Funny Jokes to Post on Facebook

Funny Jokes to Post on Facebook

Funny Jokes to Post on Facebook

Laughter they say is the best medicine. Facebook, being a social media platform is a great way for the creatives to enrich minds. People often look out for funny jokes on Facebook as it makes them laugh, promoting relaxation and reducing stress as they read it. It’s a way to boost your Facebook page, promote your presence and get more likes on Facebook. Who doesn’t love a good joke?

You can write your funny jokes as a post or messages to other Facebook friends; it’s also a good way to make friends and flirts on Facebook. However, humor is a talent but can also be learned if put into practice. Remember to be creative and smart while making up the jokes to post on Facebook.

Also, avoid bullying or making fun of other people especially if they are your friends on Facebook as it’s a very wide social platform.

Laugh Out Loud Funny Joke

Here are some laugh out loud funny jokes to post on Facebook to make your wall buzzing with beautiful and funny comments and increase engagement;

1. I don’t believe addiction exist; I call it a gratifying obsession.

2. Laziness is an art; it takes determination to be accomplished.

3. Do you know how to make people fart when they hug you; just fart.

4. I feel inspired when I see people lazier than me; I learn more from them.

5. Have you ever seen an angry bird? Catch one when it hits your window.

6. Do you know why I keep the house after every divorce? It’s because I’m a good housekeeper.

7. You need balls to golf like him.

8. Where does a snowman keep his money? Snowbanks.

9. when I told my mom that I broke my arm in two places, she said that I should stop going to those places.

10. Before you criticize someone wicked, walk a mile in their shoes so you will be far away.

11. A labracadabrador is the name for a magic dog right?

12. This is me speaking, and THIS IS ME SHOUTING.

13. What’s a sleeping bull called? A bulldozer.

14. What can corduroy pillows do? They make headlines

15. Though I speak my mind, I don’t mind what I speak.

16. You say, “Silence is golden,” can I sell mine?

17. Why did the computer visit the doctor? Because it had a virus.

18. What is the name for a nun who sleepwalks? A roaming catholic.

19. What’s red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.

20. I stayed up overnight to see how the sun rises; then it dawned on me.

21. I was addicted to soap for some time, but I’m clean now.

22. The dictionary is the only place you can find success before work.

23. Why are people afraid of heights? I’m afraid of depths.

24. The quick way to drown a hipster? Put him in the mainstream.

25. Men are like buses; if this one leaves the bus stop, another will come.

26. Sometimes in you require space, to release the gas in you.

27. How will Moses prepare his tea? He brews.

28. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

29. Do you know how to release the energy in you? Just fart.

30. It’s known that bad ideas give the best memories.

31. Why is it that a bike can’t stand on its own? Probably it’s too tired.

32. What’s worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis.

33. Iceland is just a sea away from Ireland.

34. A chicken shouldn’t get a penalty For fowl play

35. What lights up a soccer stadium? A soccer match of course.

36. Why is it that you can’t write with a broken pencil? It’s simply pointless.

37. What’s an elf favorite cake? Shortcake.

38. The satisfactory is where average things are manufactured.

39. What are you when you are nervous and a wreck? A nervous wreck.

40. You say I have bad handwriting; I say this is a unique font.

41. Life isn’t easy; it’s hard but harder if you are stupid.

42. Why did the chicken attend the séance? To get to the other side.

43. The highest form of flattery is a plateau.

44. What type of dog likes to car-race? A lapdog.

45. Which type of astronaut goes to space? A claustrophobic astronaut.

46. A fruit fly likes mangoes just as time flies like an arrow.

47. Do you know what good thing you can do with your mouth? Smile.

48. The best day to go to the beach is a Sunday.

49. You must be a fallen angel sent from heaven because you fell in love with me.

50. I’m so happy for breaking two records, my dad’s old music records

51. Do you know what an Ex is? An expired clientele in a relationship.

52. Our parents control half of our lives and our spouses the other half.

53. Do you know what was in my business? Your nose.

54. It’s only when I’m on vacation, that I love my job.

55. Funny enough, I know how to shut up, but I don’t know when.

56. Are you looking for a great way to be speechless? Just speak your mind.

57. What type of suit does a lawyer wear to court? Lawsuits.

58. Why do cemeteries have a gate? Because people are dying to get in.

59. Why did Lola throw the baby out the window?

Because mom said, he was a bouncing baby boy.

60. A colleague told me to watch my boss every day.

Now I’m tired of watching the same movie every day.

61. what is the best way to make a baby astronaut sleep? You just rocket.

62. I am Rita, and my friend asked me if I’m a bad friend; I replied, “My name is Cara.”

63. Someone told me “You are fat.” I asked, “If that’s what you think of me.” He simply chuckled and said to me, “I don’t think of you, at all.”

64. My friend said “Don’t mind them, you aren’t ugly”. “You are just not fine” she continued.

65. My hairstylist attended to me after a long queue today, “Sorry about your wait,” she said. “It’s no problem; I’ve always been fat.”

66. At weddings, people used to poke me asking, “When will you be next?” Now, at funerals, I poke them back telling them, “When will you be next?”

67. I accidentally took three pills of laxatives instead of pills for coughs. Now I’m afraid to sneeze.

68. One day, my dentist said, “ this will hurt a lot.” I replied “okay.” Someone just hit your car outside.”

69. I got a letter from my landlord today. It read “Final notice.” I hope he won’t bother me anymore.

70. My friend made a grave mistake yesterday, He buried someone in the wrong plot.

71. My mom said, she wanted more A’s; I replied, “OKAAAAY.”

72. My pillow is a weird hairstylist, I wake up each morning with a weird hairstyle.

73. My mom asked me where I was between 6 and 7 I replied “Primary school.”

74. Alcohol doesn’t make you fat It makes you lean; against people and things though.

75. My twin and I are inseparable, It takes a lot of people to pull us apart sometimes.

76. Great way to start a conversation.

When someone asks; “How are you?” Your reply should be, “I’m not fine.”

77. Don’t be surprised when you see me talking to a wall, I’m apologizing for bumping into it.

78. As I laid in my bed and gazed upon the stars, I thought to myself; “where is the roof?”

79. Why is it that when someone wants to ask you a question, you begin to think of the bad things you had done recently.

80. I’m tired of a long distance relationship, I’m taking my fridge with me.

81. You know what makes you happy apart from money? A lot of money.

82. Do you know why I’m standing outside? It’s because I want to be outstanding.

83. Do you know why my girlfriend doesn’t touch my phone? It’s because she’s imaginary.

84. How people sympathize with you when you’re ugly; They hand you the camera to be useful during group pictures.

85. I apologize for being late today, It’s because I didn’t want t come.

86. Do you know why I cry when I peel onions? It’s because onions make me sad.

87. Do you know why I’m a vegetarian? I hate plants, so I eat them.

88. Do you know the best way to turn a question into a challenge? You can ask yourself, “Can my day get any worse?” You just set yourself up.

89. Do you know why I’m kissing a lot of frogs? I want my prince to get to me sooner.

90. Do you know why I’m moving in circles? I’m trying to find love in every corner.

91. Diff people come into our lives; some come and leave their footprints in our lives, while some make us want to leave our footprints on their face.

92. Do you know the best way to roll in town? Fold your knees into your chest and lean forward.

93. Every play has a cast, that’s’ why we tell actors to break a leg.

94. There’s a new restaurant called karma, there’s no menu for u get what you deserve.

95. Why can’t u share a joke with a kleptomaniac? They take things literally.

96. What’s a parade of rabbits hopping backward called? A receding hare-line.

97. Why is 288 a bad number? It’s two-gross.

98. What did the ice-cream tell the cake? What’s eating you?

99. What’s the most effective way to remember your wife’s birthday? Forget it once; you will always remember it after.

100. Why did Mary throw the clock out the window? She wanted to see time fly.

I hope these proved helpful in making you post those funny jokes on Facebook uplifting someone’s day and putting a smile to your viewer’s face.

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