Facebook Wedding Status and Wishes

Facebook Wedding Status and Wishes

The ecstatic feeling attached to tying the knot with that lady your heart beats for, can’t be juxtaposed with most feelings — it’s really a special feeling.

The day of the wedding will always stand as one of the memorable days in their lives. A marriage is a lifelong relationship between two parties, and as it’s a lifelong relationship, it’s necessary that one has to try as much as possible to make a good choice, though no one is perfect.

Now, after the wedding, it’s something one can correctly guess, that people will surely send in wishes and farewell messages. Some might be saying, but how do I package an awesome message to send to my friend, brother/sister who just got married? That’s the crux of this article, we’ve compiled several messages to help you create something spectacular; you can as well copy and use them the way they are.

Have you experienced that moment you write words, discover that it’s not worth it, click the wipe button, go over that same process over and over again?

Stick to your screen, because if that’s what you’re facing or even something similar, you’re in the right place. Let’s disclose those messages to you, which will do the magic.

Wedding Status for Facebook

  • The bond of your Love shall not go weary, instead, it shall grow from strength to strength. God bless your marriage.
  • Good can’t be used to describe you both, you both are more than adorable. All the best wishes as you turn one flesh. Congratulations!
  • This remarkable day, we wish you a happy married life, all your wishes shall come true. May the marriage be a lasting one. Amen!
  • Congratulations! Tying the knot with the right person is a thing of great Joy, I know you have found that right one. You both look stunning indeed. I wish you a special married life.
  • Marriage isn’t something you rush into, you must take your time before taking the bold step. You two have taken that bold step. May you never take any step backward, instead of numerous steps forward.
  • I wish you a fabulous life together; all things shall work out for your good. May your marriage be blessed. AMEN!
  • As you tie the knot today, I have advice for the two of you: stay married. Have a happy married life.
  • The married life is like a dangerous world — welcome to it. It’s actually too late to go back, now you’ve found yourself in that world. Have a splendid journey.
  • You should know that weddings are not for people who are faint-hearted. Just ask my manager. Have a blissful day.
  • The love stories, which are true, never have an end. I wish you a happy married life and may there be many more joyous, happy and wonderful chapters in this story two of you have started.
  • Yes! I’m sending you one of the warmest wishes out there as you tie the knot with your soul mate, and I wish the both of you peace, prosperity, joy and all good things of life, in your union. God bless your marriage.
  • In days of lack, and in days of plenty; in days of health and in days of sickness — the two of you make a splendid couple.
  • A Big congratulations to you on finding your true love. Make sure you accept each other’s weakness; ensure you forgive each other; make sure you lean on each other’s strength — Happy Married Life.
  • As you begin on a clean slate, may every single day hold remarkable experiences.
  • You are so adorable and special, and you’re just as special as the love you share. Have the best years together.
  • Marriage is a lifetime union, and it’s essential that you search carefully for that one you’re spending it with. Seeing both of you, I don’t have any other explanation of an awesome marriage.
  • We don’t have silver, we don’t have gold, neither do we have bronze, but what we have is love from us to you two. We pray that your days shall be merry and bright. Enjoy your union.
  • At last, the special day you’ve been waiting for has come; make the very best out of this day, and also make it a blast. I wish you greater achievements as you take a step on this journey. Happy Married Life!
  • I pray for you a lovely life as you move down the road to a wonderful union. I am very much delighted for you.
  • The wedding ceremony happens within just a day, but the married life of you both lasts for a lifetime. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest.
  • If I want to talk about this marriage, using the word “beautiful” will limit the explanation of how mind-blowing this marriage is. I can’t find the right words, but know that my heart has it. Enjoy your days together.

Pre Wedding Status for Facebook

Having given you 20+ messages for Facebook wedding status and wishes, we are here once again to disclose to you pre wedding status for Facebook. You really don’t have to wait until your friend is married before you click the send button for a status to that friend.

There’s something called “Pre-wedding Status” and that’s what you’ll be seeing before you in a few seconds. Still there? Let’s proceed.

The good news is, we have made it in such a way that you can bring out something unique from it.

Let’s go!

  • Once in seconds, days, weeks as the case may be; right amidst an ordinary life, love presents before us an awesome fairy tale.
  • A marriage, which is successful, requires both parties falling in love a lot of times with themselves.
  • I’m far better than I was, I’m, very much, more than I am, and all this became possible ever since I held your hands.
  • Wherever love is present, everyone involved becomes a poet.
  • Let me tell you a story, there was a boy who had all his love on a girl, and her beautiful laughter stood as a question, which he wished to spend the rest of his life answering.
  • Marriage gives you permission to annoy just a special person for all the days of your life.
  • We had doubts about this, but those doubts got lifted when we read all about the tax breaks.
  • People spoke of the fact that marriages are made in heaven. But, they should also know that thunder and lightning, too, comes from there — heaven.
  • My husband has to shed tears when he sees me walking down the aisle, if he doesn’t, I guess I have to go over it again.
  • You better start taking bottles now; from here, it only gets worse.
  • Happiness can be defined as anything and anyone, which is loved just by you.
  • That moment you come into realization that you want to live all the days of your life with someone, you just can’t wait for that “rest of your life” to start.
  • We may not really have it all together; but in togetherness, we have it all.
  • I only wish your love for each other will stay forever without any obstruction — in the joyous moments and the tough times, too.
  • I pray that the good times and desired treasures of the earth shall always be around you.
  • The both of you are just two good, I wish you all the best as you set to become one flesh. God bless you.
  • May the bond that makes the love going never get weary. Always have faith, keep the love, and be caring.
  • The really best part of life is sharing all part of yourself with that person you love so much.
  • As you anticipate your wedding day, I wish you joy, peace, multiplied grace, love just like the sky the free sky.
  • It’s been great seeing you both grow into beautiful and handsome persons, as you prepare yourself for that day, I wish you all the very best!

Got Married Status for Facebook

Here is the list of got married status for Facebook, which you can use to wish the newly wedded couple, immediately they start watching their phones again.

With these, you won’t spend any second of your time searching for that right words to use, because you can copy and paste these ones or you use them to gain ideas for your unique got married status for fb timeline.

With no further ado, let’s move on.

Here are the messages just for you:

  • You have to paste this truth in your heart that: love is moral, even though it comes it no legal marriage; also know it that marriage is immoral without love.
  • Are you trying to know the secret of a happy marriage? Well, that secret remains a secret.
  • What I wish for you is that: misfortune, misunderstanding, and quarrel will never get to your heart making you react unnecessarily. Have a lifelong successful journey together.
  • In case you don’t know, the dawn of marriage is love and the sunset of love is marriage.
  • The most wonderful achievements I’ve gotten — yes! it’s the most wonderful — is the ability of mine to convince and persuade the love of my life into marrying me.
  • It’s only in the dictionary that you have divorce come before marriage.
  • You should know this: the most essential four words, which adds to igniting a successful marriage, is, “I’ll do the dishes.”
  • When the two parties in a marriage are people who forgive, it makes a happy marriage.
  • Do this, if you want your wife to listen to you; just start speaking to another woman.
  • Marriage is the two persons involved for themselves, and two of them against the world. YES!
  • Whenever people ask me what I love about my home, I tell them that: the top on the chart of the things I love about my home is the person I spend it with.
  • Yes! The special practice of becoming passionate friends with the one you love and cherish is termed marriage. This is of the rephrased words said by Harville Hendrix.
  • It’s better to have a broken engagement than enter into a marriage and have a broken marriage.
  • I desire my very first marriage to be my only marriage in life.
  • The marriage you hear of is also about give and take. You just have to give it to her, or she’ll take it by herself.

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