100+ Relationship Status Quotes for Facebook in 2022

Relationship status quotes on Facebook is something you might want to consider if you recently upgraded your relationship status, and you are excited to share the good news with everyone on Facebook. Whether you are single, undecided, indifferent, dating, engaged, married, divorce, etc., Facebook is the best platform to publicize this new development and let others be aware of it.

What Does It Mean by Relationship Status?

Relationship status in other words “Marital status” means the significant options that describe someone’s relationship with another person. Examples of such status are married, single, divorced and widow. In some countries like Italy, It is also known as Civil status.

Why You Should Share Your Status on Facebook?

Announcing your relationship status makes you considerate and let others know you are off the market if you are dating or otherwise if not. Your new/current boyfriend, fiancée, or spouse will feel happier knowing that you aren’t afraid but enthusiastic to let others know about it.

Is your own case different from the above relationship status mentioned above? Did you just got out of a relationship, divorced, widowed or happily single?. Announcing and updating your relationship status signifies strength to grow and heal.

Though the relationship status may seem insignificant or ridiculous, it has significant implications in an individual’s life. Before we dive into ideas on post to share while sharing your relationship status on your timeline. Let us discuss how you can change your status on your Facebook profile.

How Do I Change My Relationship Status on Facebook?

Facebook profile setup comes with option to add, edit and delete your marital status. To perform any of these actions, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Facebook account if you are not logged in yet.
  • On you news feed/timeline, click on your Name to take you to your profile page.
  • On your profile page, tap the “About” button.
  • Go to the “Family & Relationship” section.
  • Tap “Add a relationship status” or “Edit”
  • Choose the relationship status you want.
  • Choose your privacy settings.
  • Tap “Save.”

Alternatively, you can also do it as highlighted below

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Go to your timeline
  • Tap “Update Info”
  • Tap “Edit Info”
  • Choose the relationship status you want.
  • Choose your sharing options.
  • Tap “Save”

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • You are allowed to be enthusiastic but not exaggerate.
  • Honesty is mostly preferred to lies unless you want to keep it a secret.
  • Posting a picture can be quite catchy too
  • Writing meaningful words or quotes also count.
  • Be creative if you can.
  • Don’t be pressured in sharing your relationship status if you want.
  • Don’t create a bad image by changing your relationship status too often.

Facebook Relationship Statuses List

Looking for some quotes to go along with your marital status on Facebook? Here are some relationship status quotes to ignite that creative flair in you:

For the Singles

If you are still single, either searching or not, you can select any of the listed relationship status quotes for the single to get inspired.

1. Proudly single and strong.

2. “I love you”; I love this truth but me to me every day.

3. “be true and don’t settle for less”; I live by this quote.

4. I’m single but not searching; I’m waiting.

5. I’m in the best relationship with myself; it is bliss.

6. While others have a relationship, I have peace.

7. I’m proudly single because I won’t settle less for what I deserve.

8. Loving yourself is the first step towards happiness.

9. I’m loyal, loving, and single.

10. I’m in a relationship; with freedom!

11. You ask me why I’m single, obviously; I was born this way.

12. Know this; being single is a choice, not a crime.

13. I’m single, and I don’t bite (LOL).

14. Want a taste of freedom; try being single.

15. Smart, Single, and Stress-free!

16. I’m single-saving myself for what I truly deserve.

17. Being single makes me know I’m not defined by another.

18. Yes, I’m single, but No, I’m not lonely.

19. Why should I fall in love when I can fall asleep?

20. The best companion for me is solitude.

21. I’m solo-I make my own rules.

22. I’m single and living life on my own terms.

23. I’m not waiting for Prince Charming; I slay my own dragons.

24. I’m independent and available until I find the one for me.

25. I’m single, satisfied, and not worry about it.

Have a New Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

1. I feel lucky to be called yours just as you are mine.

2. Here is to my current and future flavor (LOL).

3. Out of billions of other people in the world, I’m glad I met you.

4. I love that you are the reason I smile.

5. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen is your smile.

6. I love you and who I am when I’m with you.

7. I was thinking about you today, and I smiled for the thousandth time.

8. Currently, you are one of the things I want and need.

9. I built up a wall, and you cared enough to break it down to set me free.

10. I know I’m not perfect, so I want someone who will love me; my flaws and all.

11. My heart skips a beat whenever I hear your voice but beats faster when you are around.

12. When I’m with you, I don’t try to be happy; I’m am truly happy.

13. Loving you makes me feel more alive.

14. Met you and I still feel unreal that you are my girl.

15. You are a flame; giving me warmth and the incredible light.

16. You are the cutest girlfriend ever.

17. I envision something more for us.

18. I never knew dating could feel so good like this.

19. I bless the day we met; it was fate.

20. I don’t believe in a fairytale, but our love is magic.

For Those Who Recently Got Engaged

1. Guess who has a new ring to wear? ME!!!

2. You are one of the reasons I smile and laugh; please don’t make me cry.

3. I had a crush turned into attraction, now it is love for you.

4. If you find someone who can put up with you, put a ring on it.

5. I wanted you, I needed you in my life, and you said, “Yes.”

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6. Loving you is spending the rest of my life with you, and I can’t wait to do so.

7. I can’t wait to be your desired hello and your hardest goodbye.

8. Do you promise to be in my mind and life every day?

9. I’m addicted to you, so let me have you forever.

10. The happiest places I want to be forever are your arms.

11. The power of our love is strong but scorching to intruders.

12. When you see someone you want to spend the rest of your life with; acknowledge!

13. Stay with me my love for you haven’t seen the best of me.

14. Now we shall cross this together.

15. Loving you is beautiful; having you is more.

For the Newly Married

Do you just get married to the love of your life? here are the perfect relationship status quotes for the newly married.

1. Marriage is an alliance, and I happily signed the contract.

2. Listen, guys; I have made her officially mine.

3. Listen to ladies, hands-off; he’s mine only.

4. I thank God for sending someone special onto my life forever.

5. Find you a man who’s kind, handsome and loyal like mine.

6. You know what I did when I saw a dream, I didn’t let her go.

7. I love being married; I hope to enjoy it more.

8. You may not be the first man in my life, but you are the first important man in my life now.

9. Though I’m a busy man, you’ll always be my priority.

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10. I promise to love, trust, and protect you till the day I die.

11. I love you with all my heart, everything I am, and I have.

12. To love and to be loved is blissfully wonderful.

13. I gave out my love; you gave out your heart and hurrah! We exchanged rings.

14. I love how you are my lover, best friend, and confidant.

15. You were an angel to me, and luckily you turned out to be my soul mate

16. Since I dream about you every time, I decided to share my dreams with you together and forever.

17. My love for you will be timeless and endless.

18. I can’t wait. I want to see how adorable our family will be.

19. The wedding is over, now let the marriage begin.

20. I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning.

For the Divorced

1. Breaking-up gave me the worst heartache ever.

2. I will cherish the moments we had, but it’s time to move on.

3. Shout-out to my ex, I hope you find love again.

4. Breaking up with you may be wrong, but it’s the best.

5. Now I can breathe again.

6. Ladies, here I come again.

7. I thought loving you was the answer, but letting you go was the solution.

8. We’ve reached a crossroad, and now we have to depart.

9. I hope you find a new path like I did mine.

10. I smile to let you know I’m happy without you.

11. Marriage was a wonderful institution, but it felt confined being with you.

12. Don’t worry; I promise to be happier.

13. I cry when I see your face; not that it hurts but because you lost me.

14. I distanced myself from you, but you didn’t notice so I left.

15. I learned how to let go, and I hope you do too.

16. I don’t regret my past; thanks for making it count.

17. I thought I couldn’t walk without you, but now I’m flying.

18. You made me an option, so I made your history.

19. Hating you didn’t make me cut you from my life, respecting you made me did.

20. We promised to be fiercely honest, and now the truth hurts.

21. They say all relationships go through hell, and we came out stronger but alone.

22. I’ve got no worries anymore.

23. They say change is constant, and we proved them correct.

24. You didn’t accept me at my worst, so now I’ll be my best without you.

25. Being with you wasn’t a mistake, it was a failure, but I’m grateful for the experience.

For the Widowed

1. The memories of you and I will live on in my heart forever.

2. I’m grateful for the moments spent with you were glee.

3. My love, you had the biggest heart ever and the most fabulous smile ever.

4. Whenever I think of you, I smile at the memories we had together.

5. Just know, I loved you more than anything; you are alive in my heart.

6. Being with you was the best years of my life; those were good times.

7. He was in my life until the storm was over, then he left me calm.

8. You are like the air now, silent but around me.

9. You came, you stayed, you passed, and you left.

10. I loved you more than you will ever know.

11. I believe you exist in two places; here in my heart and over there.

12. I must admit, I miss you so bad it hurts; fate is cruel.

13. Thanks for loving me while you could, I’ll do so while I can.

14. I hope you find happiness in otherwise.

15. Love and Death; they have no boundaries.

I hope these relationship status quotes examples and tips will help you with the perfect words to announce your marital status on Facebook.

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