84. Congratulations, as new parents, may your joy and happiness never be tampered with. I wish you all the very best.

85. The most beautiful thing about being a parent is seeing a glimpse of yourself in your little one. Happy parenting.

86. Goodbye to a big tummy and welcome to the world of mummies, may you be happy for the rest of your life. And to our little princess, may she grow in good health and wisdom. All the best in this new world of parenting.

87. Oh yes, you now have a new family member and I was told it’s a girl, can you please treat her like a queen that she really is and Make my son happy in future. Congratulations to my in-laws. lols.

88. I am very happy that your new baby arrived hale and healthy. May you find parenthood easy and sweet.

89. Sending you loads of love as you hold that little gift of yours dearly. May you forever be happy.

90. I want you to know that you are representing God in the life of this adorable prince. God has entrusted one of his treasures in your care, cherish him, love him and more blessings will come your way.

91. May he be greater, wiser, and bigger than you the parents. May your joy increase as he grows. Congratulations and welcome to our world.

92. I don’t know who is more blessed, either you for having him or him for having you as his parent, so far you have been so wonderful to the rest of them and I know now he would not be exempted. All the best.

93. Having a baby is one of the life-changing things that can happen to anyone. From now on, your life will be changed for good. Congratulations.

Frequently Asked Questions: Perfect Facebook Status for New Born Baby

How do I post my newborn baby status?

To post your newborn baby status on Facebook, you can share a photo of your baby along with a caption announcing their arrival. You might include their name, birth date, and any other details you’d like to share.

What is the best caption for a newborn baby?

Here’s an example of a great caption for a newborn baby:

“Introducing our little bundle of joy! Welcome to the world, [baby’s name]!”

How do you welcome a baby’s status on Facebook?

You can welcome a baby’s status on Facebook by liking, commenting, or sharing the post with congratulatory messages and well wishes for the new parents and the baby.

Can you post baby pictures on Facebook?

Yes, you can post baby pictures on Facebook, but it’s essential to consider privacy and security. Ensure your privacy settings are adjusted to your comfort level, and consider who can view the photos before posting them.

How do you put a status on a baby boy?

Share a status that celebrates the arrival of your baby boy, such as, “Announcing the arrival of our precious baby boy! Our hearts are overflowing with love and joy.”

Final Thoughts: Perfect Facebook Status for New Born Baby

We believe that sharing your happiness shouldn’t be a dutiful task. Get the perfect wording for new baby birth announcement right here. These lines and quotes can also be shared with friends via other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

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