Funny Posts To Put On Facebook

The desire of people who post funny posts on Facebook lies on the posts accruing a good amount of the “Haha” reaction to prove that they are actually funny.

Sometimes, racking your brain to find those set of words that show the teeth of people — without trying to explain it — can really be cumbersome. You look around you to capture happenings in order to create your jokes around them, but after making them, they still get few or no “Haha” reaction. It’s easy for such person who has tried such to be frustrated, and quit the “being funny” acts, right? It truly is!

Or, have you tried creating funny posts from the posts of someone who gets people laughing but still don’t appear funny?

This post is exclusively for you, there are several posts here, which you can copy and make a post for a change, or you draw ideas out from them to give it a unique shot. With these posts, say “bye bye” to not being funny — otherwise known as being “dry”; also say “bye bye” to getting little “Haha” reactions on Facebook.

Still there? Continue reading as we show you the funny posts to put on Facebook for gathering a tangible amount of the “Haha” reaction.

Funny Posts to Put on Facebook

1. Do you know what has two eyes, but can’t hear? Just guess! Well, it’s a grandpa!

2. Don’t be involved in an argument with an idiot, he will make sure that he drags you to his level, which is down, and defeat you with a lot of experience.

3. Sex can’t be classified as an answer, it’s classified as a question. The one that is an answer is “YES”!

4. I prayed to God to give me a bike; I know that’s not the way God works. So, I went out and stole a bike, then later asked for his forgiveness.

5. We dwell in a world where the police delays to reach your house, but the delivery of pizza is faster.

6. Dressing up and consistently attending church services don’t make you a Christian; that’s the same way, standing in a garage don’t in any way make you a car.

7. Fake orgasms might be shown by women, but men can fake the entire relationship.

8. Light is seen before the sound is heard, in other words, light travels way more than sound. That’s why the look of people can appear bright, but when you hear them speak, you just know the words being spoken are not worth listening to.

9. Hurting you is the last thing I want to do, but I still have it on the list.

10. We will be wrong if I agree with what you are saying.

11. You don’t grow at all, you only learn how to do things in public.

12. Men have just two kinds of emotions, they are: horny and hungry. Any time you see him without an erection, go ahead and make him a sandwich.

13. You don’t use war to determine who is right, instead, it determines who is left.

14. Dogs have masters, what cat have is staff.

15. When you talk about knowledge, it’s knowing that tomato is a fruit; then wisdom is not including tomato in a fruit salad.

16. The diaper, used by babies, and politicians have something common about them. They have to be changed frequently, and not for different reasons, for just the same reasons.

17. My body loves calling me the son-of-a-bitch, I’m sure she doesn’t know who exactly is the bitch. Should I tell her?

18. Indulging in a fight for peace is just like having sex for virginity.

19. Sex is not a pain in the ass, if it is, then you’re not doing it the right way.

20. If watching us is what God is doing, at least we should try to be entertaining.

Funny Facebook Quotes That Will Get Likes

21. If among 5 persons, 4 SUFFERS malaria; does this imply that the last person enjoys it? I want to know.

22. Do you think that nobody cares at all about you? Try owing a few people.

23. A bus stops at a bus station, a train stops at a train station. On the desk I have is my workstation.

24. I never mention that it was your fault; all I said was, I put the blame on you.

25. Do you want to know what a bank is? A bank is a plan, where money is given out to people as a loan after they have proven that they don’t need it.

26. I didn’t involve in any fight to reach the top of the food chain of being a vegetarian.

27. I was beaten in chess by a computer, but when it comes to kickboxing, it’s definitely no match for me at all.

28. Those good girls you see are bad girls, who placed their cards well to never get caught.

29. The voices speaking in my head may not be real in any way, but they consist of numerous good ideas.

30. Make sure you don’t get involved in a fight with ugly people, they really don’t have anything to lose.

Funny Facebook Status 2020

31. Women may not get to hit harder, but they do hit lower.

32. You have to know that God loves you when everyone sees you as an asshole.

33. Facebook is for sale, not excluded my friends in it.

34. I can’t, won’t and don’t trust anything or anybody that bleeds for 5 days, and still remain alive.

35. You never can get too old to get the knowledge of something stupid.

36. But, why exactly did Noah save those mosquitoes, I mean the two mosquitoes?

37. Do you want to be sure of hitting the target? Take a shot first, whatever thing you hit is your target.

38. All the men who think that the kitchen is meant for just the women should know that knives are kept in the kitchen.

39. The best thing about Facebook, which I’m sure about, is having the chance to read other people’s fights.

40. For over 15 years, I’ve been making use of Google, but I still don’t know who makes use of the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

41. If you fail to do stupid and weird things while you are young, there will be no cause for you to smile when you’re old.

42. I really don’t like it when I’m singing along to a song, and the artist fails to get the lyrics right.

43. A girl saying she’ll be ready in 5 minutes times is just the same with when a guy says that the game will end in 5 minutes time.

44. I wanted to get rid of the sexiest person alive, I mean I wanted to kill the sexiest person on earth; but, suicide isn’t a good act.

45. Go to Facebook and make this status: I really can’t log into Facebook.

46. Imagine if money were growing on trees, don’t you think some girls will date monkey? Yes, they definitely would!

47. The most important thing in life is really not money, it’s love. But, do you know what? I think I love money, yes, I love it.

48. My mum always tells me to avoid writing on walls, but I that’s what I keep doing on Facebook.

49. The purpose of me coming into this world is never to please people; so if you want me to please you, please come around for being pleased in the next life.

Funny Facebook Status Pranks

50. Lecturing your mother on how to find her way around Facebook is like intentionally signing your own death warrant.

51. Can you remember the days when blackberry and Apple were known as just fruits? Try, you surely can.

52. I haven’t shaved for long, I can see, my giraffe tattoo is beginning to grow mustache.

53. Stood up from the bed this morning with a really big smile! Guess what; my kids actually found my sharpie stash.

54. Just know that you’re doing something really boring if nobody really hates you.

55. Teaching us how to walk and talk is what our parents spend the first part of our lives doing. Then, the next part, they spend it teaching us how to sit down and shut up.

56. Always, I learn from the mistakes done by those who take my advice.

57. Did you lose your shoe at the end of the night? Don’t think you’re Cinderella; you are just drunk.

58. Anytime someone rings the bell at the door, why do the dogs think it’s a visitor for them?

59. I always speak my mind, even though I never mind what I speak.

60. I always hear people say that love can be found in every corner. Gosh! I’m sure I am definitely moving in circles.

61. It’s only in the book called “the Dictionary” that you find success before work. It’s only in that book.

62. Maybe one day, I’ll see a woman who got pregnant after swallowing.

63. One special thing about a best friend is, the listen to what you don’t really say.

64. Seriously, I think my pillow can become one of the best hairstylists out there, I woke to a very weird hairstyle.

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