201 Best Facebook Status in English (2024)

In case you’ve ever been short of words to express yourself whenever you want to update your status on Facebook, here are some of the best Facebook status in English to express yourself at any time.

Collection of Amazing Facebook Status in English

One outstanding reason why this list is the best for you is that it contains almost any kind of Facebook status of any person and at every moment. So, what this means is that if you need some cool Facebook status to describe yourself either as a boy or girl, you’ll have them here.

Similarly, when you need some motivational status to define life, you’ll find the best of them in this article.

Well, I wouldn’t want to bore you with all that this article contains. Instead, read on to find the most cooling Facebook status in English you can use at every point Facebook needs you to say what’s on your mind.

Facebook Status in English for Boys

1. Although a hot dude, I have the most refreshing attitude.

2. It’s merely my style and not my attitude.

3. “Oh shit! Here comes a major contender” that what the devil said when I was born.

4. Boys do lie a lot, but girls are better at lying

5. Wondering why I have girlfriends? My girl said that I need to be more affectionate.

6. Hey guy!!! I don’t mind the haters because someone cherishes me.

7. Before you proceed to hate me, get to know me first.

8. Guys barely know how some little things can hurt a girl.

9. Just a naughty thought every day helps me keep the stress away.

10. Guys are fantastic…every girl should have at least one.

11. I hate girls, except the one reading this.

12. Cool guys have just one response to a fool… silence.

13. Are you worried about my attitude? Well, you should be because excellence is an attitude.

14. I am always very nice until you piss me off.

15. Avoidance is a suggestion I take as a safety measure.

Blue background with the text; "Behind every successful man, there is a woman to be surprised."

16. I am too lazy to look for things…the reason why I am organized.

17. Don’t get me wrong, that I am arrogant. I am better than you.

18. Need no more lies? Stop asking me questions.

19. I only please one person a day. Today isn’t your day, and I can’t assure you of tomorrow either.

20. I follow my heart but always carrying my brain along with me.

21. Hey! Check me out. I was born to express and never to impress.

22. My progress route is always under construction.

23. I don’t follow because, am always followed.

24.Those who don’t like me only need to raise their standard.

25. My style, my attitude, my personality.

26. Real guys don’t get drunk; they only get off-balance chemically.

27. Life is too short. So don’t waste your reading my status.

28. I am so broke that I can’t even pay attention to you.

29. Behind every successful man, there is a woman to be surprised.

30. I don’t need your approval to be who I am.

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Facebook Status in English for Girls

31. He thinks he’s the player, but always forgetting that she’s the Coach.

32. Best feeling ever: losing weight and still maintaining the same size of boobs

.33. You may find a girl funnier and prettier than me, but you can’t find one just like I am.

34. Only smart girls know that they have no limits.

35. Wear your red lipstick, keep fit, and don’t let boys be mean to you.

36. Bad girls don’t have time for diaries. Only the good ones do.

37. Never try to find a man who will solve all your problems. Instead, look for one who won’t let you face them all alone.

38. A lot of people say that I am cute, but am way more than that.

39. Every girl deserves a queenly treatment.

40. All I need is a guy who is worth the keys to my heart.

Yellow background with the text: "If you want her to treat you like a king, then treat her like a queen. But if you handle her like a game, she'll show you how it's being played."

41. If you want her to treat you like a king, then treat her like a queen. But if you handle her like a game, she’ll show you how it’s being played.

42. If you want me to be the angel in your life, first create a heaven for me to live in.

43. My makeup gives me so much confidence.

44. Nothing is sexier than a girl who is good at her make-up.

45. Imperfection is beauty, and madness is genius but being myself is incredible.

46. Sarcastic and ridiculous, I maybe all of that, but I am not dull.

47. Many people say that I am weird. I wish they knew that I am a limited edition of my kind.

48. Treat all ladies with due respect because someday you’ll want other people to treat your daughter in the same way.

49. I don’t have time for mediocre, that’s why I keep my heels, head, and standard high.

50. I may not be the girl that every guy wants, and I can’t be the girl that every guy had.

51. I naturally dislike guys who think that they can have any girl.

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Facebook Status in English for Friends

52. Friends are the only family we can choose

53. If you think that I do a crazy thing, you need to see me with my best friend

54. When the rest of the world walks out, it’s only a true friend that will step in.

55. One of the greatest gifts to receive from nature is the gift of friendship, and I am glad I have received it.

56. Hello friend, my attraction to you is more than the force of gravity.

57. The last moment in a day spent with real friends is enough to make the day great.

58. I can’t promise you of being a good leader if you walk behind me, neither will I be a good follower if you walk in front of, walk beside me and let’s be good friends.

Violet background with the text: "One of the greatest gifts to receive from nature is the gift of friendship, and I am glad I have received it."

59. It is only a true friend who can see your first tears, catch the second and stop the third from dropping.

60. It’s only a true friend who will know everything about you and still love you.

61. If you were to be a star, I would say that you are the brightest, but since you are my friend, you are my best friend.

62. Only a true friend that will believe in your future accept you the way you are despite knowing your past.

63. I may not say Hi every time, and sometimes I may even forget to reply when you send a message, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you, I am only giving some time to miss me.

64. My world is always full of smiles whenever I have friends around me.

65. I lack words to say all that is in my heart. But in a few words, I want God to grant our friendship lots of happiness and love.

English Status for Facebook Profile Picture

66. A rose can be my garden, but a friend like you can make my world.

67. Friendships that went through the time, test, and changes together are indeed the best.

68. The distance between the hearts of real friends is usually equal to zero.

69. Friendship is one great investment that doesn’t cost you a dime.

70. Friends are likened to the star; they are always around, but you can only feel their presence at the darkest times of your life.

71. If you can see through my heart, all you’ll find there is you. Real friends are hard to find, that’s why I kept you in my heart.

72. True friendship is like walking through a newly floored ground; you always leave you footprints behind as you go.

73. Great friends like you are similar to standing on a wet cement; the longer you hold, the harder it is to leave.

Green background with the text: "Don't just live your life, live a life of purpose."

74. True friendship is a responsibility and never and opportunity.

75. Friends like you are worth more than diamonds because a diamond has a price, but friends are priceless.

76. I’ll choose to walk with a friend like you in the dark than walk alone at noon.

77. Friendship is the only bond that will forever keep the world together.

78. A single friend who knows and shares your tears is better than a pack of friends who only know and share in your smiles

79. True friendship is like a fluorescent; it shines brighter when everywhere is darkened.

80. You are a friend indeed because you always pop up when I am in need.

81. Real friends are hard to find. I am glad I found you.

Facebook Status in English on Attitude

82. Hey, you! Don’t pursue your dreams, follow me instead.

83. I don’t deal with wants; I only get what I need

84. Love me or hate me, one thing is sure – you can’t change me.

85. I am very calm and smart, but I love doing stupid things.

86. I’ve got both sides of the coin in me – “Charming” and “Don’t f*ck with me.”

87. Get this; it is candid advice from me – live to express and not to impress

88. You can never match up with my standard because I work for a cause and not for applause.

89. I keep surviving every hurdle. Even when I get lemon from life, I make orange juice out of it.

90. I am different and me, f*ck your opinion

91. My hustle keeps paying off until my haters ask if I am hiring

92. I was successful because I had good friends, but now I become more successful because I have better enemies.

93. If you get lemon from life, add vodka and make a party with it.

94. I am like a coin. I am not only valuable but two-faced.

95. You can’t get stupid questions without stupid people.

96. I know myself, no need for your explanation or advice

Purple background with the text: "Love me or hate me, one thing is sure – you can't change me."

97. Keep your advice to yourself unless it is requested of you.

98. The gift of a brain is an excellent gift from God. I wished it was everyone who has one

99. Being quest normal is boring, so I prove them wrong with my extraordinary lifestyle.

100. Each time I get lemon from life, I squirt them into my enemies’ eyes.

101. Here is my only response to you – silence is better than bullshit

102. Losing is never an option for me. Its either I win or learn

103. Fake people who aren’t used to quality always chase after quantity.

104. My attitude is similar to a mirror; it only reflects what you present to me.

105. To have real beauty, you must possess the attitude, knowledge, and skills.

106. I keep coming first in everything because I am odd.

107. Who cares, I remain awesome

108. I can never trust someone is who is a friend to everyone

109. I am born queen, and I don’t need a king

110. I keep doing what pleases me since I know that I’ll still be criticized.

111. I am too busy to hate anyone. It’s either I love you or don’t give a f*ck.

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Facebook Status in English on Love

112. Despite how hard I try, I keep falling in love with you every day

113. If I had another chance, I’d chose you over and over again

114. Its only you and your love that makes me complete

115. I don’t mind even if falling in love with you is catastrophic.

116. The only time I found love was when I found you.

117. The thought of anyone having you is tragic

118. One day I’ll marry you, and we shall live together forever

119. I loved you yesterday; I love you today. I will love you tomorrow and will always love you.

120. They may call it madness; all I know is that I love you.

121. The only person whom I can love and cherish forever is you.

122. I’ll keep loving you as much as I can because you loved me when I couldn’t love myself.

123. I love you more than “I love you” can express.

124. Why I love you? It’s simply because you are as awesome as I am.

125. Thank you for loving me the same way I love you. You are the reason my life is beautiful.

126. Throughout the world, I may not find a heart for myself like yours, and there is no love for you like mine.

127. The only two times I want to be with you are now and forever.

Purple background with the text: The only two times I want to be with you are now and forever."

128. I love you, and I am scared of losing you because my life got a new and better shape from the day is found you.

129. Living and loving you is one great dream come true in my life.

130. You keep me believing that love exists.

131. I need a vitamin “U” because you are the best vitamin my body needs.

132. What I see about us is; One love, one heart, and one destiny

133. No scale can measure how much I love you

134. I need you like a heart needs to beat

135. You stole a piece of my heart with your love.

136. I find life ever since I found your love.

137. Only have 1 thing 2 do with 3 words 4 you – I love you

138. When love is not seen as madness, then it is not loved.

139. My day begins and ends with thoughts about you.

140. Thanks to the attraction that brought us together and the love that is going to keep us forever.

141. Whenever I am with you, every other thing turns into background noise.

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Motivational Facebook Status in English

142. Get over wishes and start acting

143. If you can’t find an opportunity, create one

144. The best way you can predict and enjoy the future is planning for it

145. Life is all about moments, don’t wait for them, instead creates some

146. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve it.

147. Make great moves today so that your future self can always be proud of you.

148. You cant yourself until you wake up to the truth and reality

149.Today is the best time to get better. Don’t waste it.

150. Dreams aren’t the images you see while you sleep. Dreams are those things that don’t allow you to sleep.

151. It never late to become whom you can be

152. Never underestimate the power of your instinct.

153. Always get prepared for tomorrow because the sun will still rise tomorrow no matter what happens today.

154. Let your desire to prove critics wrong keep you motivated

155. The only propelling force behind success and growth is self-motivation

156. Move out of your comfort zone and wake the sleeping giant inside of you.

157. Always know that other people’s opinion about you is their problem and not yours.

158. It’s fine to be afraid of failing, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying

White background with the text: "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve it."

159. The distance is not a big deal, making the first step is the challenge.

160. If something is important to you, then you’ll find a way about it, but it is not, you will find excuses.

161. Never waste your time explaining things or giving excuses because people only hear what they want to hear.

162. You can decide what life should throw at you, but you can determine what your response will be.

163. No matter how difficult it may be, you have to keep your head up and tell yourself “I must keep going.”

164. Where you started is not important, but where you end up. Strive hard to make your today better than yesterday.

165. You can only succeed when your dreams are bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.

166. You cant sit and have success fall on your lap; you have to get up to work and find it.

167. Always be careful of those whom you share your problems with because 20% of them won’t care while 80% will be glad that you have such issues.

168. Three principles of success: imagining with your mind, believing with your heart and achieving with your might.

169. Don’t wait until you are perfect. Start from somewhere because your talent and abilities will improve with time.

170. Don’t change to impress people. Be yourself, and the right and like-minded people will like you for being yourself.

171. Success comes after failure, so don’t be scared of failing because it is a step towards succeeding.

Facebook Status in English about Life

172. Life is short! Live it to the best of your ability.

173. Do stupid things when you are young so that you will have something to smile about at your old age.

174. If you wish to have something you’ve never owned, then you have to do something you’ve never done.

175. You only have once chance to live, so do it right, and you’ll be okay with living once.

176. The world is continuously in search of incredible individuals with a specialty in the impossible.

177. One thing about life is how you can withstand its hits and still manage to move forward.

Black background with the text: "There comes that point in your life when you suddenly realize the reasons behind some decisions you made. And the best part is that you will appreciate such purposes."

178. There comes that point in your life when you suddenly realize the reasons behind some decisions you made. And the best part is that you will appreciate such purposes.

179. If you want a man to love you, listen to him

180. If opportunities don’t come your way, you have to create a way for it to happen.

181. The most incredible things about your life are those things you can’t see but can only feel them with your heart.

182. Our lives are made up of 15% of occurrences and 85% of our response.

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Heart Touching Facebook Status in English

183. The only thing no one can take away from you is happiness. So, be happy.

184. The best thing about life is that it has ups and downs. So, I am not regretting mine.

185. In life, everyone wishes to be happy without pains. Well, remember that to have a rainbow, you need some rain.

186. I always grew up with the thought that life is all about being the first and winning a trophy. But I now realize that life is all about loving, smiling, learning, and being happy.

187. In life, only those who are not afraid to knock at a door have it open to them

188. Always enjoy the life you live and live the life you enjoy.

189. Don’t be afraid of life and life’s situation even when you don’t have the slightest clue about how things will turn out.

190. Don’t Facebook your problem. Face it!

191. Life would be much better if we had buttons to edit our mistakes, fast forward buttons for bad times and a pause button for the good times.

192. Stay happy as though you have eternity to live, love like you’ll die the next second.

Green background with the text: "Don't be afraid of life and life's situation even when you don't have the slightest clue about how things will turn out."

193. Smile and remain positive about everything that you go through in life.

194. Live your best life, and don’t bother about what others might think or will think about you.

195. Live out your dreams, face challenges, fulfill your promises, and sing your life as a song to others.

196. Here is how school differs from life. In school, you receive lessons before a test, but in life, you pass through tests before learning a lesson.

197. Here are two ways you can live your life: Live as though nothing is a miracle or live as though everything you see is a wonder.

198. Life is too short to live in regret, be happy always.

199. Don’t just live your life, live a life of purpose.

200. Life isn’t a bed of roses; you have to undergo challenges and hurdles to succeed.

201. The best part of life is when you overcome challenges and doubts that once looked as though everything was impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Facebook Status in English

What should I write on my Facebook status?

Your Facebook status can be about your current mood, what you’re doing, a thought you find interesting, or a brief update on your day. Share something that reflects your personality or something you’re passionate about.

What can I say in my post?

In your post, you can share experiences, ask questions, or express your thoughts and feelings. Consider sharing interesting articles, photos, or moments from your day. Engage with your friends by creating content that sparks

What is the best status for FB?

The best Facebook status varies based on your mood, activities, or something that resonates with you at the moment. It could be a positive thought, a humorous observation, or an update about a significant event in your life. Keep it genuine and reflective of your personality.

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