Bad Girl Status for Whatsapp: Incredible Bad Girl Attitude Statuses

Looking for those words to show your bad attitude as a girl? Well, look no further because this is the right place for you to check.

Below is a list of quotes you can upload as a bad girl on your WhatsApp status and trust me, they are incredible:

Bad Girl Status for Whatsapp

1. Bad girls are everywhere; good girls are nowhere.

2. I don’t give a fuck if you’re fucking around, just don’t come fucking near me or fucking with me.

3. If only good girls knew what they’re missing been good, they would end up being bad.

4. I have my good side and at the same time bad side, it depends on the side of me you want to see.

5. Most times I want to be good, but my mouth won’t just cooperate with me, because it ends up saying the
bad things I have on my mind.

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6. Being a bad girl isn’t so bad until you hit someone ‘badder‘ than you.

7. If you’ve got a problem with my attitude, then you have to fix your attitude; first, cos your attitude got a problem for having a problem with my attitude.

8. People think I’m bad because I’ve stopped being the dummy they expect me to be.

9. I love the feeling that comes from knowing people have said a lot of bad things about me but showing them that I really don’t care.

10. If you keep on sharing your mind on every issue you come across. You’ll end up having no mind to share again.

Bad Girl Attitude Status for Whatsapp

11. I keep to myself mostly because I know people can’t stand my awesomeness, and those that can hold it are also busy keeping to themselves.

12. When I choose to stay mute, people think it’s because I don’t know what to say, but it’s really because I am afraid of what I might say.

13. I don’t fear monsters any more cos I’ve seen creatures worse than monsters-Humans.

14. I never said I was a good girl; you simply misinterpreted my intentions.

15. No matter how bad you are, there is someone out there waiting to have a crazy time with you!

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16. If you call being bad doing everything I can to survive and stay alive, then I am really a bad girl.

17. What’s the definition of being bad? It is merely being Bold and Daring.

18. How I live my life? I live my life to suit my happiness; what you think about how I live my life? It’s really none of my business.

19. Not all bad girls are bad, and not all good girls are good, it all depends on your attitude towards them.

20. I don’t care if we talk or don’t talk if I see you in a funny situation, I will make sure I laugh so hard cos I wouldn’t let you hold me back from my happiness just because you’re an asshole.

21. If you think I’m a bad girl, then so be it, I’m too lazy to prove anyone wrong or right.

Trust you’ve had your fill of what you can put on your WhatsApp status as a bad girl. Have fun uploading as many as you want.

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