2022 Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline

Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline

No one wouldn’t feel delighted about being alive on his birthday. Do you have anybody that wants to celebrate life? If yes, this article is for him or her; if no, this article is for you, because you will definitely reach your birthday.

Many times, some persons find it difficult to put a piece together in celebration of that loved one. Birthdays are times we tag as “magical,” we label them as magical because they hold a display of celebration and sheer excitement. Don’t attempt to think that there is any birthday, which isn’t special. All birthdays are unique, and the least you can do — if you don’t have any gift — is to make the person(s) involved feel special, loved and appreciated. It’s no doubt that everyone who reaches his birthday has this natural desire to be much appreciated and loved immeasurably.

Can you tell us what makes the birthday even more magical than being magical? YEAH! Some of you got it; it’s birthday wishes from friends, family, colleagues, and whatnot.

Do you have someone who has his birthday approaching, and because of that, you want to compose several birthday wishes on Facebook timeline, all in one post? Here’s a solution for you. The solution is some words away; in order not to stress yourself trying to think out something to use, just pick one or two, or even more, and use.

Happy Birthday Wishes on FB

1. In the count of 1, 2, 3, take off the light from your candles by blowing it out. May we never depart, may our relationship be very close, even as a family.

2. From my end here, I’m sending you kisses, laughter, warm wishes, and definitely a whole lot of blessings. I just hope for one thing right now: your birthday be filled with all which have been mentioned above. I wish you a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

3. I bring flowers and balloons for the birthday star; I just hope that these kind wishes from my heart follow you wherever you are — wherever you find yourself.

3. Today is that special day set aside for celebrating an incredible being — you. I thank you greatly for being such a wonderful friend. Make sure you enjoy this special day of yours.

4. I can’t stop wishing you the best. My number one on the list of my wishes for you are sound health. I’m wishing you sound, good health so that, for a very long time, I’ll continue to celebrate more birthdays with. I wish you, my good friend, good life and prosperity.

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5. I pray that this day is as beautiful as you look; may the cake present be as sweet as you are. And, I also pray that this party be a highly remarkable one. Words can’t describe how much I love you.

6. Yes, it’s true that you haven’t been on this earth for a long time, but when it comes to wisdom, I classify you as being wiser than anyone I know. Always remain young at heart.

7. Today, your birthday is the very day we indulge in a celebration following the number of years our life has felt happiness and joy, because of your presence.

8. All the moments I’ve spent with you, none of them is a dull moment. I hope you have a blast on this wonderful day of yours. Happy Birthday to you!

9. Every day you work hard in order to keep the cash coming in, today, don’t work, just chill and have fun. Birthday isn’t twice a year; it’s just once.

10. Right from the deepest part to yours, you deserve nothing but the best in this special day of yours. I am wishing you a fabulous day today.

Unique Facebook Birthday Wishes

11. One of the things I hope for you is that you achieve everything you dream of, and obtain all the desires of your heart. Enjoy your day.

12. Many many many many happy returns. Right now, I’m sending you a trailer filled with warm wishes. Make sure you enjoy your day.

13. Don’t try to be someone else; just be yourself. You are perfect the way you look, and you are also perfect the way you are. I have known you for a couple of years now, and one thing I like about you is, you haven’t changed for the worse. If you are to change, you always observe a change for the better. I love you forever. Enjoy your day.

14. Wow! Congratulations, you are now a year older. As you enter this new age, make sure you seize every opportunity that comes your way, and also, conquer every challenge that faces you. When it concerns you, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s the starting point — age with grace.

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15. As you celebrate a new age today, I wish you lots and lots of happiness. Your smiles shall know no bounds. May the sweetness of your cake supersede the sweetness of other cakes. I also pray that your gifts bring smiles to your face.

16. I don’t only hope; I’m sure that from this day henceforth, every desire of your heart shall come to pass. AMEN! Don’t forget to have around you magical moments and loved ones.

17. I’m here to join you in celebrating the awesome gift of the life you have. I’m always grateful for the moments, which we’ve shared, and I look forward to sharing more moments with you. Have a fabulous birthday.

18. I knew what real Joy and happiness is, that minute I met you. May the blessings for you be doubled as from this day. Have an awesome one.

19. The feeling attached to celebrating birthdays is one that no one can completely understand. I know you feel that way, that’s why I took out time to write you this message. I love you, and I wish you better days, years ahead. Have a blast today.

20. Today is your birthday, only take suggestions from people, don’t let them tell you how to spend your day. Spend it anyhow you want. I wish you a future, which is brighter than the sun — happy birthday, special.

Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friends

21. With a whole lot of love, I am wishing you a perfect day, an incredible day, a special day. You don’t deserve anything below the best. You deserve all the best things in life.

22. I’m so delighted that I’m spending this day with you, my queen. I wish you all the special things, my only queen.

23. Okay, it’s time, close your eyes, have you done that? Picture candles on a cake, then blow out your candles. Yippee! Happy Birthday to you. The things that matter most are the things that would always come close to you.

24. If there’s any reason I smile, it’s YOU! If there’s any reason I laugh, it’s YOU! and If there’s any reason, I’m always HAPPY! I’m so happy that you are right here with me. Have a great day.

25. Any day I spend with you is even more than awesome; your presence can’t be compared to the presence of the president. Have an incredible day.

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26. Happy, sweet birthday anniversary! With the much love of mine, I wish you all that is uniquely made. Happy Birthday!

27. You are such a special person to me. I can’t really describe how special you are to me — you know, right? Have a splendid birthday. Make sure you treasure these moments.

28. Happy Birthday, beautiful. You look very very perfect this day, as you continue with this new age everything about you shall be perfect. Happy Birthday once again.

29. I just hope this greeting of mine brings you much of excitement. I also hope that these warm wishes bring you sheer happiness. And lastly, I hope that the love I have for shines just like you do. Enjoy your birthday; it’s your day.

30. Life is so special, having someone like you as a friend. Have a great birthday.

Happy Birthday Status for Special Friend

31. As you begin on a clean slate, I pray that everything you do shall be fruitful. All your heart desires shall be met. I wish you sound health, prosperity, success and all that you wish yourself. Happy Birthday!

32. As you increase in age and become even wiser, always try to place your eyes ahead and not at the last — the past is gone, and dwelling in it won’t let you move forward. The best is at the corner. Happy Birthday!

33. This is a message to my best friend: On this special day of yours, I hope all your investments of love and kindness bring you enough return. Happy Birthday!

34. My dear friend, how do we celebrate your birthday because your birthday is one I won’t miss for anything in this world, that’s to show you how special you are to me. I can wait to celebrate this day with you. Happy Birthday to you, my special friend.

35. If I skip sending you a message of love today, this special day of yours, I won’t forgive myself. From me, I send you kind wishes. Happy Birthday!

36. I can search for forever, and I know I may not find someone who is just like you — the possibility is quite slim. My special one, happy birthday!

37. You are amazingly beautiful from the inside, and the beauty also reaches the outside. You are so much an awesome and amazing friend. Love you!

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