Facebook Status Question Games that Will Get Massive Comments

Facebook Status Game Questions

It’s not everyone on Facebook that you really know, some of your friends don’t even chat with you, all they do is like your status and comment. Asking the normal questions like, ‘’how are you’’, “and what have you’’ could make feel harmed or uncomfortable chatting with you because they don’t really know you.

For you to know someone you need to ask the right questions that reveal the way of life and the person’s life. If you read along this page, you would get some interesting, exciting and fun status question games that people on your friend list would love to answer.

The games are dived into sections with fun and lovely questions that would make you know more about your Facebook friends.

Newest Facebook Status Games

Here are they;

1. Would a time machine make you visit the future or go back in time if you have one?

You get to know more about the individual, their present is better than the future if they say they would visit the future.

2. As a child what did you enjoy doing?

This gives you an insight into what the person’s childhood looks like.

3. A highland or low land, which would you refer you built your house?

4. Do you believe those who stay in their hometown and never return to the city are more of those who believe in the tradition of the land?

5. What often do pregnant women crave for?

You get to know if the person has ever been around pregnant people, pregnant or lives with one?

6. Where would you go to if you could visit one place in Lagos?

You can know about how people frequent laces in Lagos whether you had the intention of being there with them or not.

7. If you could be given three cars, what would you do?

8. Do little things make you angry?

You can understand the person’s threshold with this?

9. Your face becomes brightened and cheerful by what?

You get to know the person behind the person’s cheerful and smiling mood, so you could always be at their brighter smile?

10. Have you ever been reminded of life by just listening to a song?

There is always a song that speaks in one’s heart, as life event links with the song’s lyrics. You can further ask about the song so you could know the person’s feelings.

11. All knowing or riches, which are your desire?

12. What powers would you possess, if you were a superhero?

13. If you could see a person from the underworld, who would it be?

14. Have you ever taken a strand of rice with a straw?

15. Would you exchange your certificate for a pot of stew?

16. Would you want your friend to behave like you?

17. If you can type ‘’money is made’’ and you get 55 comments that mean you are loved. Can you try it?

18. Are you an ideal partner?

19. What would you change in yourself to be the real you?

If a person brings out a point from this, that means s/he is comfortable and honest in her living but just know most people wouldn’t admit it.

20. Looks for intelligence or intelligence for looks which would you rather trade?

21. Are you a guy or a lady?

22. Would you ditch or carry on with your partner despite warnings from friends and if your parents hate the partner you want to marry?

23. Who would the celebrity be if you were to choose who to be your wife or husband?

24. What five items would you buy when you walk into a grocery store that would make the cashier look at you as being weird?

25. Do you know if your best friend is also a best friend to another person? Who would that be?

26. Would you intend on going on a date with me?

27. What would you ask me if I was to answer in affirmative to any questions today?

28. Would you love to share your friends with me?

29. Would you Ask me for my native name for me to tell you yours? Let’s go.

30. Have you wondered why you don’t get hurt when you pinch the skin on your elbow?

31. Do you think the stars follow you when you walk at night?

32. When you’re bored, have you tried calling a random number you don’t know on your hone?

33. Using only two words what would you say when I call you to say how beautiful your heart is?

34. Would it affect you if I hear I’m suddenly no more?

35. Where do you place me in your heart?

36. What would be your response when I say ‘’you are more than everything to me’’.

37. What would be the thing coming from the ass of the first person on earth?

38. Which show would you choose and why? If you’re to be filmed on the television.

39. Would it be nice to have an HIV test kit one can perform by self?

40. Why is it that you easily believe when they say there are millions of stars in the universe, but wet paints around get touched by you even when you know it’s painted?

41. If you know me, what’s my age, career, the year I had my first kiss, my present location? Comment if you think you know.

42. Can you type like this?




Without any obstruction in the comment section.

43. Would you eat or take off your clothes first after a hectic day at work?

44. Here are my three words,’’ a lovely baby’’ would you love to play along? Type in the comment

45. You may also like to ask some personal or general questions as a game which your Facebook friends who give an answer to them. The questions are;

What was your;

  • last reply to a beggar on the street?
  • last playful moment with kids like?
  • last food you gave to a person?
  • last visit to a mountain like?
  • last embarrassing moment?
  • Last time crushing on a person?
  • Last exciting moment?
  • Favorite color?
  • Best movie with a friend this year?

Have you ever;

  • been lost at a place?
  • been disappointed?
  • loved a girl who only sees something different from you in every argument?
  • been arrested by police or an offense you never committed?
  • been so sure of failing in a project you set out to do?
  • been carried out of a club because you were drunk?
  • Carried someone else’s child for so long before?
  • Visited a rehabilitation centre for disabled before?
  • Been interested in things you don’t want to do earlier on? What is it?

This year, have you;

  • cried while laughing?
  • set out a new plan for yourself?
  • been convinced by a stranger on an issue?
  • to some degree been the best version of yourself?
  • been on the lookout for new friends?
  • sent a lovely message to a random person on your Facebook list?
  • Made an attempt to appreciate love?

General Question:

  • Do you know everyone on your Facebook list?
  • Do you keep pets in your house?
  • Did you spend time with your friends and family during your last birthday?
  • Are you an early riser?
  • . Can a video game keep you late at night?
  • . Are you always eager to see your family?
  • When was the last time you told deaf ears on believing someone close to you is dead? Who was that?

Which is better?

  • Child or no child?
  • Celibacy or romance?
  • Taller or shorter?
  • Kids or pets?
  • relationship or hook up
  • Lovely arms or Lovely stomach?
  • Loud or sensitive?
  • Break up or relationship?
  • Hesitant or troublemaker?
  • Home or friends?
  • White or black?
  • Loyal or rich?
  • Charismatic or reserved
  • Shoes or clothes?
  • Saving a drowning dog or being late for work

Do you believe in;

  • who you are?
  • Signs and wonders?
  • seeing a person for the first time and proclaiming your love to the person?
  • Hell?
  • Celebration of Christmas?
  • dating a person and having romance on the first night?
  • what do you see around you?
  • Having more than one wife?
  • Giving to strangers?
  • Liberty?
  • The culture and tradition of your hometown?
  • Being followed by stars at night?
  • Changing the world for the betterment of the people

When you are getting bored chatting with your friends on Facebook, you can ask these excellent and engaging questions above to create fun on your Facebook status. With these Facebook status question games for adults, you know what your friends like or demand from you. Note that some would like to change you and you don’t have to please everyone on your timeline but you can try to be the best version of YOU.

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