Funny Things to Post on Facebook to Get Likes

Funny Things to Post on Facebook to Get Massive Likes

Nowadays, it has become the trend for all Facebook users to base their self.importance on the likes they get on each of their post on their timeline, apparently, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because, of what use is a post on Facebook that doesn’t get you the most desired results, that is, likes and comments.

Facebook users attach very high importance to likes and comments on Facebook because it appears that Likes have a way of boosting one’s ego. When you gain Facebook likes, it can be said to be similar to you talking to a group of people in public. Talking to these people, you will want their opinion or approval on whatever you are discussing. Normally, people will show their opinion by either responding with their words or showing you signs and gestures, ( Probably a thumbs up, an applaud or a cheering sound), Now, here on Facebook, these words, signs, and gestures are quantified under a single Like. To further drive home their point, friends might not only like your post but will also drop one or two comments to show their views, opinions, and approval.

To get these likes on Facebook, a lot of people go to extreme miles, Probably making use of a Facebook like-app that will give them over hundreds and even thousands of Likes without real people liking their posts. You might not have to employ the help of that Like application if you can get the right choice of posts to attract your friends on Facebook to either like or comment on your posts, Guess you are wondering how well that idea will work? Of course, it’s going to work like magic.

How Do I Make My Facebook Posts Interesting?

First things first, You should know that when you’re seeking to get Likes on Facebook, you should try all you can to make your posts irresistible, irresistible in the sense that, it should be able to catch your Facebook friends attention.

Another thing you should have in mind is that as social beings, we humans like to have things in common with other people. What this means is that your posts should be able to relate with other people’s lives, it doesn’t have to revolve all around you and you alone. In case you haven’t noticed, people tend to like posts that are in one way or the other referring to their life experience. For instance, when you make posts about family generally, (not specifically your family), people often find it ‘relatable,’ and this will make them drop a like or comment to acknowledge that they agree with what you’ve posted, likewise when you drop posts on viral issues in sports or entertainment world at large.

There’s also a trending way of indirectly asking for likes on your Facebook post. It goes this way, you could just drop a post on Facebook and add something like “Hit like if you agree”, or “Like my post if you relate”, by this, you are asking them to like your status and also seeking to know how many people agree or can relate with what you have posted on your timeline.

Don’t forget to remember, also, that your posts should not be in any form a racist post or a gender discriminating post, wondering what the big deal about making a little fun of other race is about? As we all know, Facebook is a social media, that in other terms simply means that whatever you post on your timeline is not restricted to your friends alone, except you change your privacy settings to suit that, thus you never can tell who the viewer of your Facebook post is in the real sense of it.

For instance, you might think what is the harm in posting a funny picture about Kenyans, since you don’t have any Kenyan on your Facebook friend list. But what assures you that you don’t have friends or friends of friends who have Kenyans on their friend list, you might end up starting animosity between different races.

A massive combo is when you post a funny quote or picture add a caption with “like if you agree ” or ” like if you relate,” Who doesn’t like to laugh or ease the tension of the day with a little form of relaxation? The answer is obviously ‘no,’ thus if you can make your friends crack their rib, they, in return, will provide you the Likes you need, That kind of balances the equation, Simple, isn’t it?

Funny Stuff to Put on Facebook

So let’s see what funny posts you can come up with that will get you like on your Facebook posts. The following are some of the funny things you can post on your Facebook timeline to get Likes.

1. Crazy things people do for love, I can remember when I was with my first love, I almost thought I could give up my life for him, but now I wonder if I will even raise a finger to give him the right direction.

2. Am I the only one that noticed 5 hours spent on talking with someone you love is usually shorter than the 5 minutes spent on talking to someone you hate. Like if you agree!

3. Who else thinks that best friends are like in-disposable pests that keep on disturbing you, but you can’t just do away with them?

4. Having a feeling that you’ve previously experienced a situation other than when it’s happening is called deja vu, what then do we call a deja vu in another deja vu? Deja vu vu??

5. The greatest news you can ever give to a student is ‘Tomorrow is a holiday.’

6. That funny moment when it’s just you in a room, and you dropped a stinky fart, and your friends show up with your crush with them? How do you explain the situation?

7. Isn’t it amazing that the distance between Sunday to Monday is shorter than from Monday to Sunday?

8. Hit like if in your childhood you thought the moon was following you, then you’ll run so fast with the hope of losing the moon, but the moon doesn’t ever get tired of following until you are inside your house.

9. I’m so bored right now, Hit like if you’re as bored as I am so, we can get together and know who’s topping the boredom list.

10. Like if you think you prefer the mom you have when guests are around to the mom you have when there are no guests around

Get More Likes on Facebook Posts

11. Hit like if people misunderstand you most times, for instance, you know you are just saving up energy, but people see you as just being lazy!

12. Just wishing there could be a ‘Like’ button in the real sense of it, I mean something similar to a Facebook like, a button that you’ll just click on and it’s gonna show a person that you like them. What other buttons of this type do you wish existed?

13. There’s always that one friend who has seen every post on Facebook, making even the latest news appear like very stale news, Like if you’re that person, comment the person’s name if you’re not.

14. Some people play the same role in your life as the role of ‘ch’ in ‘yacht’… Like if you can relate.

15. Watch what you’re cooking for hours, it won’t boil, leave it for some minutes to watch a movie, with alarming speed, your food has gotten burnt. A watched pot never boils indeed!

Having mentioned all the funny Facebook posts above, you should, however, remember that consistency and creativity is needed to get positive results. It’s not just about uploading the status today and going offline for days afterward; you should do something close to a follow-up. Follow up in the sense that you should acknowledge the likes you get probably by liking the likers post back or mentioning their names in the comment section.

Talking about consistency, you can make your Facebook timeline a one-stop for funny status, that is, when people think of funny statuses, their mind will drift to you, and you will, in no wise, disappoint them by always making your Facebook timeline buzzing with funny posts. By doing this, you get more popularity and the most desired likes, your friends on Facebook might even direct or refer others to your post, and that will, of course, lead to an increased like on your Facebook posts.

Be creative by making sure that your posts are not just the normal or average posts every Facebook users come across on a daily basis, make your Facebook posts special, that is, make the posts that have your uniqueness in it, even when it is copied and posted elsewhere, it will still have hints of your peculiarities in it. You can also show your creativity by not uploading stale, overused or too common posts, what’s the use of liking a post I’ve seen repeatedly to the extent of it losing its funniness? What prompts most people to like Facebook posts is when they see something new, probably a new perception of an idea that has been around but has not been viewed in a funny way.

You should also avoid making unreasonable posts all in the name of being funny; this will put people off your Facebook timeline.

So whatever you post, keep it cool, creative, funny and irresistible, and the likes will come rolling in!

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