Facebook Bio Status 2022 Collection: 130 FB Bio Ideas

Facebook Bio Status: When you want to introduce yourself to a person you just met newly, there are quite a number of ways you go about it and it differs from person to person. The same thing applies to your Facebook bio.

What is the meaning of bio in Facebook?

Your Facebook bio is more or less like a way of introducing yourself to someone who has no idea of who or what you are.

What should i write in my Facebook bio?

Now, I’m sure the question that pops up on your mind is ‘How do I go about writing my Facebook bio?’. You don’t have to fear because we’re right here to put you through on that. There are some things you should consider while writing your bio on Facebook. Here is a checklist of what you can write on your fb bio before we go into details.

  • Make it Catchy
  • Include your nickname
  • Your best attitude
  • Show a little humor
  • Make it short and be creative about it
  • Don’t include irrelevant details
  • Include Call to Action (applicable to business page)

Now, let’s go into details

How can I make my bio on Facebook attractive?

First and foremost, you should know that when writing your Facebook bio, it should be quite catchy and attractive to whoever is going to read it. How, then, do we achieve this? There’s nothing bad in it if you include a nickname you go by that will get others wondering about the idea behind it. You can also say something unique, something that is peculiar to you alone. Something that makes you different and stand out from others, probably a catchphrase invented by you. All in all, the goal is to paint a picture of who you are and what you stand for.

That brings us to the issue of personal views on life matters, Your bio on Facebook is another platform for you to expressly air your view on life matters and make whoever is going through your profile know what you stand for even before getting close to you. For instance, when you write something about equality of the female gender to that of the male, you would be known as a ‘feminist’ even before you start relating with your social media world. In that wise, you should take time to think of the picture you want to create about your personality before updating your Facebook bio status.

Again, when writing your Facebook bio, you should be short and creative with it. Nobody wants to go through a long boring epistle about who you are, that’s definitely a big turn off. So it will be advisable you make it short and beautifully creative. We’ve got your back on how to go about that.

First things first, leave out every form of irrelevancies about you that you might be tempted to include just because you own your Facebook bio. Yes, we don’t have to know about your sleeping position or when you set out from home to work or school, they’re out-rightly irrelevant. These and many others are examples of irrelevant things you might want to leave out in your Facebook bio.

You shouldn’t forget that there’s no harm in being creative with your choice of words. You don’t have to stick to the diction considered normal by everyone. Carve out your own style uniquely.

In addition, while writing your bio, you might just want to display how funny you are on your bio. However, we don’t all have to be funny in our Facebook bio as we all have our individual differences. All in all, your bio should be able to portray who you are and adequately introduce you to the social media world.

Your bio doesn’t have to be formal, it’s not bad if you get a little personal in your bio.

In conclusion, your Facebook bio is the right platform for you to display quotes and sayings that gives little hints about what you love or stand for.

Facebook Bio Status

Just like your status on other social media platforms, you can up your game, a little, by uploading the following as your Facebook bio status.

1. Don’t push it if we don’t vibe, I’m quite choosy on who I vibe with.

2. There is no perfect being, we make mistakes, we learn, we fall, we rise, we grow, we move.

3. I’d choose an open enemy over a fake friend because a known devil is better than a strange angel.

4. Be true to yourself and the right person will always find you.

5. Hey, I’m not boring, I just don’t like you.

6. Find you a friend who sees the good in your bad, who sees the light in your darkest moment, Find a friend who sticks to you through it all.

7. As you grow older, you come to realize that you really don’t have time for unnecessary drama in your life.

8. I don’t care if you like me or hate me, it doesn’t change the fact that I remain me.

9. True friends are hard to find and keep, but fake friends are everywhere for you to find.

10. No matter how hard it is, a true friend will stick with you through it all.

Facebook Bio Quotes

Facebook Bio Quotes: Your Facebook bio is an avenue by which you can make the world see life through your own eyes, through the quotes you upload. These quotes help your Facebook profile become more interesting. So here’s a list of such quotes you could upload as your Facebook bio quotes.

1. Never lower your standards just to make people stay in your life, Let them go if they can’t meet your standards.

2. Being alone and happy is better than being with people and unhappy.

3. Most times, failure is not always about the inability we had, it’s more about the ability we had but never explored.

4. Be nice to everyone, you dunno when the niceness is actually gonna pay off.

5. Mistakes are bound to happen, but your ability to correct such mistakes in a way that seems like it never happened is what really matters.

6. Let that shining smile you’ve got change the whole world, but don’t ever let the world change your smile.

7. I don’t need too many people to make my life better, I need only few people whose opinion really counts.

8. When life knocks you down, show em who’s boss by always rising up again.

9. True friends are one of the most underrated blessings you could ever have.

Facebook Bio for Boys

Facebook Bio for Boys: What can I write, as a guy, in my bio on Facebook?. Did this question pop on your mind when you were faced with the ‘Add bio’ option on Facebook? Chill, we’ve got your back! Below is a list of things you can upload as your Facebook bio status.

1. Each day isn’t the same, some days come with victory and some come with defeat, what makes you strong is your strength to accept the two with good faith.

2. It takes courage to wake up each day to face every battle the world poses at you with renewed vigor, That’s what real men do.

3. A guy doesn’t have to be all haughty and mighty to carry an air of relevance, just be the simple you and you’ll be amazed at how people would be craving to be you.

4. Originality is not as hard as it appears to be, what matters is that you’re doing one thing that nobody does better than you.

5. Being a guy isn’t all about making your chest broader, why not try making your thinking horizon wider.

6. I might not be the best guy you’ve ever wanted but I’ll be the best guy you ever come across.

7. Make the best use of every opportunity that comes your way.

8. You might seem to be on top of the world today, and the next day, it seems the whole world is on your shoulders, Enjoy life while you can.

9. Life is mostly what you make of it, you can choose to be the worrier or a warrior.

10. Against all odds, I shine in it all.

11. Living in the world isn’t enough, making impacts while living makes it better.

12. In case you don’t know, I only give back what I get, treat me like shit, I treat you worse than shit.

13. It doesn’t cost you a thing to know me, I can’t say the same about keeping me.

14. Hi there, I’m one of a kind and I’m super awesome.

15. Never you take my humility for stupidity!

16. My major source of motivation is the fear of failure and the quest to succeed.

17. I’ll never settle for less, I’m made for greater exploits.

18. Looking for a die-hard fun lover? The search ends here because I’d do anything to have fun.

19. I’m so dynamic that I can’t even predict my next action or move

20. Whatever you’ve heard about me isn’t my business, I’ve got no time to prove anyone wrong or right.

21. Kings are not born, they are made, I’m a king in the making.

22. I’m never the one to fight for attention if you think I don’t deserve your attention, I’ll let you keep it.

23. I love what I do, I do what I love.

24. There’s no harm in failing, the only harm in failing is not trying again till you achieve success.

25. I don’t try to be like others because I’m uniquely different and no one can ever be me.

Facebook Bio for Girls

Facebook Bio for Girls: Girls are classy, girls are sweet, girls are cute, girls are just so awesome and it won’t hurt anybody to show it in their facebook bio status. We’ve been able to come up with some bios as cute as girls to be uploaded on their profile.

1. Beauty and class are what makes a lady stand out, Well, I’m a combination of beauty and class plus brains. Hmmm, what a massive combo!

2. I’d bet you’ll never meet anyone as amazing as me because I’m a limited edition of me.

3. Humans are all equal, but girls are more equal than boys, Yes I said it.

4. If only I could get paid for how often I get complimented on being a pretty girl, I’d sure be so rich right now.

5. I love being me because there’s no one else who would do a good job of being me as me.

6. I’m a girl who enjoys the sweet things of life and chooses to ignore the other side of life even though she knows it exists.

7. I’m funny but reserved, crazy but decent, it all depends on the side you want to meet first.

8. I’m confused on what to put here because this bio can’t contain my awesomeness.

9. In a world where we have many murderers of dreams, I choose to be a motherer of dreams.

10. Love me or not, I remain me, You can never be me so deal with it.

11. I choose to be a role model in a world where others choose to be runway models.

12. The purest beauty you’ll ever find is the one at the heart and not on the face.

13. Your smile is the cheapest and greatest makeup you’ll ever wear, it costs you nothing and counts a lot to many.

14. I don’t wanna write anything in my bio because it’s gonna give you a hint on me, I want you to find out about me yourself.

15. Hey hey hey! No fakers are allowed here! Only real-ers are needed here.

16. Short girls are damn cute!

17. If you can’t deal with the crazy side of me, then get the hell outta my profile.

18. Fun lover| Heart stealer| Smile Keeper| Joy giver| That’s me|

19. You don’t wanna dig about me, Be cool with whatever I tell you about me.

20. Most times, people tend to misunderstand me because words jump out of my mouth before my mind can stop them.

21. You can now breathe, I know I took your breath away with my breathtaking pictures.

22. I’m a queen in my own world.

23. Hi there, I’m friendly and fun to be with, I look forward to knowing more about you.

24. I don’t have to compete with the sun to shine, I shine in my simple way.

25. How about you tell me about you first, then I’ll follow suit.

Facebook Bio for Couples

Facebook Bio for Couples: Finding love is one of the most beautiful things that’ll ever happen to you. Finding love with the right person is pure bliss. What better way is there to flaunt the sweet love you’ve found to the outside world than adding it to your Facebook bio status? Check through the list below and choose the one that best describes the relationship you have with your partner.

1. Loving you has never been a mistake.

2. My heart can’t just stop beating for my heartbeat.

3. Do not disturb, I am happily engaged.

4. You complete me, I feel so incomplete without you.

5. If I could replay the story of my life, I would put the part with you in it on repeat.

6. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you, the rest, as they say, is history.

7. Every day with you gives me more reasons to keep falling madly in love with you.

8. I just can’t get my eyes off you because our hearts are intertwined.

9. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky as having someone as sweet as you.

10. As long as forever has you in it, I want to live with you forever.

11. We could have been so good together but I’m here and you’re there.

12. Being in love with you is the source of my happiness.

13. Even if I had to choose another lover every day, I’ll choose you over and over again.

14. I don’t know how crazy this might sound, but I started living life the day I met you.

15. You inspire me to be a better person each passing day.

16. I can’t find the key to my heart! oh, I forgot, You have the key to my heart.

17. You are the King of my kingdom and I’m the queen of your kingdom.

18. I’ve been trying so hard to stand but it’s not working, Yeah, I keep falling and falling in love with you.

19. How two imperfect people could come together to create something special is still beyond me, but then, Our love is so perfect.

20. Roses are red, Violets are blue; I can’t wait to have a kid, that looks just like you.

21. The sunshine from your smile is all I need to brighten my day.

22. I just can’t help myself from falling in love with you again and again.

23. I can’t thank you enough for bringing love into my life.

24. If I was asked why I love you so much, I wouldn’t have any reason because I can’t find a reason for loving you this much.

25. My greatest fear in life is the fear of losing someone as amazing as you to someone else.

Facebook Bio for Doctors

Facebook Bio for Doctors: Doctors are very essential in the world we live in right now because of the life-saving role they play. How do we let the world know you’re a doctor? By adding one or two things about being a doctor in your Facebook bio status. The following are Facebook bios you can upload as a Doctor.

1. Ever wondered how doctors’ handwriting become so illegible? Then try being one.

2. Doctors are all sweet and cute until you have a taste of their syringe in your skin.

3. A happy doctor makes a happy patient.

4. Most times, it’s not the drugs you get from the doctor that works but the care you get from the doctor prescribing the drugs.

5. Apart from farmers and policemen, Doctors are lifesavers you don’t ever want to underrate.

6. Doctors don’t heal diseases, they only create platforms on which diseases can be healed.

7. They all say ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ but I say, ‘what’s the use of an apple since the doctor is cute’.

8. Don’t ever insult a doctor cos you don’t know who’s gonna treat you someday.

9. God gives lives, Doctors save lives.

10. The fear of doctors is the beginning of wellness.

11. Imagine a world without doctors… I’d bet you don’t wanna do that.

12. If I wasn’t a doctor, I don’t know what else I’d be doing because I was made just for this.

Facebook Bio for Men

Facebook Bio for Men: Below is a list of quotes you could upload on your Facebook profile as your bio, the list has been designed to meet your needs on what to add in your Facebook bio as a man.

1. In the end, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

2. Not all men are meant to wipe women’s tears, some are meant to make sure women don’t really have a reason to cry.

3. Being strong is not all about strength, It’s more about combining strength, courage, boldness and discipline together.

4. To a man who wants to be successful, everywhere is a school, every event is a lesson and everybody is a teacher.

5. Winning starts with you beginning.

6. Don’t give up on your goals cos in the end, no one wants to know the number of times you tried and failed, they only wanna hear about your success story.

7. It takes a boy to fall in love, It takes a man to stay and grow in love.

8. Life isn’t always fair, you just have to work out what’s fair for you.

Facebook Bio for Women

Facebook Bio for Women: Looking for the right words to update your Facebook bio as a woman? Looking for the facebook bio that suits your personality as a woman perfectly? Then look no further because you will find the perfect example of Facebook bio for women in the compilation below.

1. One amazing thing about a woman is that both her silence and her words means a lot, but her silence is her most dreaded weapon.

2. Women don’t have to struggle for supremacy with men cos they’re actually worth more than that.

3. Women are the spice of the world, imagine a world without women, it might be really peaceful but you’d definitely miss women in it.

4. Three things that a woman should always make high: her head, her class and her heels.

5. If you’re not strong enough to deal with my crazy attitude, then you have no business being here with me at all.

6. Bad vibes is a total turn off for me, only good vibes are allowed.

7. Just like salt, the presence and absence of a real woman is always seen and felt.

8. I’m a proud woman who wouldn’t take anything less of what she’s worth.

9. Educating one woman is the same as educating the world.

10. A woman should possess beauty both of the face and that of the heart, the two compliment each other.

Facebook Bio for Mom

Facebook Bio for Mom: Mothers are such a wonderful group of people that everyone wouldn’t want to leave out in their lives, Yes, they are kind, caring, loving, tender and mostly sacrificial. The following bios can be uploaded on Facebook for moms as Facebook bio status.

1. I’m a proud mum of two handsome Kings, Yeah, I’m a Queen too.

2. Mothers are the greatest gift life could ever bestow on any child and I’m happy to be a mom.

3. If you think being a mom is easy, why not try out acting like a mom for just few days.

4. My kids are my pride, I don’t know if I’ll still be this joyful if I hadn’t gotten them.

5. The greatest test of a mother’s strength comes when her children are not happy and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it.

6. The bond between a mother and her kids is just so strong that it always gets their father envious.

7. I wouldn’t call being a mother a job but it’s one of the few most rewarding role you could ever venture into, if done rightly.

8. The purest love you’ll ever find is the one a mother has for her child, unconditional love.

9. I’m a full time worker, and I love what I do, Yes, I love being a mum.

10. There’s this vitamin that every child needs to grow well and strong, the vitamin is not common but it can easily be found, It’s the vitamin ‘M’ which stands for ‘MOM’.

11. Awesome wife| Lovely mom| Great entrepreneur| Dynamic worker| Sweet model| Strong woman|

12. The love a mom has for her children can never ever be quantified in any reasonable term.

13. One thing I wouldn’t mind doing over and over again is being a mother, oh, the joy that comes with it has no bounds even though it has it’s ups and downs.

14. I don’t really have to go seeking for a job when I’m fully engaged with one already, Yes, I’m fully engaged being a full time mom.

15. My mom did a good job of being a mother, I’m gonna do a better job of being a mother.

16. I love ‘momming’ if there’s actually anything like that, lol.

Facebook Bio for Love

Facebook Bio for Love: Love makes the world beautiful, more fun and happier to live in. Finding love with the right person is absolutely everything. Wondering how you can show the world you’re in love or a lovable person? Chill, We gat you! The following are sweet Facebook bio for love quotes you can put in your Facebook bio status.

1. Being in love and being loved equally is the best feeling ever.

2. Love made me realize that the real world is actually much better than the dream world because each day, I can’t just wait to wake from my dreams and see the world through your eyes.

3. Just because your love story is different does not make it less special in any way, Everyone’s love story is special in a different way.

4. Letting you go isn’t about me loving you less, it’s about me loving you enough to allow you chase your happiness.

5. I just want to be your honey, bringing you relief, good for your heart and soul, soothing and deliciously nutritious.

6. Loving you is evergreen, I love you for who you are and just the way you are.

7. If loving you is a mistake, then I don’t ever want to stop making mistakes.

8. I love that I love you because no one loves better than you.

9. I would do anything just to be with you cos you’re the only remedy I need.

10. I don’t want to act like I’m perfect for you, I wanna show you my imperfections and hope you’ll see me as perfect for you.

Facebook Bio for Gamers

Facebook Bio for Gamers: Being a gamer is so thrilling, what with the rush and pump of adrenaline and the excitement that comes with gaming. To the gamers reading this post, we’ve got a list of things you could update in your Facebook bio status to show you’re a die-hard gamer.

1. Wondering what the life of a gamer looks like? Just take a look at me.

2. I live for gaming, I’m a born gamer.

3. There’s no boredom in the life of a gamer because even the real world looks like a game to him.

4. If you could just be like the cop in a subway surfer who never gives up, you’ll definitely succeed.

5. You have to scale through obstacles in life to succeed, just like you have to scale hurdles to unlock the next level in games.

Have fun updating your Facebook bio status and proudly repping yourself!

Trust you’ve had your fill of things you could write in your Facebook bio status, either as a boy or girl, a man or woman, a doctor or a gamer and we’re not leaving out the couples as well. Go through the list and make a good choice of the bio that best suits you, then you’re good to go!


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