102 Top Friendship Status for Facebook in English (2024)

Friendship Status for Facebook: Having friends around you is underrated as the benefits attached to it are more than words can express. Then again, it’s not just about having friends but more about making those friends know you appreciate their presence in your life and cherish every adorable moment you share together.

What better way do we have to show this than through our Facebook status? Friendship status for Facebook in English lets your friends know how much you love and enjoy their friendship with you.

With our collection of friendship status for Facebook, you’ll be sure that we have in stock so much to offer than just status about friendship and life when you are lonely. These Facebook status in English for friends come from the fact that there are true friendships that are so close and would share their life secrets than to a family member.

Facebook Status in English for Friends

Sure you’ll enjoy this friendship status for Facebook in English, please do try to show your friends more love and care by sharing these quotes and status messages with them.

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1. The best and reliable possession you can ever boast of is a true friend

2. A sweet and true friendship is a refreshment to the soul.

3. The medicine that is capable of curing virtually everything in life is a faithful friend.

4. The only way you can make good friends is to be a good friend yourself.

5. I live without friends is a life not lived

6. The greatest of all blessing is a true and faithful friend

7. People say true love is rare to find, true friendship is rarer.

8.The meaning of a true friendship is not in words but its worth

9. Like a soul trapped in two bodies, so is true friendship.

10. True friendship can be likened to books which are few but hand-selected.

A background of a group of friends with the text: "True friendship can be likened to books which are few but hand-selected."

11. Irrespective of our location in the world, it is our friends that make our world.

12. The power of friendship is that it multiplies the good of life and divides the evil in it.

13. The best days come when a true friend is found on that day

14. Like a permanent friendship band, so you have wrapped me around you.

15. A true friend is one who gives a helping hand to a friend in distress

16. That person who knows all the good and bad about you but still loves you is your friend

17. We can be more likened to a small clique because we are more than just friends.

18. We never lose friends in life, we only learn who the true friends are every day.

19. The most important ingredients that make the recipe called life tasty is friendship

20. True friends never judged to themselves rather they judge other people together]

Funny Friendship Status for Facebook

Friendship status for Facebook is all about the fun that comes with it. Below is a list of funny friendship status for Facebook.

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21. Isn’t it funny how we can be all cuddled up this minute and be on each other’s neck the next minute? Well, that’s the beauty of friendship.

22. When I’m with you, time seems to develop a super speed, but the moment you leave, it’s just like time has stopped.

23. Whenever you see me smiling unnecessarily just know that my crazy friend is nearby and behind my smile.

24. Friendship is when you know how crazy the other person can get but you don’t mind getting crazier with them.

25. I would have loved to let you go but now you know way too much about me, we have to stick together forever.

26. A real friend will always see you as a full egg even though they know that you have slight cracks all over you.

27. Life can never be too serious without having someone we can be stupid with sometimes.

28. Everyone finds a friend in the various stages of their lives but only the lucky ones have the same friends throughout all the stages of their lives.

29. True friends will hang on till you succeed and when you do they stay around to help you manage your success.

30. The footprints of a true friend are what can never leave your heart even when many people have walked in and out of your life.

A background of a group of friends with the text: "A single friend who understands your tears is better than a thousand friends who only know your smile."

31. A single friend who understands your tears is better than a thousand friends who only know your smile.

32. A friend is someone that understands your past, believe in the potentials of your future and accepts you the way you are presently.

33. Like a true and are diamond, so is your friendship, I feel blessed to have found a friend as precious as you are.

34. True friends are those people who wouldn’t pick offense when you insult them rather, they will give you a smile and call you names even more offensive than you called them.

35. Important things such as smile, hope, and courage which you must have lost are the thing true friends will help you to find.

36. A friend knows that song in heart and is always ready to sing it back to you when you must have forgotten the words.

37. Best friends are the people who add the extra to your ordinary life.

38. Making a thousand friends in a day is not a miracle, the miracle happens when you have a friend that will stand by you when thousands of odds are against you.

39. Real friends will try to help you up when you are down when they cant, the lay beside you.

40. A true friend will always see the potentials in you and how you are succeeding even when you doubt yourself.

A background of a group of friends with the text: "Like a true and are diamond, so is your friendship, I feel blessed to have found a friend as precious as you are."

41. True friendship entails forgiveness without forgetting the pains, understanding but not agreement and it means a lasting memory even when contact is lost.

42. Finding silver and gold among the rocks of life doesn’t really defines friendship. Friendship means accepting each other as coals and moving along that way until diamonds as formed over time.

43. Words, time and distance are no barriers to true friendship.

44. Friends are those people who find time for you in their busy schedule but true friends are those who see no schedule when you need them around you.

45. A tree can’t make a forest but can start a forest, just as a smile from you started our friendship. One friend like you gives a whole lot of meaning to life. Happy Friendship Day

46. I love my friends not with my heart and minds, but with my soul because the heart may fail and mind may forget but the souls never forget nor fail.

47. Friendship is not all about how good you are in forgetting and listening, but how good you are in forgiving and understanding.

48. Good meals taste sweeter when shared with good friends.

49. When you need a helping hand or when you are in trouble, just call on my number because and your friend.

50. Even when you doubt your abilities, it is only a true friend who will still believe in you.

Best Friends Forever Status for Facebook

The following best friends forever status for Facebook would do a good job of making your best friends even happier that they’re friends with you.

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51. We fight and we make up, we laugh and cry together, we share our best and worst moments together, you are the missing piece I’ve always needed. I just hope we stay best friends forever.

52. If I could rewrite the past, I’ll make sure you remain in it, if I can control the future, I wouldn’t want to miss having you in it, since we’re in the present, I’ll always enjoy every passing day with you in it. Much love from your BFF.

53. From Bestie: Sometimes I wish for great blessings but they come in little package, other times I wish for little blessings but they come in bigger package, however when I was wishing for you, I’d hoped you come in the best package and that’s exactly what I got.

54. If I had seen this coming, I would have been better prepared but I’m still shocked knowing I’ve got a friend as amazing as you. Don’t stop being an amazing BFF so I’ll stay in shock.

55. I don’t know how often it happens in a lifetime but trust me, I believe having you as my best friend is one of the greatest privileges I’ve enjoyed so far.

56. With a sweet little friend by you, the dullest day is brightened up and the sunshine from your friendship lights up the dark clouds. Shine on Bestie!

57. Choosing you as a best friend is one of those things I’ve never regretted doing, spending time with you is one of those things I’ll ever cherish, losing your friendship is one of those things I’ll forever dread.

58. A lot of people talk jewellery and ornaments when talking about treasures, however you are one treasure I’ll always cling on to. Your friendship to me is worth more than a chest full of treasures.

A background of a group of friends with the text: "The most memorable people in life are those who chose to love you even when you weren’t lovable."

59. Most times, the antidote to the worst heartache is just the soothing balm of comforting words from a friend. Best friends are antidotes.

60. There are friends and there is family, some friends have merged the boundary between been friends and family that they can no longer be referred to as friends but as family. You’re no longer a friend, you’ve become family to me.

61. Only your best friends see you different from the way other people see you. No matter how crazy you may be, they won’t mind being seen with you.

62. Yourself and the friendship we share is a dear gift to me. Generously given me, happily accepted by me and deeply appreciated within me.

63. Best friends are people with different nature but with the best understanding of their individual differences.

64. People like you who have accepted to be a true friend to me are the best things in life. Happy friends day

65. The most memorable people in life are those who chose to love you even when you weren’t lovable.

66. A true friend is that person with the ability to see the joy and pain in you even when you are fooling others.

67. A true friend believes that his prayers will strengthen you, his love will bless you and his hope will encourage you to move.

True Friends Status for Facebook

Check out some amazing friendship status for Facebook and true friends status for Facebook below:

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68. True friends are not easy to find, very difficult to leave and impossible to forget in a lifetime.

69. I’ll feel safer and secure if I can walk with a true friend in the dark than walk alone in the day

70. Except you are going down towards doom, a true friend never gets in your way

71. Anyone you are sure will give you ears when you call at any time to laugh, complain, or cry to is a friend

72. One of the most special things God did was blessing me with a friend like you.

73. True friendship like mine and yours is one of the rarest things to find

74. A friend will show up for you when he’d rather be somewhere else for self-pleasure.

75. A good friend will only know all your best stories but it’s only your best friends who are actually part of your stories

76. While some friends find their way into your life for a reason, some are only seasonal friends

77. Only true friends overlook when you couldn’t succeed but tolerate you when you are making progress

A background of a group of friends with the text: "Best friends are the people who see the extra in your ordinary life."

78. Good to know that I have someone somewhere who is always there with a warm hug and various ways of showing care. Happy friends day

79. I call you my best friend because you tolerate me even at my weirdest moment. This I know I can’t try with someone else.

80. Best friends are the people who see the extra in your ordinary life.

81. Looking forward to being best friends even when our faces are wrinkled with sagged skin.

82. True friendship fears no distance but believes that nothing will change even over the widest distance.

83. Having a true friend is like spotting a pink rose out of a trillion red ones

84. I am happy and proud to let you know that your friendship means so much to me. Happy Friendship Day.

85. The least every moment I spend with you is an awesome dream come true. Happy Friendship Day.

86. True friends accept you the way you are and also molds you to become whom you ought to be

87. Even when you are faking a smile for others to applaud, it is only a true friend who can see the tears behind the fake smile.

Friendship Status For Best Friend

Looking for status for best friend in FB? Here are some lovely friendship status for best friends you can post on your friend’s timeline.

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88. A best friend is that person who sticks close to you even when you’re just about to run away from yourself.

89. A best friend is one who deletes bad memories you’ve shared and replays good memories so as to create better memories to be cherished forever.

90. One of the best things everyone has ever wished for is to have someone who’s got their back always. Thanks for having my back always.

91. I don’t care if the whole world is against me, once there’s someone who doesn’t care that everyone is against me, I believe the whole world is with me.

92. People come and go, only best friends leave everlasting footprints on your heart.

A background of a group of friends with the text: "People come and go, only best friends leave everlasting footprints on your heart."

93. Friendship isn’t about how long you’ve known each other, it’s rather about what you’ve done together within the period of knowing each other.

94. If there was a sentence for being crazily funny, I’m sure my best friend would be serving a life term in jail.

95. Looking for a combo of good and bad with a splash of excitement? Look no further because my friend is exactly that.

96. Friendship is having someone you can share your darkest secret with, without the fear of a third party.

97. I promise to be there for you when you fall, not to pick you up but to laugh at you till I fall down with laughter myself.

Friendversary Facebook Status

Looking for the best words to celebrate your friendship anniversary, check out these friendversary Facebook status to celebrate the day you and your bestie officially became friends.

A background of two hands with the text: "If I ever get the chance to choose new friends in the future, I'll choose you over and over again because you've been more than what a friend would ever be to me. Thanks for your friendship!"

98. Looking back at how we started being friends, I just can’t believe our friendship has been able to stand against the raging tides of the world. Happy Friendversary dear!

99. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and we’re still counting, This is an assurance that we still have a long way to go as friends. Thanks for being friends with me.

100. When you find someone who sees all your excesses and still doesn’t see you as a bit less of a wonderful person, you’ve got no choice but to hold on tight to the person because it’s rare to find such people. I love you, friend!

101. Even though we don’t talk every day, it’s enough knowing that whenever we talk, we do it as if we talk every day. Happy Friendaversary to us!

102. If I ever get the chance to choose new friends in the future, I’ll choose you over and over again because you’ve been more than what a friend would ever be to me. Thanks for your friendship!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Friendship Status for Facebook in English

What is a best friend status?

The best friend status is a social media post or update that expresses your appreciation, love, or a special moment shared with your best friend.

How do I write a best friend status?

Write a best friend status by reflecting on the qualities you appreciate in your friend, sharing a fond memory, or expressing gratitude for their friendship. Keep it genuine and personal.

What is the best caption for memories with friends?

Here’s an example of the best caption for memories with friends:

“Cherished moments with my favorite humans. #FriendsForever”

Final Thoughts: Friendship Status for Facebook in English

The list of friendship status for Facebook above is enough to make your friends know you love and appreciate their friendship with you. Have fun uploading these statuses! If you ever have any ideas in mind which are not found on the list, feel free to share them with others!

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