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In humanity, there’s one element which can never be missing no matter the conflict, and disagreement: that element is Love. With love, that inner part of the heart, where people guide cautiously, can be reached without further element. There’s no man or woman on Earth who doesn’t want to be shown love, their attitude may show rigidity in heart, but deep down in their hearts, there’s a weak spot for love.

Now, the display of love doesn’t only take effect through actions, it can also be felt when the right words to depict love are carefully constructed. A certain lady was fond of putting together words to issue out love, she was so serious about it that she posted it in all her social media platforms, it wasn’t long she found her husband right on Facebook. So, you see, posts, which has love evaporating from it, has positive impact in people who read them.

You may be looking for the right words to portray such, but they seem not to be within your reach. If you are reading this, you are at the right place, because after this post, you will find the right words for Facebook status about love to portray love either by the ideas you will get, or the posts you will see.

Still following? Let’s proceed.

Below are the posts you need:

Awesome Status for Facebook About Love
  • There’s one feeling that’s out of this world. Can you guess the feeling? Let me help! That feeling you get when he’s already staring the moment you look at him. That really is one of the best feelings.
  • I so much love it when I receive those messages, texts which make me get smiles all over my face. Even though I get to read those messages countless times, each time I do, I still have the smiles on my face.
  • I do one crazy thing, I find it really crazy how I unconsciously smile whenever I get to talk to you. I keep wondering what exactly is happening.
  • I’m sure if you have a little idea of how much I like you, you’ll have your jaw dropped. I really do like you.
  • Let me tell you a little secret: I’m saving an executive seat for you in my future. But, that only will be possible, if you choose to be part of the lovely journey.
  • There’s a part of you that you really don’t want to give to anybody. Do you know what? That’s the part of you I’m in need of. I won’t rest until I have it.
  • Instead of me to kiss anyone else, or even try to kiss anyone else, I would rather involve in an argument with you.
  • There’s another way we can light up fires at night, and that way is using what I feel about you. It’s burning!
  • A relationship is regarded to be the best when it doesn’t only have people in it as lovers, but it also has people in it as best friends at the same time.
  • No matter the struggles, the setbacks and fights which we observe, I only strongly hope it’s just two of us in the end — that’s you and me.

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Romantic Love Status for Facebook
  • Everywhere I set my eyes on, from the grasses to houses, to the beauty in the skies and whatnot; it’s you who come to my mind, because you are my world.
  • In secondary schools, we have courses like: Chemistry, Physics, Biology amongst others; in universities, we have courses like: Mechanical engineering, Computer Science, Banking and Finance amongst others; all these can be thoroughly explained, but when it comes to love, it’s defined as just love, it can’t be explained at all.
  • Anywhere there’s real love, there’s refreshing life, because love makes life worth it.
  • I don’t know what’s happening to me, I think I need help, whenever I am told to spell love, I find myself spelling your name. I think I’m sick in love.
  • You know a little Baby, right? You know how gentle you really have to treat that baby, right? That’s how love is, love is very tender like a baby, and need to be treated with sheer gentleness.
  • There’s one valid reason I love my life, and that reason is because my life is you.
  • Don’t be scared, there’s no rent attached; come and live in my heart, it’s always open for you. Whenever you come, it’s just wide open, but restricted to others.
  • Real love is obvious when you try so hard to be with someone, even when circumstances, everybody, and everything is pulling you back. You just have strength to bypass all those hindrance, because you are after love. That’s real love.
Beautiful Facebook Status About Love
  • A real man is known by his honour and respect for love, and his faithfulness to just one woman. Being unfaithful with other women doesn’t show any of the attributes of a real man.
  • You don’t identify real love through dinner with candle sticks around, walk around the beach, or romance; real love is identified through display of care, trust, respect and compromise. These are the core things that are found in real love.
  • In love, you really have to follow one thing, and that’s your heart, but while following your heart don’t forget to take your brain with you.
  • The days I couldn’t love myself, the days I felt bad about myself, the days I never believed that anyone could still come around, that’s when you came in and loved me. This is the reason I fell deeply in love with you.
  • Love is mostly described to be something which finds you, and not the other way round — something you find.
  • It’s completely obvious that my life didn’t begin with you, we didn’t know each other in our mother’s womb, but on the top of my wish list is that, I be with you from now till either eternity or death tears us apart.
  • I can’t be jealous, neither can I be proud, because I’m fully aware that love isn’t boastful and love isn’t loud.
  • In mathematics, we’re always taught about x, how x can be added to y to get results. But, as it concerns me and you, the mathematics should be: I + U = Love. No further explanation, I’m sure it’s very clear.

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  • Real love isn’t concerned with body type, hair style, looks, lifestyle or pocket size; real love is very much concerned with, and only cares about, what’s bestowed inside.
  • Due to how busy I can get, I may not get to always contact you, but I want you to know that our distance makes me miss you more.
  • I know lately I haven’t been in touch as often as it used to be, but I assure you that I still strongly care about you.
  • Do you know what? Through your actions and your words, I am comfortably wearing the smile which you gave me.
  • Whenever you show fear of falling, just remember that I’ll always be here to catch you.
  • The definition of love isn’t really about how many years, months you’ve been at each other’s side, it’s fully about the amount of love shown by each person on a daily basis.
  • People recount the year, month when they fell in love, but over here, I fall in love over and over again whenever I see you.

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