Powerful MFM Prayers for New Born Baby

Mountain of Fire Ministries popularly known as MFM is a Pentecostal denomination. Like every other Pentecostal, MFM shares similar attributes. They believe in the bible saying that children are a gift from God. Jesus loves children for their innocence and simple, trusting hearts. He (Jesus) presented children as a model for the kind of faith adult followed to have. Thus, the faith of MFM believers of a newborn baby is through Child Dedication.

MFM further stress that giving a dedication to a child provides an opportunity for the mother and Father to present their child to God and ask for his grace and wisdom. Below is the list of prayers to say during child dedication in MFM to be precise:

MFM Prayers for New Born Baby

Prayer #1
Father, i thank you for the gift of life upon this child, i thank you because you can give that which is committed to your hands to the end. I, therefore, ask for your divine protection and guidance be upon this child till the end.

Prayer #2
To this child hear the voice of Lord: God has created you to do some great services, God has committed into your hands some assignment which he has not committed to somebody else, you shall do good, you shall do his work, you shall be an agent of peace.

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Prayer #3
Bless this baby, Lord. Place a shield of protection around his/her little body and guard him/her as it grows. Keep him/her safe and healthy, Lord.

Prayer 4#
God almighty, i pray you to help this dear one to know he/she is deeply and wholly and forever loved – first by you, and then by so many of us.

Prayer #5
Thank you, Lord, that you have scheduled every day of this baby life and i praise and thank you for the unique plans and purposes you have for this newborn child.

Prayer #6
Our Father in heaven i pray your loving protection over this baby and the parent and pray that may him/her be brought up to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

Prayer #7
Lord guard and protect, guide and provide for this innocent baby and protect his/her hearts and minds from the society that has grown far from the God who created them and sent his son to die so that he/she might have life.

Prayer #8
Lord, I, thank you for this precious blessing. There seems to be no more fabulous physical gift than this sweet bundle of joy, sent straight from you. Help this child to grow in your ways throughout his entire life on earth.

Prayer #9
Lord, it is my desire to dedicate this treasured child back to you, just as Hannah brought her Samuel to give him back into your safe-keeping. Keep me from possessiveness and prevent me from clinging too tightly to this little life, but may I give him/her the freedom to grow without neglecting the responsibilities of parenthood.

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Prayer #10
Lord give me godly wisdom as I bring up this little one and I pray that he/she will grow up into a great man of God and that one day you would specially use him/her to bring glory to Your name.

Prayer #11
God keep this baby from all harm and danger and help me to train him/her in all wisdom and grace so that he/she may follow the path of true righteousness.

Prayer #12
I pray that this baby of mine may come to trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour and that he/she will grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus for to know you is life eternal.

Prayer #13
God help me to keep this baby from the temptations of this life and protect him/her from the influences of this world system, which can so easily shipwreck the pure faith of a young and trusting child.

Prayer #14
Just as the Lord Jesus grew in knowledge and wisdom and in favour with God and man I pray that in a small way, my child will grow in godly wisdom and find favour in your sight Lord.

Prayer #15
To this child, i pray that the enemy shall not outwit you. The Lord shall anoint you with the oil of gladness above your fellows. Anywhere you go, you shall standout.

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Prayer #16
I Pray that the good Lord will make his face to shine upon you always, and he shall be gracious unto you.

Prayer #17
This baby shall be excellent of dignity, the excellency of power, he/she shall not be a deficit unto the world.

Prayer #18
I degree upon this child, you shall excel, and no one shall degrade you. You shall not die a grievous death; neither shall you be an adult that can not fulfill his years.

Prayer #19
God, any evil power that wants to use this child as a source of pain or sorrow to me, Lord God, destroy them by fire.

Prayer #20
Father Lord, connect this baby with those that matter to his/her upliftment.

It is no doubts, MFM believe in prayers, to them, prayer is a means of communicating with God. Dedicating a child to God is important in MFM. They believe it brings the child to unionism with God. Also, every gift from the Father is first presented to the Father through prayers.

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