Happy Sunday Morning Messages: Good Morning Sunday Messages

Good Morning Sunday Messages

Happy Sunday Morning: I can vividly remember that as a kid, it amazes me to hear people greet themselves “happy Sunday” on a particular day of the week. I closely wonder what it means and what the adults especially wants to achieve by saying this two words which seem to mean a lot to them on that particular day of the week.

But as adulthood starts getting hold of me, I then realized that it is just a greeting that is done on that day which is known as the Sabbath day or the Lord’s day within the Christian circle.

This day is the first day of the week in many religious traditions and the seventh day of the week in the system using the ISO 8601 standard. Also, this particular day follows Saturday and precedes Monday. The Christian religion has set this day aside to worship the Almighty God, and on this particular day, they gather together in a building known as the church to pray and worship together.

Trust me I grew up doing that and still in the system I also cultivated the habit of wishing people “Happy Sunday Morning” on that particular day of the week that has once seemed weird to me. I didn’t just learn to wish people happy Sunday but also to pray for them. I get to realize that this day is the day you can pray for your loved ones.

Alongside wishing them happy Sunday morning, you can also decide to spend time with families and friends that are around you because it’s a weekend and its work free. So many of us tend to be too busy during the weekdays (Monday to Friday), and that is because of duty calls but at the end of the week. There is still need to remind our loved ones that they are not forgotten, and that you still care for them and a simple prayer from you to them can reassure them that someone somewhere still loves them.

Most of the time, these friends and families might always not be around you. But that’s not a problem you know, just a simple text message can do the work for you. Are you thinking you are not the message person, or you don’t even know what to write because you think you can’t come up with the right words. Do not worry too much, below are some message ideas which will cover messages to different people in your life.

Let’s get started…

Good Morning Sunday Blessing

Good Morning Sunday Messages and Blessings

Just imagine waking up on a cool Sunday morning, and you feel this urge to send a good morning sunday blessing message to that special friend, and yeah, the thought that it is a Sunday, and you have to wish them happy Sunday alongside your good morning text came along. Then you start wondering, what would I do, how do I combine the two? It’s simple my dear, so don’t think too much, here are some good morning sunday blessing messages collated for you.

1) The morning is so cool, the breeze blows the trees and it’s trapping the body rhythmically. It’s a gift from God and because today is Sunday, it makes the nature sweeter and you know I love nature just as I love you, Good morning my angel.

2) The morning sun ushers in the blessing and goodness of God in our lives and I’m hoping that the Sunday is laden with a precious blessing from above and this blessing is happily directed to your household my dearest. Good morning and happy Sunday.

3) The summer, the winter, the autumn, and the spring are seasons designed to give us peace. The Mountains, the blue sky, the seas, the rainbow, the sunshine, the trees, the stars, and the moon are the beauty of nature. They make our lives beautiful, may your life be forever beautiful my queen. Good morning and have a great Sunday.

4) The Sun rises in the morning and makes the world beautiful but I noticed the world looks more beautiful today then I remembered it is a Sunday morning. And to the most beautiful entity on Earth, I say happy Sunday. Good morning to you.

5) Wake up to joy, wake up to happiness, wake up to peace, it is a peaceful, joyous, and glorious Sunday morning so my dear embrace happiness as your life will be peaceful. Good morning.

6) The night had come and gone, leaving us with a day having a sweet savor, a day as pure as gold, the Lord’s day is a day that is special and sweet. May this day be a day you will remember for good. Good morning.

7) Wrap up the past and Open up a lot of happiness in the newness of the day, open up the channels that lead to a brand new week, open up the joy, and unfold the promises the day holds for you. Happy Sunday.

8) May your Sunday be as beautiful as ever, may good and lovely things come your way because you deserve them. Happy Sunday.

9) Look forward to a week filled with blessings and opportunities. May you truly be happy forever, happy Sunday dear.

10) As you prepare for another week ahead of you, may God support you all through, and may he be with you in all your doings. Have a great week ahead and enjoy your Sunday.

Happy Sunday Message Prayer

Just a few words of a prayer in the morning can change someone’s life for better, and it gives the opportunity to inspire and extend the love to others. Remember while wishing someone Happy Sunday, let your words of prayers come along with it. Here are some happy sunday message prayer for you

1) I wish you all the goodness that Sunday offers, and I pray that the blessing of the Lord will never depart from you. As it is the beginning of a new week, I implore you to start the week with great joy and end it with great satisfaction. May all your heart desires become reality. Happy Sunday!!!!

2) The goodness of the lord is never-ending, his grace never fails. May his goodness and grace overflow in your life. Happy Sunday.

3) Do you believe that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love him, I know you love God and he will surely make all work for your good. Happy Sunday.

4) No matter what comes your way, embrace the day with gladness because you will surely be beautiful in the end.

5) Even if your blue skies turn grey and cloudy, trust God after the rain it will surely be bright again, have a great Sunday.

Happy First Sunday of the Month

Happy First Sunday of the Month: One thing everyone needs to know is that God gives out his Providence for all that lives and no man knows his treasure, no! Not you”. He gives us knowledge on how to count our days here on Earth and the first Sunday of the month is part of the special days we take note of and the special people in our lives need to be wished specially on this special day.

1) Today is not a day to remember pains and sorrow. Today is the day to praise the one who made the earth his foot mat. May you be abundantly blessed today. Happy first Sunday of the month”

2) Let the sun keep shining on your path and never forget my words to you on this lords day. Happy first Sunday, may this month be the best.

3) The first Sunday of the month is as special as the new month itself. Happy first Sunday.

4) God will bless you today and forever, may you be the first always as today is the first Sunday, enjoy the rest of the month.

5) Though the sorrow may last for the night, joy must surely come in the morning and the morning is now may you have an irreplaceable joy forever, happy first Sunday.

How Do You Wish Your Love Happy Sunday?

I laugh a thousand smiles when it comes to wishing my love happy Sunday. How I so love surprises (to be done for and to do for). I would rather pick out of the one hundred and one tools that I have just to allow the moment to get bored all the way. Yes, super bored during the week and bring it back to live on a Sunday morning which will give them enough energy, warmth, and love for the upcoming week.

With the sweetness of my words at its choice and presentation; I could pick up my phone to reach out to my love via call; telling my darling the degree of my affection towards him, and how he has been sweet like honeycomb just like King Solomon would always profess, ending the conversation with Happy Sunday.

Better still, pick up your SIM phone through SMS to conjure up appealing words to make a satin lip gloss and blush wherever he/she is reading it. Oh how sweet, feel free to pick any of the messages below and make the heart of your love skip over and over again.

1) To one of those who makes life worth living, to someone who is not just my love but an angel sent from heaven. I want to say happy Sunday morning. It is obvious you were sent to bless my life with your love and care, please don’t stop showering me with it and I promise I won’t take this for granted. Pray for us in Church today. I love you my darling.

2) You are more than words can express, having you in my life makes me recount my blessings as you are one of them. May this holy day bring good health, success, good fortune, good tidings, and more blessings your way. Happy Sabbath day sweet.

3) Happy Sunday morning my love, may all the blessings, goodness, and favor that comes with the day be eternally yours, may you forever be happy. Make sure you go to the Lord’s presence today.

4) I can boldly say that my love is a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar being. On this holy day, I pray that you shall forever be an ornament of grace to people around just as you are to me. Happy Sunday love.

5) I was searching for precious substances but I found you instead, I kept wondering why you, it was then I realized that you are more precious than the precious substances that I was looking for. To the most precious gift God gave to me, I say happy Sunday to you, dear.

6) Blessed shall you be anywhere you find yourself, any tongue that rises against you shall be smitten, you will be established forever just as your love is established in my heart forever, this is my prayers for you on this day of the Lord.

7) I have decided to spend this Lord’s day with you because every day I spend with you is a blessed day for me. You are my inspiration, you are my strength, you are my life and I can not imagine any other person as perfect for me as you do.

8) I just want to tell it to the whole world on this holy day how much I love and appreciate you, yes I choose this day because this day is pure and your heart is as pure too. Happy Sunday to my joy giver.

9) You are the light that brightens my day just as this day brighten the week. The week is perfect because seven days a week means perfection. You make my life complete just as this day complete the week. Accept my little way of saying happy Sunday, my love.

10) Guess what darling, I woke up earlier than usual today and I woke up thinking about you. It’s a bright Sunday morning and I pray that may your life be brighter than your imaginations, may this day bring you laughter and happiness all the days of your life. Happy Sunday to the best part of me.

Romantic Sunday Love Message

Romantic Sunday love message? Come to think of it Sunday or no Sunday you need to be romantic and send a lovely message to your lover like I always do and I am surely going to do that today also. I am going to make his heart beat fast like a racing car, I am going to make him laugh out loud forgetting if he is in a public place or not. OK even if you have chosen to be romantic only on Sunday because of your busy week, its all good any of this should help then-

1) I love you, I cherish you, I respect and adore you, so give me just a reason not to be happy with you. You are my life, you give me joy and happiness, I love you then, now and always, happy Sunday my king.

2) To the world’s best man who’s gonna become my husband soon, I say may God grant you all your heart desires today and forever. Happy Sunday, my man.

3) My darling, Sunday is a good day to thank God for the love between us, I have loved you even before I met you, may this love keep growing till the end of time. Happy Sunday my sweet love.

4) I can’t stop thinking about you the whole day, you are my life and because of this I have sent birds to sing near your window and the sun to shine bright on you, all this is just my way of wishing you a glorious Sunday and a happy new week. I love you endlessly.

5) You are the angel God has sent to design my life with your goodness here on earth, I cherish you my God-sent angel and on this blessed day, I can’t but wish you happy Sunday.

6) You are so wonderful and I can’t trade you for anything my sweetheart. Happy Sunday to you and I wish you a success filled week ahead.

7) Without your love in my life, my life would have been so dull and boring, just as without a day like Sunday in the week. You are so wonderful and I want to say I won’t trade you for anything my darling. Happy Sunday.

8) You bring a bright color to the rainbow of my life even on the cloudiest day. I cannot trade you for anything in this world. Happy Sunday sweet.

9) Honey, I pray that may blessings locate you today from all corners of the earth. May your life be forever peaceful as today is a day of peace. Happy Sunday to you.

10) Happy Sunday my love, I just want to use this medium to appreciate your loyalty, honesty, courage, and partnership. May blessings come your way in this new week.

Sunday Morning Messages for Him

Do you know that him receiving a message from you put a smile on his face and gives him positive vibes? These sunday morning messages for him make him know he’s the first you think about in the morning and to a reasonable extent make him feel important in your life. So check these out, all for him.

1) Forever would I be grateful to heaven because I’m so lucky enough to wish a beautiful soul good morning and happy Sunday. Good morning my king, may you be happy forever.

2) May all your prayers this morning, ascend to heaven and may God give you a speedy answer to them. Happy Sunday sunshine.

3) Go into the new week and be the best which you have always been, no holding back just go for gold, God has your back as always my dear.

4) You are my angel, my God sent. Have you ever imagined the reason why I call you my king, that is because you have my back from day one and only kings can do that?. Happy new week sweet.

5) Hey sweet, just to let you know that I love you as ever on this Sunday morning, have a great week ahead, my love.

6) I woke up this Sunday morning and I decided to count my blessings, it’s so surprising how you keep reoccurring, it was then I realized that you are the chief among all. Happy Sunday dear.

7) Love is the greatest gift life can give, thank you for loving me so dearly. I choose this day to tell you that you are the best and you will keep being the best. Happy Sunday.

8) I am thanking God for the gift of your love which has brought bliss into my life. Happy Sunday darling.

9) I have this confidence that what come may, I will overcome because God has specially sent you to my life to have my back. Happy Sunday angel.

10) May your Sunday be as beautiful as the sunshine which you have brought to my life. Have a glorious Sunday.

How Do I Wish My Girlfriend Happy Sunday?

Girlfriends are a valuable gift from God. If you have one in your life, you must try as much as possible to be consistent and be the best version of yourself so as not to ruin the relationship. Now, no pretense is needed, you just need to search deeply through your heart and flow with the moment.

All the ships are important, be it an intimate relationship, friendship or whatever ship you have, value it and on that lovely Sunday morning, you can try as much as possible to be the first to wish them a happy Sunday….oh how romantic, here are some clues for your darling girlfriend.

1) Every day is beautiful and special but Sundays are more beautiful and more Special because I reflect on how much God’s blessing and love have made my life the best thing on Earth through your girlfriend. Happy Sunday morning girlfriend.

2) The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep. Welcome to a brand new day as beautiful as your smile. This day will bring much laughter and happiness your way, my darling girlfriend.

3) Having you as my girlfriend is one of the most valuable gifts I have in my life. I am highly grateful and indebted to you for having my back always and remaining faithful. May the find happiness all the days of your life, have a blissful Sunday, my dear.

4) May this Sunday be a happy one for my sweet girlfriend, how can I ever repay all your kindness and good deeds to me, you are the best and you will remain the best. Enjoy this Sabbath day my darling.

5) It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and observing the nature I see it is as beautiful as you, my sweet girl, may God answer all your secret prayers and give you all your heart desires, enjoy your Sunday.

6) Every day gives us a fresh opportunity to live again and I am glad I am living again knowing fully well that my dear girlfriend is there with me. Just a reminder that you are always on my mind and today been the Lord’s day, it is a perfect day to let you know that I appreciate you so much. Happy Sunday my sweet girl.

7) As we look forward to another week allow me to seize the opportunity to pray for peace, joy, happiness, and favor for my loving girlfriend, I just want to remind you that you mean a lot to me my dearest girl.

8) Having a girlfriend like you makes me feel complete, your thought feels my head every day and night, I can boldly say I am proud of you girl, keep soaring high, God is ever faithful. Have a blessed day in his presence.

9) I am glad when they say let us go to the house of the Lord, for in his presence there is fullness of joy but I have more gladness going with the best girlfriend ever. Happy Sunday sweet angel.

10) Never stop being the best that you are, your sweet spirit makes life worth living and it keeps a spring in my gait. You are the perfect girlfriend for me and I am immensely indebted to you. Today been a Sunday I wanna say thank you and pray for joy never to seize in your life. Happy Sunday my dear.

Sunday Morning Messages for Her

Guess what, being with her is just the perfect match. Just pick up your guitar to strum up a lovely melodious sound into the tiny holes of her ears. And of course, what she brings out after that is a curve on that mouth forming a deep smile. Oh how sweet, Just imagine You woke up and the first thing that came to mind was her. She must have been God sent then so pick up your morning message to her-

1) May the angels look after you and your prayers receive answers soon on this fantastic Lord’s day. The new week is about to start and it will be a wonderful one for you, my dear.

2) May God turn your pain to gain, ease your struggles, and reward you for your faithfulness in this new week my dearest. Happy Sunday.

3) As today is the lords day I pray that may God give you strength in your struggles, peace in your pain, and victory in your valley. Happy Sunday dear.

4) Baby as today is a glorious day, I want you to turn your worries into worship and God will surely turn your battles into blessings, have a great week ahead.

5) Happy Sunday my love, may this day give you the happiness which you give me.

6) You will remain in my heart forever. Do have a blissful day that ushers you into a new week.

7) You deserve more than the good things in life for giving me the best love ever. I wish you a beautiful Sunday.

8) It is a lovely Sunday morning and a great opportunity to thank God for making us cross paths. Happy Sunday my love.

9) Happy Sunday dear, on this lords day smile more, give more than you can take and give more. Have a great week ahead dearest.

10) My darling, may God bless your day with smiles, laughter, sunshine, mercy, peace, and kindness. May this Sunday be the best, leading you to a wonderful week ahead. Happy Sunday.

Sunday Morning Wishes for Friend

The last day of the week or the first for some is a perfect time to remember the dearest people in your life, pray for them and wish them the best for the upcoming week.

1) My dear friend, throw away the extreme fear that keeps you behind and open your heart to new opportunities. The holy Sunday Should be met with a bright smile you know, enjoy your Sunday, my dear friend.

2) Happy Sunday to my best friend whose love and support are always guaranteed. I love you dear and I wish you a happy Sunday.

3) This morning I woke up reflecting on the amount of love I have received from you since we met. You are outstanding and your place in my heart is secured my dearest friend.

4) As you kneel in the presence of God today, may all your heart desires be granted, my sweet friend. Happy Sunday.

5) I made a list of all my friends and I noticed you are outstanding, so I can boldly say that you are more than a friend to me. Happy Sunday blood.

6) One lesson I have learned over the year is that Sundays are special and is for family and friends, you are one special person in my life and I choose today as a special day to say, I value you, happy Sunday dear friend.

7) Sunday is a beautiful day and a friend is meant to feel the sweet savor, so I choose you, I hope you can feel the breeze of my love.

8) From the depth of my heart, I want to wish that friend that means a lot to me a happy Sunday.

9) I wish you an unforgettable Sunday that will leave you with memories. I love you with everything in me my dear friend and I hope you get the best out of the day.

Happy Sunday Message to Boss

Each morning when the sun rises always grasp the opportunity to spread love and joy to everyone including your boss. Don’t let it all just end at your place of work that will make him value and appreciate you more, just try any of my messages and send to your boss-

1) Hello boss! I want to say happy Sunday to you, your wisdom is top-notch, your way of life is indeed a good one to copy and the manner at which you educate everyone will definitely progress us in life. Happy Sunday sir.

2) Wishing my dear boss a valuable Sunday with his family. Have a great day ahead sir.

3) I cant completely thank you for all the good things you have done for me and my family, just to say happy Sunday sir.

4) If every boss can be like you, then the world would have been a better place to live in. May God bless and honor you sir. Happy Sunday.

5) Your good heart is rare, your wisdom is outstanding, your love and care make me respect you the more, Happy Sunday madam.

Happy Sunday Text to Loved Ones

As usual, Sunday is a day you spend with your loved ones, attend church service, take a walk, and rest. Amidst your resting time, you have fun with your loved ones, it can be your families or Friends or both if possible and those that are not around you, you send them a text like any of this-

1) It is another day, It is another Sunday, So before the sun rises let me adorn each of its rays by wishing you the best Sunday ever. Enjoy the Lord’s presence, God bless you.

2) Without family, everything seems empty and nothing will seem enjoyable. So let me use this medium to thank you all, for having my back, thanks for always been there when I needed you most, do have a fun-filled Sunday.

3) Beautiful things happen to us when we feel riches in Christ, Joy unspeakable, Divine blessing, Unstoppable joy, Days filled with love. Happy Sunday my dearest.

4) The saddest thing today is spending this day without you, you are the essence of my life darling, have a fun-filled Sunday and remember that I miss you.

5) As this week is about to start may it be the greatest and sweetest ever, happy Sunday dear.

6) May this Sunday bring to you a week filled with greatness, success, good health, happiness, joy, favor, good tidings, and may all your heart desires be fulfilled. This week shall be your greatest ever.

How Do You Reply When Someone Says Happy Sunday?

Definitely, you should know that Sunday is a pleasant and lucky day and someone like me I love to respond favorably to good wishes. I believe reading a message and just smiling and blushing over it is rude, yes I mean rude because come to think of it if you are that important to someone and they decide to send you a text, then it is very necessary to show that they also mean the world to you or probably as important as you are to them then a simple” Thank you and may God bless you also” ending it with I love you too depending on the sender will go a long way and show them that you also care for them. Happy people, even superstitious and clueless ones still make for a happy world and to keep the vibe moving these are some simple texts reply which will surely be useful for you- 

1) Oh, baby, I have read the text more than a hundred times and I am still blushing, thanks so much my darling, I appreciate, God bless you abundantly too. I love you now and forever baby. muah

2) A very big Amen to those prayers, may your prayers be answered to, thanks for the message. You are the best darling.

3) If not for you where would I be my darling, thanks for loving me the way I am, I love you too. Have a great day in God’s presence.

4) You are the best girlfriend, thank you, my dear. Happy Sunday.

5) Awwwwn, thank so much for the text darling, I love you too. Have a great Sunday.

6) Wow, this is the best text ever, you are the best, my super-duper man.

7) I didn’t know I mean this much to you until now, let me seize this opportunity to tell you that you mean the world to me, thanks for always been there.

8) I don’t know how to thank you enough, but I sincerely appreciate you, dear, thanks so much. Happy Sunday.

9) Thank you so much, may God remember you and bless you to dear. Have a great Sunday.

10) I am grateful for everything, I feel special now just as you are to me, thanks for choosing me, I miss you and I wish you the same.

Note: After reading the message sent to you, express the whole happiness you can feel in your reply, use all the right words you can get, and make the other person feel special too.

All the above messages can be posted on your Facebook page and likewise on your Whatsapp status. Enjoy your Sunday.

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