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Self Respect is Everything

Self respect has to do with knowing what you are, what you worth and standing for it. In the course of life, you would realize that self-respect is a very important virtue to be possessed by every individual because an individual without self-respect does not give a good image of himself or herself to others around. It goes to say that, if you’re unable to patronize your product yourself, what’s the use of others patronizing you? The greater your level of self-respect, the greater the possibility that you will achieve higher feats.

Self-respect is not pride, some people may view it as pride, but it is more like having your esteem and never letting anything lower your standards.

Funny when you think about it, but self-respect cannot be given to you by any other person but yourself. When you lack self-respect, it will be quite difficult for others to respect you knowing that there is barely anything or a tangible reason for you to be respected.

Thus, you can imagine the level of respect you will gain if the respect emanates from deep within you first, then it will show to the whole world that you deserve and worth the respect that is given to you.

Times without number, in a bid to be self-respected, people end up appearing as being proud. Of course, these two concepts look like they are the same, but in fact, there’s a really thin line between the two concepts. So it will be preferable if, in your quotes, you could draw the line between the two. Having self-respect does not in any way make you look less accommodating or hostile to those around you, but it makes them know that you hold your principles in high esteem.

So if they know your principles and are willing to abide by it, they are most welcome into your world, but anything short of that, they are shown the way out of your world. Some people need to know that you’ve got self-respect and you don’t exactly need to rely on them to attain a reasonable level of respect.

Self Status for Facebook

So here we go, if you want to show the world that you’ve got self-respect and you don’t mind flaunting it on Facebook, then here are few of the so many quotes you could post on your Facebook timeline to drive home that point.

1. If you can’t respect me for what I am, I see no point in respecting you for who you are

2. Be good to me and I’ll be good to you, be nice to me, and I’ll be nice to you, show me respect, and I’ll respect you in return

3. Respect is deserved and not demanded. If you demand respect from me, that means you didn’t deserve it in the first place.

4. I don’t care if you are white or black, male or female, young or old, what I care about is you showing me you deserve to be respected

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5. I am me, I love who I am, if you don’t like me for who I am, I don’t care about your opinion.

6. Not everybody deserves to be respected, show me you deserve to be respected, and I’ll accord you the respect due to you.

7. Just because you don’t like me does not make me a teeny weeny bit less amazing than I am. I know I am amazing and I owe nobody an explanation for being like that.

8. You don’t treat me like shit and expect me to treat you like gold; Respect is reciprocal.

9. Most times I don’t do the talking, I let my attitude and dignity speak for me. They speak better than any word I could ever come up with.

10. Self-respect has to do with knowing what to say; how to say it; when to say it; whom to say it to and most importantly if to say it.

11. What makes one man can break another man, we are best fit for doing a good job of living our lives according to our standard, Create your standard and live according to it.

12. I don’t have to own the world to be happy; I have enough joy knowing that the world has me.

13. Self-respect is a thing of the mind, notwithstanding the appearance you put if you don’t have it deep down in your mind, you don’t have it.

14. Don’t dwell on the mistakes of the past; the ability to rise after falling is what makes you.

15. No matter how many people believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself first, the belief they have in you will be put to waste.

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16. Self respect is not about ignoring your flaws, it is rather about embracing your flaws and your imperfections, molding it to the perfection you wish, don’t forget that everybody is unique in their special way.

17. I don’t feel bad if I don’t ever fit in, that’s because I was not created to fit in but to stand out.

18. Carry yourself the way you want others to carry you.

19. Self respect dwells mainly on self.acceptance, if you don’t accept yourself first, there’s no assurance other people will accept you.

20. Self respect radiates from the inside to the people on the outside.

Self Respect Quotes

21. If you don’t respect yourself for who you are, people will disrespect you for what you are not.

22. The greatest defeat a man can suffer is the defeat of self.acceptance.

23. No matter how well dressed you are, or how beautiful you think you are if you lack self-respect, the dressing and beauty is just a facade; you’re incomplete.

24. Walk and carry yourself with an air of importance because everyone is a king or queen in his or her world.

25. Wanna lead a happy life? Expect less from people and give out more to people.

26. People wonder how hard it is to deal with difficult people, the thing is that you have to take them for who they are ahead of time, so you don’t feel bad when they eventually show their true color.

27. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else, I know there’s a limited version of me.

28. No matter the amount of pressure you receive from external forces, if you’ve got self.confidence deep down in you, nothing can change who you are.

29. It is not pride. It is simply knowing what I want and standing for it, against all the odds.

30. If you rely on others to give you your respect, you will end up being without respect and disappointed, work to achieve your respect yourself, then you wouldn’t have to get affirmation from anybody about your respectability.

31. What matters to me is knowing that I matter to those who matter to me if I discover that you matter to me, but I don’t matter to you, then forget about the whole matter.

32. I have enough dignity to walk away from things that don’t add any value to my life, likewise, people, if you don’t add any value to my life, then you’re just as good as a non.existent person in my life.

33. One thing I learned in life is that sometimes you have to be in your own company and enjoy it first for you to be in other people’s company and enjoy it.

34. There’s a limited version of who you are, don’t go around being versions of people that are already common, Yes, the version of who you are is uncommon.

35. It won’t hurt so much if we all come to realize that, what we think of ourselves is much more important than what other people think of us.

From the list above, it can be deduced that self respect is a very important virtue that should be possessed by every individual, with you showing that you have self-respect, you don’t have to beg people for their time or attention. It will help you cut off fake friends; it will also change people’s view about who you are, self-respect makes room for improved interaction with people (both on your side and that of the second party).

Likewise, it will go a very long way in painting a confident picture of you to whoever comes across you. If we should make a list of the importance of self-respect, the list will go on and on; then you would know that you don’t want to go a day without it.

So, what’s left to do? Go right on and post that status on your Facebook timeline and let’s see the positive change in people’s attitude towards you on Facebook.

Enjoy the new atmosphere created by the self respect that you now flaunt on your Facebook timeline.

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