Facebook Status Messages on Life: 150+ Status Messages About Life

Facebook status messages on life is a way of expressing our mood in form of a status updates on our timeline on Facebook.

Life is full of love, hate, drama, happiness, despair, hope, desperation, and a lot of many other things. Life is good at times, and just so unfair some other times. In whichever case you find yourself, life is life.

Life gives you love and it also brings about heartbreak. Life appears to be so promising one moment and the next moment, you’re as confused as anything. All in all, stand strong against whatever life throws at you.

Now, having seen and known all these about life, I know you’ll have one or two things to say about it. Definitely, you’ll want others to see, read and hear your views or opinions about life.

That’s where we come in, we’ve been able to make a list of status messages on life which is suitable for use on any social media platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or what have you. You just have to go through the list to get the particular status message that best suits you or your mood, it’s all there for you.

Status Messages on Life

1. Life isn’t really all about what you see, it’s more about how you see, Stay positive.

2. Don’t ever feel bad if life isn’t going the way you want, there are storms and obstacles you have to overcome to get what you want.

3. Each new day is an opportunity to either wake up and chase your dreams or go back to sleep and have more dreams.

4. When life gives you LIMES, just turn the letters around and SMILE, when it gives you SORES, try hard to make it ROSES.

Facebook Status Messages on Life

5. No one ever promised you that life is gonna be a bed of roses, you have to work out the thorns to become your bed of roses.

6. Having a lot of people in your life isn’t an assurance that you’ll lead a beautiful life, in the end, what matters is that you have those few people who make your life beautiful.

7. People who hate you should be your number one source of motivation to succeed in life, of course, you don’t wanna let them see you fail.

8. That you’re so good and perfect doesn’t mean you can never be replaced.

9. You never can tell what’s gonna happen in the nearest future, so live each day like there’s no tomorrow and prepare for tomorrow like there’s no today.

10. Not everyone who smiles at you is really happy with you, let their actions prove their intentions.

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11. Life is a roller coaster, that you’re at the top today doesn’t mean you’ll always be there, neither does being down mean you’ll always remain down.

12. It’s gonna make a lot of sense if we could spend more time with people when they’re alive than dwell long on their memories when they are gone.

13. Life is full of surprises, each day comes with a surprise, Live life and keep being surprised.

14. Most times in life, we lose ourselves while looking for that one thing meant to fill juat a little part of our life.

15. Being a winner isn’t just about the title or the status, it’s more about what you did to win or what you were doing while winning.

16. Your life is yours to live, make it as bright and colorful as you can, so you can outshine any gloom you might encounter each day.

17. Going through life is a journey on it’s own, having friends around you is going to make the journey fun and easier.

18. Be thankful for the little you have, the little you have is all someone else has.

19. Face whatever obstacle that comes your way with renewed strength and courage, no matter what happens, stay positive.

20. No one has a perfect life, we all have to create what we can call our own type of perfect life.

21. Love is life’s way of telling us that there are other ways of living, loving is another type of living.

22. I believe nothing hurts more than being betrayed by the only one you ever trusted.

23. Respect isn’t something you have to work so hard for, it’ll come to you naturally,of course, that’s if you really deserve it.

24. In the end, all we want is an eye that can see through our heart, a ear that can listen to our innermost pains, and a mouth that can produce the most soothing words.

25. Having high expectations of others is a sure way of having more enemies, it’s hard for people to meet up to the expectations we have of them.

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26. Make proper findings and get facts about things and people before jumping into conclusion.

27. Don’t put the blame on others till you’ve really walked in their shoes.

28. We promise to stay together through thick and thin but when life happens we forget we ever made such kind of promise.

29. It’s easier to assume but it’s better and safer to be sure.

30. Your best will never be good enough for someone who hates you.

31. Nobody is a saint, we’ve all got skeletons in our cupboards, the one whose skeleton gets exposed first is labeled as a devil.

32. The best kept secrets are the ones hidden deep down in our hearts, the moment a secret is shared with someone else, it indirectly becomes an open secret.

33. Never let someone else dictate to you how you live your life, we’ve all got our lives to live and our choices to make.

34. The day you learn to be self dependent is the day you really gain your independence, depending on others is letting go of your independence.

35. When life is good, be thankful, when life is not so good, stay thankful too.

36. People are in your life for a reason, figuring why and deciding why they are there is your work. Do the work and know who is good enough and who isn’t.

37. The thought of you never leaves my mind, you are always on my mind, and I want to make it known to you again, that you remain the love of my life.

38. The speed of light is impeccable, that’s why you get disappointed when you see some bright looking person speak.

39. Some makes the mistake of waiting for the perfect moment before acting, while the smart ones takes the moment and makes it perfect.

40. If a friend offers to give you all the fish in the soup, but serves one to taste first, don’t eat it, it’s probably poison.

41. Love is painful, gives scars, create wounds, and leave sad memories, but it doesn’t stop being the most beautiful thing there is.

Facebook Status Messages on Life

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Facebook Status Messages on Life

1. Having people as friends on Facebook isn’t enough, start friendship with people on your friendlist cos it doesn’t end at just accepting their friend requests.

2. I’m just so cool with everything that I find it hard to notice the hottest dude on my friendlist.

3. Make the best use of every chance you get because most chances are like your belly button, you only get one.

4. I don’t really care how much you hate me, so far you’re still friends with me on Facebook I believe we can still make things work between us. Oh, that’s if you want to.

5. It’s a small world, It’s a small world and I’m yet to find that one person who’s meant to love me forever.

6. Hey, it’s okay to cry, just don’t cry over and over again for the same reason or over the same mistake.

7. Don’t get all worked up for nothing, if it’s really meant for you, it’ll come to you, of course, that’ll be after you must have put up a good fight for it.

8. I’m not sure I want to make new friends yet, the ones I have are yet to know me fully despite how long we’ve been together.

9. Consistency pays off in the end, keep on doing what you know how to do best and you’ll be surprised at how far it’ll get you.

10. I’m usually always open to discussions but once I zone out, that’s all.

11. Don’t give up, it might not look like what you want yet but it’s definitely different from what it was.

12. When people hurt or offend me, I forgive them easily but I don’t ever forget what they did, It’s a reminder for me not to get too close again.

13. Nobody ever assured you that you’ll receive the right treatment from those you cherish, but even then, you’ve just got to play your part.

14. If we don’t get along that much and you’re on my friendlist, then there’s a problem somewhere, and I’m freaking sure that problem ain’t me.

15. No matter how hard people try to put me down, I always show them who’s boss by rising up, Nah, I’m not gonna give up.

16. Friends who turned enemies were never friends, they are enemies who never got exposed.

17. Be your own motivation, no one can be good at motivating you to do more than yourself.

18. Learn to love your imperfection, see yourself as perfect and others will also see how perfect you are even in your imperfection.

19. Lack of communication brings about misunderstanding, misunderstanding in turn brings about conflicts which are not easily resolved unless communication comes to play again.

20. Every day is a new start, an opportunity to get more done and achieve more than you did the previous day.

21. If opportunity never comes knocking, stand up and create yours.

22. You see, the main focus is to remain focus.

23. Funny anything that I do, they steady quickly to judge, but it’s funny that I will never hold a grudge.

24. God save our religion from the grip of those who have stolen its identity for their wicked deeds.

25. Everything you have Ever Wanted Is on the Other Side of Fear.

26. Don’t Love when the millions creep in because we gon be too busy counting our profits to know whose tryna claim familiarity.

27. Not too late work on your dream. Not too late to start something new. You have the remaining months to do something about your situation. This month is one of them. Make it count.

28. Don’t mind the opposition. If you mind the opposition. You would lose your position. Survival is but a game of chance.

29. If you find yourself trying to change your person or adjust your life style just to prove your worth to somebody, you will in the process end up losing yourself and self-value.

30. Do not give up, the opposition you are currently facing is a reminder that you are heading someplace significant, good things in life are not kept on the road.

31. Focus on the price work on it and never lose yourself in the process.

32. No one wants pain, no one wants sadness, we all wish for happiness the rest of our lives, others get it freely, some earn it, and some take it for granted. But remember after the heavy rain comes rainbow

33. A heart is like an egg, it can crack, or break easily, when not handle with utmost care, it is fragile and needs to be taken well care of.

34. The beautiful thing about everything is that, people feelings come and go, but the Love of Christ remains eternal.

35. Do not take for granted those that love you, appreciate those that help you, forgive those that have wronged you, and forget those who left you.

36. Never let some mean comment you see on Facebook media get to you, you see, on Facebook there are lot of stupid people with smart phones.

37. Keeping a secret is easy, but it’s the people who we tell that can’t keep it.

38. You have the choice of choosing between happiness and sadness, it’s what you choose you get, people are not always responsible for your happiness, this is just the simple truth, but when you find someone that makes you happy. Keep that person close.

39. I have made some major changes in my life, if you are not seeing this. Then you are one of them, but if you are seeing it, then congrats. But don’t get too comfortable.

40. The stronger the walls around your heart, the harder you break down, when someone breaks your heart.

Whatsapp Status Messages on Life

Make your WhatsApp status more fun and thrilling with these cool whatsapp status messages on life. We know you’ve got so many things you probably want to upload about life on your WhatsApp status. Trust us, these WhatsApp statuses are just so awesome you can’t but upload them.

Let’s go!

1. Life is beautiful, Life is colorful, Life is wonderful, Life is good.

2. Whatever doesn’t kill you is meant to make you stronger.

3. Don’t listen to what people are saying behind your back, if they’ve got no guts to say it to your face then it really doesn’t matter.

4. Some relationship are just meant to stay broken, just like a broken mirror you might hurt yourself even more while trying to pick up and rearrange the broken pieces.

5. Friends who stick to you all through tough times have to enjoy with you when better day comes.

6. No matter how comfortable I get with you, I’ll still tell you the truth you don’t wanna hear no matter how bitter it is.

7. It’s better to be alone than being in the company of those who’ll cause you more harm than good.

8. Don’t let negative words get to you, else you’ll end up becoming so grumpy for no particular reason you can remember.

9. Life might deal you with some hard blows but it’s never an excuse for you to give up, it’s meant for you to become stronger and wiser.

10. Be happy with the little you have, others are happier with lesser than you have.

11. The happiest people aren’t those who have it all in life, the happiest people are the ones that are actually contented with what they have in life.

12. If you don’t stop looking back at the past, you might never be able to enjoy the present and prepare for the future.

13. Smile is an anti-deodorant to irritating and wicked people, makes them uncomfortable.

14. Know the limits to what you post about your relationship on social media, honestly not everyone you think is friend with you really want a happy life for you.

15. Never forget to reciprocate the love your parents give to you now, do not take them for granted, as you will really see more of their value when they are no more.

16. Never treat me like I am an option to you, because I will shock you, and leave you like you were just a choice. I know who I am.

17. Some fail to give thanks to God for every good things that come their way, but are quick to complain on every little problems they have. Be grateful today.

18. Smiling really looks great on you, you might not know this, but a whole lot of us do. In fact some really looks forward to seeing your smile, please always remember to wear a smile.

19. Why do we neglect those that are ready to give us everything for those who will just use and dump us, like garbage?

20. A mouth that is close, will allow the ear listen, in other words, the less you talk the more you listen.

21. I tried to kill myself, because my class mates mocked me, I ate fried turkey, I drank red wine, I went swimming, and I am still not dead. Please what more can I do?

22. Some people are like an eatery advert on television, they are not as great in real life as they appear on television.

23. Some girls need to learn manners like seriously, I text you privately to chat with you, not to get pissed off, and get my already so great day get ruined.

24. A man sitting on a wheel chair, having dirty shoes on should not be trusted.

25. Some lies our parents told us while we were young, and they actually worked, ‘’finish up your food, and I will buy you ice cream’’

26. Everyday has its own glory, just take advantage of it and believe in yourself.

27. Just keep loving yourself, and never stop taking good care of yourself, you will see that the right people will come around, and they will love you for who you are.

28. When you feel like acting different from your actual kind of person, and that’s when someone comes, and you try to be yourself and be all good, then you begin to develop some kind of feeling towards that person, then you see he or she begins to act weird or feel too important. Why?

29. Just be yourself because no matter how hard you try to please people. There is always that person who will always hate you for no good reason.

30. It doesn’t matter if no one believes in you, or what people say about you, what matters most is what you say to yourself and believe in. you need dedication, determination and focus, and always put God first.

Short Status Messages on Life

Status messages are meant to add to the list of things you can do with your social media platforms, that is, apart from making and keeping in contact with friends, you can also upload status messages to get you more views, likes, comments, reactions and so many others.

The shorter it is, the better it becomes. Right here is a list of short status messages on life for you.

1. That feeling you get when someone is lying but you know the truth is just so priceless.

2. There are people who come to your life and give it a whole new meaning, yeah, you’re one of those people.

3. When things don’t go your way, it’s just a way of reminding you that there are other ways that are way better than yours.

4. Loving me isn’t a crime, the actual crime is not loving me.

5. Do things you’ve never done today because we don’t know what tomorrow holds in store.

6. A smile on your face, it’s so beautiful, but making me smile is the best feeling I ever get.

7. You know you are blessed when you love a girl, and you end up with are without much ado.

8. I don’t know how my pillow does it, I always wake up looking like a weirdo.

9. I don’t think Love is blind, because, when all the money is finished, the Love is gone.

10. I think my friends hate me, no one will even point out my typos.

11. True friendship is like gold, the value is always known when it’s stolen or lost.

12. Real friends don’t quit on each other, they stay true and together forever.

13. Best friend listen when you don’t even utter any word, and they understand perfectly.

14. A leader should know what it means to lost, to lead well.

15. In this face book world you mean so much to me, you are my BFBFF, Best face book friend ever.

16. So many stupid people on face book, but a lot of nice quotes, who post these stuffs?

17. Some people should know how to shut the hell up, and when to do it too, very important

18. You will have no problems getting what you want in life, if you will just keeping helping others too.

19. Kind spoken words can be short, and easy to talk, but it’s the wish behind it that matters.

20. Mind you, I mind what I speak, when I speak my mind.

21. Have trust in what you do, and you will succeed.

22. The wealthiest man is not the man that has the most, but the man that needs the least.

23. Behind my smiles, is someone strong enough to overcome, you will not understand if I go into details.

24. I have a dream that one day, I will rule, and I will take over. But right now I got to go to work.

25. I wanted friendship for real, but love swept me off my feet.

26. You can have anything, but you can’t have everything. That’s just the way it is.

27. You just have to believe first, that you will succeed with whatever you venture into. Before you begin.

28. If there is no temptations, hard times and competitors then something isn’t right.

29. Most of the times we find comfort in the wrong things.

30. Sieve the advice before utilizing it. Use your common sense to get sense.

Oh yeah, that’s it. Have fund uploading on your timeline.

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