Funny Questions to Ask on Facebook Status

Funny Questions to Ask on Facebook Status

At times you are alone, and you feel like you want to laugh out loud, but nothing is interesting around you. Are you online on Facebook and it seems like everyone is silent or everything around seems too dull? No need to panic, you can make everything come alive by simply posting on your Facebook wall. Mind you a lot of people are online, but they have only decided to stay on a low key, and until a catalyst reacts on them to speed up the clown in them, they will remain like that.

So, one of the ways to achieve this is by asking a funny question on your Facebook wall; these questions can cover any aspect of life. Never think that because it is funny, then it is useless. It can be funny and educative, leading to more interesting and longer talks that are enjoyable. Just wait for funny comments and brighten up your day, together with your friends’ day.

Here are tips on some funny questions you can ask on Facebook that might lead to greater conversations. Feel free to pick any of them and enjoy

Fun Questions to ask on Facebook

1. If you saw me in a police station, what would cross your mind first as my offense?

2. What can I do to be rich within 24hours without sweat?

3. If I had to say yes to every question you are to ask me, what would it be?

4. When I was young I do think that the moon was following me, who is in my shoe, let us know ourselves?

5. What is that thing that makes you have a rethink whenever you are going to a mini-mart to get it?

6. Which of your body part do you feel like detaching and what your reason?

7. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

8. You are beside your crush on the bus, and you want to fart, you are certain it’s going to be a loud one, what would you do?

9. If you are to ask me one stupid question, what would it be?

10. If you love someone and all you have ever heard about them is bad, would you ever go ahead to tell them how you feel?

11. If you were to be Adam, and God asks you to name the animals, what name would you have given to monkeys?

12. How did you feel when you realized you sent a text to the wrong person?

13. If you were made to be the president of your country for a day, what would you change about your country?

14. What would you turn me to, if you are to turn me to anything that pleases you?

15. If you can touch any part of my body, which would you want to touch again and again?

16. You were allowed to change something about yourself; what would that be?

17. When you were young, you had a dream of becoming something when you grow up, is it still visible?

18. If you were given a huge sum to build something, what would you build first?

19. If you were to eat one particular food for the rest of your life, what would that be?

20. Hi, my name is wealth and here is my friend no sex; you have the opportunity to choose one of us, which would you choose?

Questions for Facebook Status

21. If you were a fart, would you rather be the loud type without a deadly smell or the silent and deadly type?

22. If you are to ask me one question and I am ready to give you an honest answer what would you ask me?

23. Which of your body part do you love most and why?

24. What question have you asked someone and personally you know it is weird, but there was no choice than to ask?

25. What sex style will a lady give you that will make you call her back?

26. Do you have a question you would love to answer but no one has ever asked you?

27. Can you stay with your spouse in the toilet while they are defecating?

28. Can you share your toothbrush with your lover? If no, why?

29. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

30. Tell me three things you did as a child, and now as an adult, you wish you can still do them.

31. What is that thing you always get punished for as a child?

32. Name that product you love so much, and you would gladly become their ambassador if asked to do so.

33. Do you love the name you bear to the extent that if you were allowed to choose another name for yourself, you would not?

34. How would you feel if you were to talk about your sex life in public?

35. I am in love with my father’s best friend, how do I talk to him about it?

36. If your mum caught you having sex with your girlfriend in your own house, what would you do that very moment?

37. If your dog had it puppies on your birthday, would you love to celebrate with them on your next birthday?

38. What inanimate object would you like to eliminate from existence?

39. What are those things you think you can occasionally do, but you cannot do them every day?

40. If arrested with no explanation, what would your family and friends think your offense is before hearing the explanation?

Funny Facebook Questions

41. What would be the worst “buy one and get one free” sales of all times?

42. What would you think of me, if on our first date we had sex?

43. Do you think it is right to kiss on a first date?

44. Have you ever told your deepest secret to anyone and they later told someone who later came to tell you?

45. What is the silliest thing that anyone has done to you, that made you cry?

46. If using the toilet is a crime, what would have been your most preferred means of defecating?

47. This thing called kiss, who have experienced it before? Can you please tell me how it feels like to kiss someone you are in love with and the person you don’t love at all?

48. Short people, men especially, is it true that you always feel like putting on the high heel as well?

49. If I allow you to ask me one question that you have wanted to ask, what would that be?

50. I have been dating a girl, and she refuses to introduce me to any of her family members and friend, do you think impregnating her would make them come to introduce themselves?

51. If you are trapped in a room for one month, what or who would you prefer to be with?

52. If I had to say yes to every question you ask, what would you ask me?

53. What nickname would you be willing to give me?

54. Who owns the boobs of the woman, is it her child or her husband?

55. Who are those that get pregnant and doesn’t know that they are pregnant?

56. Who else thinks that the sun that shines in the day time dissolves to become the moon and that the stars are the children?

57. Neglecting the part of big boobs, big ass, sexy body, and beautiful face, what else will you date a lady for?

58. My ex is getting married in 3days time, and I have decided not to eat till the wedding day because I plan to eat all my investment on her that day, do you think my idea is bad?

59. If you see a strong person break down and cry, does it make them weak?

60. Give me a reason to love you?

61. What if that your boyfriend or girlfriend is a ghost and you realized you have been fucking a ghost, what would you do?

62. What is the difference between I love you and I like you?

63. The bible says, if someone slaps your right ear you should turn your left ear as well to the person, and I realized that you are that kind of person, can I slap your right ear, please?

64. There are times you think it is fart and you find out that you have defecated on your body, it’s always little but if this happens to you in public what would you do, especially if you are on a white dress?

65. What kind of sickness have you lied about all because you want to miss work?

66. If you would wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else who would you pick and what would you do?

67. If you could be any age for 5years, what age would you want to hold on to?

68. What do you constantly think about that makes you sad?

69. If you had a brainwashing machine, who would you use it for?

70. What is the weirdest prank that has been played on you before?

71. My boss thinks I am a fool and so yesterday he sent me to buy 2kg of sugar, but I found the only 1kg at the shop, so I did not buy it. I went back to the office and told him that they only had 1kg. He was very pissed at me and asked why I didn’t use my brain and buy two 1kg packs to make a total of 2kg. Today he sent me to buy a pair of size6 slippers, but I found size3. This time I used my brain and bought two pairs of size3 to make size6. I took them to him, and he told me to wait outside, with the look on his face. I am so sure that he is angry, please what exactly did I do wrong?

Picking any of the above questions, you must be creative with it and make yourself happy when you see others happy. All the best.

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