Happy Anniversary Facebook Status Ideas

Happy Anniversary Facebook Status Ideas

You could remember that some good news came up this time last year, either a baby was added to the family, marriage, birthday, or you graduated from school. Congrats! That’s a good one. We would always love to remember them. That’s an anniversary, and we would love to celebrate them too.

Of all the anniversary celebration, a wedding is quite common as it is used by couples to remember the very day they became joined to each other. Sometimes, it could remind her of the day you proposed or even the day you met for the first time.

Notwithstanding, what follows this memory is joy and sober reflection on these events that have made an indelible mark in our lives.

You are not sure the best way to present the news to reflect your deepest feeling. Here is a list of perfect quotes and lines that will interest you. Let’s move on.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Ideas

1. The day that brought happiness into my life and changed it forever is the day that I proposed to you.

2. Days, months and years have passed but I’m still with you, and my love has never changed. I’m here with you.

3. I would find you sooner only to love you longer if I had my life to live over again. Happy anniversary to our life together.

4. Though I can’t really remember every moment, the day is here again when I first looked into your eyes and found love. Happy anniversary my Darling.

5. I don’t say it out of habit when I say I love you. It is only to remind you that you remain the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy anniversary to us!

6. I feel so wonderful each day knowing that you are in all my tomorrow.

7. My love for you is more than life, and I will always remain with you. Happy anniversary sweetheart!

8. From the very start, it was clear that you and I are meant to be and will never part. Happy anniversary to us!

9. My love for you grows with each day that comes and goes. I wish you a happy anniversary my love!

10. I don’t think anyone else in this world will understand me the way you do or understand our relationship. Happy anniversary my dearest!

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11. By loving me the way you do, you’ve succeeded in making me the best I could ever be. Thanks for being there for me all the way. Happy anniversary.

12. Happiness and love abound from the very moment I married you, my dear wife. I remain grateful for the joy you’ve brought into my life. Happy anniversary!

13. It’s been ten years now since we got together. Our love keeps waxing stronger by the day. Thanks for coming into my life. I will always love you, my dear. Happy anniversary.

14. Today is exactly one year that I got married to the only one I love. I will remain with you forever. Happy anniversary.

15. I already knew we were meant to be together from the very first time we met. We are together and will remain that way. Happy anniversary to you my love.

16. It’s already a year now, and we have forever to go now. Happy anniversary to us!

17. You can’t find love by passionately wishing for it or looking for it. It is some kind of divine accident and the most precious thing you can actually think of in life.

18. To the most amazing man, I have ever known, happy anniversary. I can’t stop thanking you for loving me. I love you too.

19. The true definition of riches is not what you have, what you do or where you go in life. It is actually what you have by your side. I remain blessed to have walked the aisle. I love you, my dear.

20. We do have each other even though we seem not to have wealth. But I think what we have is worth more than anything else in this life.

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My Wedding Anniversary Status

21. Like a spark, love starts in just a moment; it grows with time and lasts for eternity. The description of my love for you. Happy anniversary.

22. My warm wishes to you both on this special anniversary.

23. Happy anniversary to the only person I will forever remember even when I’m too old to know what I want you for.

24. It’s exactly one year today since you came into my life and turned it around for good. I can’t imagine what my life would have been without you. I remain grateful, my love.

25. The true definition of marriage anniversary is the celebration of tenacity, tolerance, partnership, trust, and love. Though the order varies with every given year that passes by.

26. The sparkle in your eyes still shines so brighter than ever though we have changed over the years. My love for you grows even stronger.

27. Knowing for sure that you will always be in my tomorrow has already made you today blissful. Happy anniversary.

28. Our anniversary is close my love, and it seems that we met just yesterday. That’s the feeling I still get in my heart each time I set my eyes on you. I will love you forever.

29. When you have someone who is willing to walk you through life no matter the circumstance, then you should count yourself as lucky. You have one already. Happy anniversary.

30. Joy to fill the home you share, peace to fill your spirits, bliss to fill your souls. All these are my wishes to you as you go through life’s sweetest moments. Your union. Happy anniversary.

31. A perfect marriage is nothing but having someone in your heart, and by your side to make the hard times easier, the good times better and life sweeter than it is. I love you dear!

32. I can’t just imagine a life without you. Our memories together will live forever. Happy anniversary.

33. To the latest couple, may your anniversary be filled with love. May it be grand!

34. On this special day, we look back on those good times together while envisaging our dreams together. Happy anniversary!

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35. Your devotion and love keep growing stronger as you age. You are perfect together. Happy anniversary.

36. May you keep aging with blessings, more love, and happiness. This is my warm wishes to you. Happy anniversary.

37. No doubt, the ‘for better or worse’ vow is working for you two. I wish you lots of better years ahead. Happy anniversary!

38. You two are meant to be together. It’s glaring. Happy anniversary.

39. Happy anniversary. May your union be blessed with joy, and love all the years of your life.

40. Greatest anniversary to the greatest people.

Happy Anniversary Status for Couples

41. I have been fixing the puzzle of my life all this while. Just last year, I got to know that the last piece is you. Happy anniversary my love!

42. It’s already a year. We’ve got forever to go. Happy anniversary to us!

43. You deserve a trophy instead of a card for another year of putting up with me. Happy anniversary to us!

44. I’m lucky to have found a rare gem. You are just one of a kind. I love you. Happy anniversary!

45. It looks as if we get better as the years go by. My greatest joy is that I got married to you. Happy anniversary to us!

46. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life by your side. I will love you forever. Happy anniversary!

47. So far, we’ve had lots of memories together. Let’s toast to our union. Happy anniversary.

48. To the one, I will love forever, Happy anniversary. I can’t get tired of you even when I’ve grown so old, and everything becomes tasteless.

49. In the next life, I would find you sooner to love you longer. You are my life. Happy anniversary to our union!

50. They said we weren’t going to last this long. But I’m delighted we proved them wrong. Happy anniversary honey.

51. It seems you are getting younger and more beautiful just as the days keep coming. I will love you forever. Happy anniversary!

52. I got to know that we were meant to be together from the very first time I met you. We will always stay together; that’s how God made it be. Happy anniversary my love!

53. The perfect time to look back at the good old days and look ahead to live our dreams is this anniversary. I love you dear!

54. Looks fade, sexiness wears off after a while, but the real treat comes from being married to a man who makes you smile every day. Happy anniversary dear!

With these anniversary statuses, you are sure to have plenty of ideas from the simple anniversary wishes to perfect tributes. We hope you will find the inspiration you actually need to express how you feel about your loved one on his/her special anniversary. Enjoy!

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