Best Status Messages For Whatsapp in English

Status Messages for WhatsApp Status in English: If English isn’t your first language or you are don’t really do well with social media; writing messages for your WhatsApp status can be a quite challenging for you. Or you are faced with another situation where you have a lot to say but due to the limited word count, you have to narrow everything to a few best or short sentences.

Do not fret, below are some messages you can always write for your WhatsApp status. These short status messages for whatsapp when used are bound to improve your confidence as you express yourself better in a simpler yet intelligent way whilst improving your media presence.

Status Messages for Whatsapp

1. Do enjoy the latest and unique status messages for WhatsApp compiled just for you:

2. It takes almost everybody to make you smile but just specific people can make you happy.

3. Fake happiness is so expensive but true happiness is not.

4. Well! Not like I changed it’s just that I had to grow up and I suggest you try it.

5. Hey there, it’s not like I argue a lot I just try to let people know I’m correct.

6. When you feel more special than others you forget we are all born to die.

7. The only time you can say you really like a person is when you wish him happiness.

8. Spending money is what I hate the most but I love to buy new things.

9. One subject I detest the most is mathematics but counting money is my favourite.

10. It’s much better to have temporary joy than everlasting misery.

11. The moment you realize life it’s too short you will certainly know that you have got no time to go through my status.

12. I could get an award for sleeping because I sleep having my two eyes closed.

13. You need to love people to avoid judging them.

14. If you are looking for the master key that that opens the gate of happiness, find love.

15. Tomorrow’s answer can be found in today’s dreams.

16. A bad attitude is just like having a flat tire unless you change it, you aren’t going anywhere.

17. Excellence is attitude and not a skill.

18. If you wish to double your money, it’s very simple and fast just fold it into two and put back into your pocket.

19. How much we enjoy is what makes the happiness and not how much we have.

20. You can’t let the world change your smile rather change the world with your smile.

21. I need to delete those who do not add to any of these in my life, love, friendship, and Hope you aren’t one.

22. Flying is made difficult if you have something weighing you down… shade off your worries.

23. Doing something you never did will make you have something you never had.

24. You have to understand my words in order to understand my silence.

25. Giving happiness to others is the highest joy you can feel.

26. You can choose to be happy because it’s not a feeling.

27. One thing I know is that I can’t please everybody so I could care less what people say about me.

28. A phone call woke up very early in the morning when I was driving my Ferrari.

29. Mathematics really need to grow up and solve its own problem because I’m tired of helping out.

30. Positive thinking keeps you going forward.

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Love Status Messages for WhatsApp

Want to write that beautiful love message; you can count on these beautiful love messages for WhatsApp.

1. Grow in Love. Glow in Love.

2. Falling in love is exhilarating. You get to visit both heaven and hell.

3. The person who loves you will want you insatiably. This want is unquenchable.

4. Loving you is like a dream. Having you is like a fairytale.

5. You look beautiful; this is what caught my eye. You are beautiful, this is what caught my heart.

6. Love is honesty. Be honest with the ones you love.

7. I want you. My heart wants you, my soul wants you; even my body wants you.

8. I want to wake up next to you every day. I want nothing than hearing you snore and seeing your morning hair.

9. I love you so much, it is terrifying. I can’t think of what life was before I met you.

10. There are million languages in the world. Your smile speaks all these and more.

11. Under the moonlight, you are beautiful. Under the sun, you are stunning.

12. You are like a circle in my life. My love for you is indefinite like a circle.

13. You are a gift. The best gift nature has gifted me.

14. I still love you. No matter how hard a try, you refuse to carry to become a memory.

15. I don’t know what exactly love is. But this feeling I have with you in my life is beautiful

16. I love knowing you and I love dating you. Loving you has been one of the wonderful experiences in my life.

17. My love for you is like the ocean. Never-ending and insurmountable.

18. I love you, you love me more. You adore me, I adore you more.

19. I know there are no impossibilities. Both in dreams and in love, there are no limitations.

20. Love is Passion. It awakens an earnest desire in you.

Short Status Messages for WhatsApp

If you don’t want a lengthy message, these short status messages for WhatsApp will surely help.

1. Learn to say “No” to people sometimes.

2. Sometimes to go through heaven, you have to pass through hell.

3. Always express how you feel. You must do thus avoid regrets.

4. It takes two hearts to understand how aphrodisiac love is.

5. Live and Love; Life is simple.

6. There are many rules in a relationship. One of them is not making promises you can’t keep.

7. I wish loving you can be forever. Well, I’ll live these numbered days loving only you.

8. Before you expire, aspire to inspire.

9. One road always under construction is the road to happiness.

10. Sometimes a girl can be her own knight and slay the beast.

11. I’m sexy and I know it.

12. I’m a sucker for weddings.

13. I refuse to be bored.

14. Dream big, dream wide, dream high.

15. You made me a believer.

16. This doughnut is worth the extra workout.

17. All things are bright and beautiful; because it’s sunny.

18. Creativity and Craziness are cousins.

19. Live a life of perfect imperfections.

20. Today, be a difference.

21. Change your heart, change your life, change the world.

22. Life is a journey; what matters is who is on the bus with you.

23. Beware, I’m a bundle of joy and happiness.

24. Love harder, Laugh more and Live better.

25. Sometimes, the most unexpected gifts are the best.

26. The best revenge is being successful and happy.

27. What matters in life is not milestones but moments.

28. From yesterday’s troubles enters today’s blessings.

29. Wherever life plants you; bloom and grow.

30. Living is a beautiful struggle.

Funny Status Messages for WhatsApp

Whether you are bored or trying to get a good laugh, these funny status messages for WhatsApp will do the trick.

1. The person who said happiness can’t be bought hasn’t met me. Let’s go shopping!

2. Being loyal is exhilarating. I know this, I have a dog too.

3. I’m in love and married. Yes, in love with my dreams and married with my happiness.

4. You say no one understands your silence. Well, you didn’t speak up and we are not mind readers.

5. I dream of being rich and famous like my teacher. Well, he’s still dreaming though.

6. Never lose hope, no one knows tomorrow. Well, I know my food choices though.

7. Heartbreak is another kind of death. It turns you into a zombie.

8. How to know if someone is wrong for you? When they leave, your life goes right.

9. If a friend shows you their true color, don’t try to repaint. Pour paint on them instead.

10. Sometimes I miss my childhood. The only problem I had was how to make my crush notice me.

11. My mom taught me everything I know. Now I ask myself why I bothered with school.

12. Good things take time to happen. Though sometimes, you have to hasten the process.

13. Smile breaks down barrier. As for me, food breaks down my boundaries, not your smile.

14. No expectations; no disappointments. I won’t let you deflate my balloon.

15. There is only one cure for the disease named “poverty”. Take the antidote called “Money”.

16. If everyone thinks you have a problem. Then you have a problem to check for the problem.

17. A true friend is someone who knows your best songs. A best friend is someone who knows your weird dances.

18. Someone said the best feeling in being in love. I disagree, I think it is relishing in delicacies.

19. Your pretty face is all I need to face this battle. Obviously, I need resources too.

20. You need to stop letting your thoughts be confined.  Think crazily and creatively.

Status Messages for WhatsApp about Life

Here are some status messages for WhatsApp about life.

1. It is never easy. It is either hell or high-water.

2. Life gives you a second chance every day. It is called “Tomorrow”.

3. You cannot change the past. But you can change the future.

4. Today is another battle. Another battle to live for tomorrow.

5. Every day is another chance for change. A change into a better version of yourself.

6. Refuse to let the world change your smile. Change the world with your smile instead.

7. You cannot change history. Knowing this, learn from the past to create your future.

8. It’s the same game but at different levels. It’s the same game but different players.

9. When the sun goes down, the stars comes up. My dear, your time too shall come.

10. Success is not accidental. It is a blend of smartness, talents, skills, hard work and diligence.

11. Happiness is a scent. It affects others as you pass by.

12. Either you make it or take it. Either you work it or break it.

13. You deserve to dream. You deserve to make your dream come true as well.

14. If you want to life yourself, try lifting another. We rise by lifting others up.

15. Life is full highs and lows. You don’t get to experience the sunshine and butterflies every day.

16. Life is a collection of mistakes, acceptance and growth. Knowing this will ease you better.

17. If you are living, be thankful. Life is precious, be glad you have it.

18. Life is a collection of memories; a blend of happy memories overshadowing the bad ones.

19. Die living a fulfilled life. Die with memories not with your dreams.

20. Sometimes good things do not come easy. But when they come, they make your life easy.

Status Messages for Whatsapp About Peace

Want to spread the message about Peace; here are some status messages for WhatsApp about peace that won’t let you down.

1. Apologies are important. They keep the storm in check.

2. Choose your friends wisely. Cherish those who strive to maintain peace and order.

3. Never let an argument escalate turbulently.  Learn to keep calm sometimes.

4. We don’t know to share the opinions of others. One thing we need to share though is “Respect”.

5. One of the least shared secret to happiness is “Peace”. Learn to maintain peace.

6. Learn to forgive others. Do this because you deserve peace.

7. One tip to maintain peace is “respect”. Respect the differences and embrace the similarities.

8. Having peace in your life is better than having silence. Maintain peace is less frustrating as well.

9. A happy life brings peace to the mind. Share this peace with others.

10. Peace and Progress is profitable. War only brings costs and losses.

I hope these status messages proves helpful in writing your own unique and beautiful WhatsApp status. Kindly look through and find the ones written just for you.

Whatsapp Status Messages

WhatsApp status messages is a wonderful means of showing one’s feeling. It is a write up that is specific and it’s a precise way to show a person’s view, emotions, and points in a very creative style. It shows how exceptionally and resourceful your imaginations and thoughts can be put into words.

Changing and updating your WhatsApp status tells more about your way of life and thoughts about life. Different types of whatsapp status messages can be used depending on your mood.

One Line Whatsapp Status Messages

1. I need some money to buy this recipe for happiness that I saw.

2. Wake up and dream a dream to make it a reality.

3. A minute of your life is very important therefore don’t waste it unhappy.

4. Make someone smile today by having a hilarious WhatsApp status.

5. You had better start chatting fast because life is too short.

6. Honestly, the hardest task to embark on is doing nothing because the end has no date.

7. Texting without looking is an interesting skill learned in College.

8. Only a girlfriend can cause you to change love status within 20 seconds.

9. Success can never come before work except in the dictionary.

10. Mosquitoes are just like family because they carry the same blood as you.

11. We hold the key to our greatness.

12. Whatever you make up your mind to achieve is very possible including wealth. I wondered why many people are still poor.

13. Whatever you understand is not my problem, the only thing I’m responsible for is what I said.

14. The reflection of your behaviour and personality can be expressed in your style.

15. There are times you need to keep a distance from people in order to draw them close to you.

16. If you are a lazy person, then success is not for you.

17. Everyone else is as unique as you are, so be nice.

18. Dream as if you will never die and live as though tomorrow is the last

19. I will buy a recorder for my dreams so I can watch them later.

20. You need to make your enemies your friends in order to destroy them.

21. Only 20% of boys have brain, 80% of them have girlfriends.

22. Credit alert works wonder more than I LOVE YOU.

23. Please, can someone give me a loan without disturbing me?

24. I apologize for the kind of text message my phone sent to you last night, it was under the influence of alcohol.

25. Enjoying a lovely moment is the best to pay for it.

26. I never knew I could feel this way after all that happened.

27. Most times, the biggest smiles in life comes from little things.

28. When you fall and stay down, you have really failed.

29. God is never late. Stay tuned.

30. Dad’s care is the greatest and Mum’s love is the most amazing.

Cute Whatsapp Status Messages

1. Age should be counted by friends not years and life by smiles not tears.

2. When I’m with you everything that seems imperfect becomes perfect.

3. If you ask me the times I would love to be with you, it’s now and forever.

4. The moment I saw you, I remembered all I forgot that’s why I call you my diary.

5. I can fight all the battles in my life just by your cute smile.

6. I will face this life with a smile because I see it as a camera.

7. Good friends are just like stars. You are aware that they exist but they don’t always see them.

8. I will call you “dude” no matter your gender.

9. Time is one thing you don’t have the ability to keep but you can have it and spend it.

10. You don’t have to spend your short time with people who suck your joy.

11. Your greatest memory is about who shared it with you and not where it was spent.

12. A pretty face can be destroyed by an ugly personality

13. It only means that you are above for people to try bringing you down.

14. There is a great joy that comes with being able to do the things people said you can’t do.

15. The worst kind of disability is a bad attitude.

16. I have no intention of blaming myself because I’m certain that I’m correct.

17. Most times, life gives what you need and not what you want.

18. You really need to be successful because it is the best kind of slap to your enemies.

19. When I think of bringing a hair stylist, my pillow just convinces me that it’s doing a great job.

20. You need to see beyond imperfections to be happy.

21. I really need a six months vacation at least twice in a year.

22. If there is one thing I wish for, it’s to have google in my brain.

23. I just had to finish what I did yesterday as I did nothing.

24. I need people who can make me forget my phone to hand around with.

With these amazing collection of whatsapp status messages, one can smile and change status daily having the attention of your viewers and a precise method of expressing your intentions.


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