How to Describe Yourself in Three Words [Best Answer]

How to Describe Yourself in Three Words

There will always be a question directed to you which requires you to answer sincerely and authentically describing yourself. You don’t have to panic or say you don’t know what to say. Your response to the question, ‘’describe yourself in three words” should be concise, and you can practice on what to respond but be certain it doesn’t sound rehearsed.

Also, even though we have some answers laid out below, you should endeavor to approach answers candidly and honestly when describing yourself as you know “realness’’ is essential.

When we are conversing, we feel questions like, “what’s good about you” is daring to ask a person. So, we tend to list our failings and faults to feel pretty good. It’s even more vital for you to take this exercise if this pictures you. As you know, words have powers, even if you feel uncomfortable coming up with a list of your best traits, just do it and believing in them is going to be easy. This exercise will help you build confidence both in your personal life and career.

With the words here, you can pick and ponder on situations or experiences from your life that demonstrate that quality.

Best Answer to Describe Yourself in 3 Words

1. I am Innovative

2. I am Smart

3. I am Alert

4. I am Anticipative

5. I am Benevolent

6. I am Charismatic

7. I am Captivating

8. I am Cultured

9. I am Decent

10. I am Dignified

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11. I am Discreet

12. I am Eloquent

13. I am Energetic

14. I am Farsighted

15. I am Freethinking

16. I am Hearty

17. I am Gallant

18. I am Meticulous

19. I am Liberal

20. I am Playful

21. I am Relaxed

22. I am Seraphic

23. I am Self-sufficient

24. I am Perfectionist

25. I am Wonderful

26. I am Seraphic

27. I am Thorough

28. I am Simple

29. I am Well-read

30. I am Youthful

31. I am Venturesome

32. I am Winning

33. I am Scrupulous

34. I am organized

36. I am Weird

37. I am Sentimental

38. I am Vivacious

39. I am Upright

40. I am Dogmatic

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41. I am Amusing

42. I am Attentive

43. I am Considerate

44. I am Joyous

45. I am Sane

46. I am Selfless

47. I am Sexy

48. I am Adventurous

49. I am Ebullient

50. I am Dutiful

51. I am Inoffensive

52. I am Impressive

53. I am Good-natured

54. I am humorous

55. I am Rustic

56. I am Principled

57. I am Providential

58. I am Lyrical

59. I am Many-sided

60. I am Leisurely

61. I am Purposeful

62. I am Rational

63. I am Painstaking

64.I am Multi-leveled

65. I am Invulnerable

66. I am Helpful

67. I am felicific

68. I am Exciting

69. I am Conciliatory

70. I am Contemplative

71. I am Accessible

72. I am All centric

73. I am adaptable

74. I am Provident

75. I am Exhilarating

76. I am Conscientious

77. I am Loving

78. I am Skillful

79. I am Poise

80. I am Go-getter

81. I am Prolocutor

82. I am Tactful

83. I am Pioneer

84. I am Extrovert

85. I am Tolerant

86. Peacemaker

87. I am Choosy

88. I am Amazing

89. I am Optimistic

90. I am Accomplished

91. I am Adept

92. I am Articulate

93. I am Artistic

94. I am Self-Disciplined

95. I am Controversial

96. I am Individual

97. I am witty

98. I am Reflective

99. I am Participatory

100. I am Unselfish

101. I am Sophisticated

102. I am Committed

103. I am Strong

104. I am Successful

105. I am Talented

106. I am a Team player

107. I am Fun-filled

108. I am Intelligent

109. I am Changeable

110. I am light-hearted

111. I am Intense

112. I am Intuitive

113. I am Upbeat

114. I am Vibrant

115. I am Funny

116. I am Spirited

117. I am Constructive

118. I am Hard-Working

119. I am Dependable

120. I am Direct

121. I am Collaborative

122. I am Loyal

123. I am Engaged

124. I am Empathetic

125. I am Thoughtful

126. I am Precise

127. I am Conformable

128. I am Easy going

129. I am Commendable

130. I am Friendly

131. I am Favored

132. I am Real

133. I am Operational

134. I am Passionate

135. I am Cheerful

136. I am communal

137. I am sympathetic

138. I am diligent

139. I am unreserved

140. I am analytical

141. I am outspoken

142. I am methodical

143. I am lain

144. I am curious

145. I am ambitious

146. I am confident

147. I am energetic

148. I am devoted

149. I am unrelenting

150. I am responsible

151. I am observant

152. I am trustworthy

153. I am reliable

Furthermore, in seminars and training programs about developing self-esteem and confidence, I have noticed when people are asked to describe themselves in not less than three words, everywhere suddenly becomes quiet. Most common responses gotten are usually, “I don’t know”. You should know in every sales interview session, “How would you describe yourself” is one of the questions you can’t escape from the interviewer. Though the importance of this question is overlooked by job seekers while it is something to be anticipated and practiced, hence, the right answers are not taken time to be formulated.

List of Words to Describe Yourself

For your interview, you can practice the below answers;

1. Positive-starter

I’m a person who can handle demanding tasks and thinks positively. In an autonomous manner, the best ways to solve a problem can be figured by me. In order words, when a task is given, I’m an individual who needs not to be micro-managed.

2. Leadership

Rather than a situation controls me, I’m always ready to control the situation.

3. Pragmatic and result oriented

A need for results to be produced is what I have. I can’t allow challenges to be swept under the rug or hoe they go away; I’m that person that head-on meets challenges. I’m realistic about the current situation while I’m also optimistic about how satisfactory the condition is.

4. Self-Determined

I’m determined to have a successful career and also to do well in my job as well as make the company I work for more competitive because I’m someone who has an unwavering resolve.

5. Customer focused

I believe and practice a consultative selling style where I’m concerned with meeting up the client’s requirement by asking questions consistently pertaining to the client’s need and making sure to uncover what the client truly wants.

6. Revenue generator

In producing yields, I’m confident in my abilities. So, I do the work necessary to tilt the odds that the best will happen while I prepare for the worst.

7. Vision for success

I look forward to working for a successful company with a vision and strong leadership and who not only recognizes it but also rewards performers.

8. Goal Oriented

I’m a hard working person, and I consistently set firm goals for myself even though I’m modest. I take the necessary steps once I’ve defined the benchmarks, I further achieve those milestones.

9. Top Performer

Based on the company’s execution plans, I prefer being judged by individual performance, and I want to be rewarded by my effort.

10. Driven to Excellence

I would describe myself as a person who has consistently exceeded my employer’s marks because I do meet up and surpasses my employer’s expectations.

11. Growth and Development

I take it as my job to consistently grow myself, and I’m a person who takes my time to continually learn even though it’s not directly needed in my job. I believe what you study both indirectly and directly relates and can give you a better result.

12. Accountable

When things go wrong, I don’t look to imaginary forces to blame. I take responsibility for my action. I’m of the opinion that pointing fingers solves nothing, so, I look at where I can improve the next time such a situation happens.

13. Resolute and Decisive

No matter how difficult to produce the best long-term goal, I demonstrate an unwavering resolve to do whatever must be done.

14. Community Minded Team Player

I am someone who can step aside my personal gain for the growth to remain alive and building something more significant is what I commit myself into.

15. Strong Personal Values

Every day, I take it as a work to improve myself and my skills in order to become better at what I do and as a part of maturing. I’m someone who is candid, mature and has integrity.

In conclusion, with a question like this, the response a person gives while thrown a base reflects on how he has grown or wants to grow. It’s a way to improve one’s personality and confidence as it requires one to do some soul searching.

The listed words above give you the chance to truly reward yourself with beautiful words and become your own cheerleader whenever you’re asked to describe yourself whether in an interview or any situation you find yourself.

Note that, appreciating and acknowledging your positive qualities while describing yourself is not being arrogant but a way of building your self-esteem and being you!


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