Facebook Quotes About God and Life

Facebook Quotes About God and Life

Have you ever sat down to think about the beauty of nature and how they came to be? Have you ever thought about life and the challenges that surround it? Do you know that God has loads of promises for you, to settle you in all ramifications of your life? You know, lots of people tend to see life as a big problem that can never be overcome. Yes, life is not a bed of roses I know, but at times many of us let our fears supersedes our hope and believe for a brighter future.

I remember the day I was complaining bitterly to a friend about the stubborn nature of my kid, and she replied” only if I have one like that,” I felt bitter within me, and it was then I realized that my worries are minute compared to what she is facing. There is a big eye up there that sees and know all that you are passing through, and he is ready to stand for you, only if you are ready to take your fears away and help others take away their fears about the challenges which accompany life as well.

Oh, I can hear you asking that, how do I help others overcome their fears and challenges when I have my issues? It is simple, over 3 million people in the world right now are on social media, Facebook to be precise and on each person’s wall is a box that ask “what’s on your mind”. You can simply post quotes about God and life and, who knows, it might be the right words for the person viewing it.

Facebook is a public place, and you can easily share your burden, using a quote. If you are a good person, then others happiness should give you joy as well. So here I will be giving you some quotes about God and life, feel free to choose any of them and help yourself while you help others.

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1. God is a giver, he gave us the gift of life, and the only favor we can give to ourselves is to live well.

2. God already knows about that mistake even before it surfaced at all and he had made a good plan for your life so as not to get harmed.

3. Don’t ever have that feeling of rejection because that which you call rejection is a redirection from God to something better; all you need do is ask for strength to press forward.

4. Whenever you try to seek revenge on people that wronged you, then you are blocking your blessings unknowingly. Rather let it go and trust God to fight all your battles.

5. Sometimes, that which appears to be a block on your path is God at work, and he is steering you in a better direction.

6. Every life in this world is designed by Gods own hand, that is why you have to be thankful to God at all times because he has painted your life with lovely colors.

7. Your creation was planned; you are not an accident; you are not an assembly line product. God himself planned you deliberately and positioned you on earth to be his own and bear fruits. God is a master craftsman you know.

8. If you lose anything, don’t ever be down because if God takes away anything from you, then he is planning to replace it with something better.

9. If there is a pain you are passing through now, it’s for a purpose. If God has allowed the pain, then patiently wait for the purpose.

10. God wants to do something big in your life. Don’t cancel it out with a negative attitude. Negative words, doubts and unbelief tie God’s hand. Be positive no matter what because when you are positive, you will see blessings overtaking you and favors that you don’t deserve.

Facebook Quotes About Life

11. Never compare yourself to others; it robs you of your unique value and worth. The truth of the matter is, you are special, and you are one of a kind, place value on yourself.

12. You may have had some bad breaks, some closed doors, and some people that did not do you right, but God has not forgotten about your dreams. Life happens to all of us but remember, everything is temporary.

13. Have you ever wondered the reason why no one else on earth has your kind of fingerprint, have you ever wondered why no one else could do most things you can do? Well, that is because you were created to do things that no one else as created to do. Don’t underestimate your ability as a special being.

14. Looking at the world, you will be distress, looking within, you will be depressed, but in life when you look at God, you will be at rest.

15. The God who created the stars numbered them and named them pays attention to every big thing and very small ones. Whatsoever thing that matters to you matters to him, and that alone can bring a greater change in your life.

16. No matter what you have done, no matter where you have been, no matter how you fall, God is there to pick you up again. He is there to remove your shame and take you as you are, his grace covers you.

17. Nothing paralyzes our lives than the attitude that things can never change. We neglect the fact that change is the only constant thing. We need to always remind ourselves that God can change anything.

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18. Your outlook determines your outcome, if the only thing you can see is the problem, you will be defeated, but if you see the possibilities in the problem, you will have victory.

19. Never see yourself as being empty, it is the preparation for your being filled and every casting down is but for the making ready for your lifting up.

20. You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself. When you focus on being a blessing, God blesses you in abundance.

21. A trusting attitude and a patient attitude go hand in hand. When you let go of so many things and trust God, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust God, you can be more patient. Patience is not only concerned with waiting for something; it also has to do with your attitude while waiting.

22. Did you know that each day you wake to see the brightness of a new day, God has allowed you to live again and to live well?

23. We gain strength, confidence, and courage by each experience in which we stop to look fear in the face. We must do what we think we cannot do.

24. To know your purpose in life, you need to follow your overall dreams by trusting Gods plan, and everything will become possible.

25. If God put anyone in your life, know that it is for a reason and if he removes anyone from your life then it is also for a reason.

26. To live a victorious life, then you need to stop reliving what didn’t work out, stop thinking about those that hurt you or the mistakes you have made in the past. The reason it is called the past is that it is done; it is over; it is history, and you have to let it go.

27. You might not be where you want to be and things might not be working out perfect as you have planned it but looking back you will realize you are not where you use to be, so be grateful for that.

28. As long as you keep dwelling in your past, you will keep missing the new things that God want to do. God has promised to give you the beauty of ashes, and anything that will harm you would be used in your favor instead, so do your part by dropping the past and move forward.

29. God gave us the ability to do it not just to try, anytime you fail, it is not because you are not meant to do it, it is just to test your patience and your ability in waiting on God. Wait, and while waiting, watch your attitudes and allow everything to work together for your good.

30. It takes broken soil to produce a crop; it takes a broken cloud to give rain, it takes a broken grain to give bread, it takes a broken bread to give strength, it takes the broken you to produce a bigger you.

No matter what you might be going through at the moment, know that there is beauty in your brokenness, instead of pains you are about to get true love, and instead of mourning, you are about to get joy, give it time.
In life, you are not meant to be down in fear and limitations because God has given you the power to overcome and through hard work, patience, and faith in God, you can live your dream.

So get your remaining piece together and help yourself with any of the above powerful, life-changing Godly quotes to keep pushing you forward.

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