Thank God Status for Whatsapp

Thank God Status for Whatsapp and the Importance of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most prized virtues anyone could ever possess. It helps you go a very long way in this journey we call life. The benefits of being grateful cannot be over-emphasized. Someone once said ‘Gratitude is an application to do more’, that is, when you give thanks, it encourages the doer of such a favour to do even more for you.

Gratitude brings about you being happy. When you give thanks, you can’t just describe the joy that comes with it because you get to focus more on your blessings no matter how little it is. And focus less on the other side. While on the part of who you are giving thanks to, it makes such a person happy too. It makes the person realize that you value what he or she has done to you. And this will in a way encourage such person even to do more than what he has done before.

That is talking about human beings. Now, come to think of it, if thanking humans will bring about such benefits. How much more benefits do you think thanking God will bring about?

Gratitude Turns What We Have into Enough

Naturally, we are obliged to give thanks to God because He is our creator. And He never leaves His beloved wanting, or in need. Everything He gives to us is for free, and the only thing He requires in return is our thanks. Thus, the more you thank Him the more blessing you receive from Him.

Another thing gratitude does is that it lightens your heart when you give thanks for what you have. Through giving thank, you get to see life in a brighter dimension, notwithstanding what you are going through as at then.

Thanking God also helps us to overcome the problems the world poses at us. When you give thanks, it is not just about the words you say; instead, there is a sweet feeling deep down in you that accompanies those words, and as such, after giving thanks, you feel so beautiful. Again, gratitude helps to keep our minds relaxed, because when you show appreciation, there is an assurance that something better is coming on your way.

Gratitude and Faith

Our Faith gets boosted through gratitude. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. When you give thanks, you get to feed your Faith with more fuel. By doing that, your hope for a better tomorrow is rekindled. All the points mentioned above are few of the numerous blessings and benefits attached to giving thanks. Looking at it all, you will see that it pays to give thanks, not just because God deserves it but also because giving thanks is beneficial to our general well being.

Now, when giving thanks to God, there is absolutely no restriction as to what you can say or even how you choose to say it. You could quote a verse in the Bible, or just come up with a song to show your appreciation.

You could start by counting your numerous blessings or by selecting those blessings you can’t just overlook. Your gratitude might come in form of an emotional outburst and it might just be a pure melody ringing in your heart. Whatever it may be, the main deal is to show that you are indeed grateful for all you have received.

Gratitude Status on Whatsapp

Your WhatsApp status is a perfect avenue for you to express your gratitude. It is also an avenue to carry others along in the Thanksgiving mood, by uploading your ‘thank God’ status on your WhatsApp. You get to express your sincere appreciation to God and also give others a reason to be thankful to God. Uploading a short status to thank God on your WhatsApp is more or less like organizing a thanksgiving service where others can join in to thank God for the good things of life.

Thankfully, the WhatsApp is one of the social media platforms, that give you as many opportunities as you want to upload your status. I mean, there is no limit or restriction as to what you can upload. How long or short it can be, or the number of statuses you can upload each day. You can upload over 50 words per status, so it’s up to you to determine how long or how short you want your gratitude status on WhatsApp to be.

On a lighter note, there is absolutely no language you can’t use to express your gratitude to God. Wondering why I said that? In some exceptional cases, words in the English language might not be able to capture how grateful you are entirely. Thus you might have to switch to your mother tongue or any other language that will express your gratitude in the most precise form.

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All in all, what matters is that you are giving thanks to God. So don’t feel uneasy about thanking God in a language other than English. God understands all languages and there are other people too that understand the language you speak. Go on, speak that language that best expresses your heart of appreciation in the clearest terms.

Thank God Status for Whatsapp in English

So, below is a compilation of things we can say to show our gratitude and heart of appreciation to God on our WhatsApp status. This is written in English and can be translated to any language that you speaks.

1. When I look at the good things God has done for me, I forget the terrible things the devil brought to me. Thank you for your goodness to me, God.

2. If you don’t have a reason to wake up and be thankful to God each day, think of the gift of life you receive each day. Be thankful!

3. Looking at the journey ahead of me, I get scared, but looking back and seeing God there, I feel so bold to face whatever comes my way. Thank you for being a loving God!

4. When I thank God for the gifts I have received, it is just like me saying ‘Thank you for what you gave me, I know more is still coming from where this came from.’ Thank You, God.

5. For each day you spend on earth, you get a whole new reason to be thankful to God for.

6. Forget what you are passing through right now, what you should remember is that if there is a man to praise, there is always a God to bless. Praise Him for what He has done, and you will see more coming your way.

7. Whenever I look at my weaknesses and flaws, I still can’t understand why God still calls me His own, Thank you for your unending love, father!

8. I can’t just hold back myself from thanking God because he saw an imperfection in me and turned it to perfection. Thank you, Jesus!

9. Thank you, God, for surrounding me with wonderful people. It is just you, God!

10. When I start counting what God has done right in my life, I just can’t but thank Him for forgiving me for all I’ve done wrong! Thank you, God!

11. I see each day as an opportunity to praise God ahead for the next day. Thank you, Lord!

12. O give thanks to the Lord, for his mercies endures forever! Thank you for the kindness you’ve shown to me, father!

13. Everything I am or will ever become is all thanks to God. Thanks for being the molder of my life!

14. You have blessed me more than I deserve, but even if I had ten thousand tongues, it still wouldn’t be enough to sing your praise. Thank you for your heavenly blessings, Lord!

15. Despite the number of people you created, you singled me out to be blessed among my kind, Thank you, Jesus!

16. Even when things seem hard, I just look back and relax because I know I have a God that is bigger than all my problems. Thank you for being my rock, father!

17. The promises you’ve made to me in your word is enough assurance for me. I am not afraid of what the world may throw at me because I am standing on your promises! Thank you for your promises, God!

18. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me. Thank you, God, for not ever forsake me.

19. Thank you, God, for the peace of mind, gift of life, light of the day, daily bread, and every other blessing you have showered upon me. I am very grateful, Lord!

20. If God is for me, who can be against me, because I shall tread upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon shall I trample under feet. Thank you for this assurance, God!

What a list! From the compilation of ‘Thank God’ WhatsApp status above. Feel free to select anyone to upload, and as said earlier, there is no restriction to how you can go about uploading it, so you can reconstruct it in such a way that it will meet your exact needs.

Mind you, this ‘Thank God’ WhatsApp status will not only provide you an avenue to thank God. But it will also allow you to make others see the reason to give thanks to God for the beautiful things of life. Have a wonderful time giving God what He deserves!

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