How Do You Respond to Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline?

How Do You Respond to Birthday Wishes on Facebook?

Your birthday isn’t like any other day; it is quite special to every person, let’s look at it from this point of view, apart from your name which everyone identifies you with, another important thing to every individual is their birthday. When someone remembers your birthday, you can’t help feeling that you’re special to that person.

To mark the significance of this day, Facebook makes it possible for people to write their good wishes on your timeline, thereby encouraging everyone to leave one or two sentences showing that they remember your birthday, and not just remembering your birthday, but they also want you to know that they wish you well on your special day.

Now, after they all post their birthday wishes on your timeline, it will make sense if you could reply or like their post on your timeline personally or individually, but in most cases where the friend list is almost up to five thousand (5,000), it might not be easy for you to reply to everyone individually. That’s quite serious because you want to make sure each of your well-wishers knows that you appreciate or acknowledge their good wishes on your timeline.

Thus, you can just come up with a message that will accommodate everyone and make them know that you appreciate their wishes. When you have this kind of message to post, you necessarily don’t have to reply to each and everyone who wished you. The message will do just fine, and everyone will know that you are not taking them for granted in any way.

There are some tips that you should have in mind while composing this message, While composing this message, make sure you show how you feel about their wishes genuinely because it will make them feel elated and esteemed.

How to Reply to all Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline

Another thing you should have in mind is that no matter how brief or short the message you want to post is, make sure it accommodates every one of your well-wishers. On Facebook, for instance, you don’t want to post something like, “Thanks to all my colleagues who posted a birthday wish on my Facebook timeline” this has successfully alienated others from being recipients of this post because you limited it to only a particular set of people, that is, your colleagues. So to avoid this kind of mistake and to ensure you comply with the facebook birthday response etiquette, you will do well if you could generalize the post first, then if you feel there is the need to specify some group of people, that should come after you’ve acknowledged everybody first.

However in a bid to accommodate and acknowledge every birthday wish you get, you don’t want to go on and on making mention of so many names, and as such, make your message too lengthy, the trick is to be brief and precise. What is of utmost importance in the whole message is the content, your content should show how grateful and appreciative you are without taking the recipients through the rigors of reading through an epistle to get the message.

Again, in this message, you should ensure that you show how grateful you are for their birthday wishes on your timeline, it’s not like I’m advising flattery, but then, you could just excite them a little bit to make them know that their birthday wishes on your timeline mean a lot to you. I’d bet you; they’ll be looking forward to doing the same or even more when your next birthday comes up.

Finally, don’t be too formal while composing this message, it’s no longer strictly formal when your friends post a birthday wish. On your Facebook timeline, and you, in like manner, should reciprocate the gesture while thanking them, a little slang or catchphrase here or there will do no harm, it will rather make you appear less uptight and make everyone who reads your post see you as such.

Birthday Appreciation Message on Facebook

Here are some messages you could post on your Facebook timeline to say thank you to your friends on Facebook who posted a birthday wish on your birthday

1. I appreciate your wishes on my Facebook timeline, I don’t even know how to quantify the love you all showed to me, but I want you to know that I am grateful for the lot love. Thank you so much.

2. Honestly, where do I even start?

I never knew I was this loved up, by people who I have met and those I haven’t met mostly, up until now. Your birthday wishes on my timeline worth more than any item I could have received today because it was able to show me that I have a lot of people who care about me and also wish me well, I am very grateful for every of the birthday wishes.

3. Words fail to capture the exact feeling I had when I logged in on my account, and I saw your messages flooding my timeline, I didn’t expect love this much really, I love you so much, friends.

4. Funny thing about life is that sometimes not all family care about you and not all friends care about you. But I am quite lucky because I just discovered that the friends I have are those that really care, likewise my family members, for your birthday wishes on my timeline, I just can’t thank you enough, much love I gat for you all.

5. I just want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who took out of their precious time to wish me on my birthday, what with tight schedules, stress of the day, even network ish and every other inconvenience, yet you still made my day by wishing me here on Facebook, I say a big Thank you to you all.

6. What more can I say, I boast to people that I’ve got the best circle of friends here on Facebook, thanks for not letting me down through wishing me on my birthday, may you always be celebrated.

7. Birthday wishes are not just to show that you care about a person on their special day; it is also a way of saying that I care for you because you are important. Thank you all for making me feel important. I am very grateful.

8. I don’t know what I did to get this lucky. Having wonderful friends who care about you to the extent of remembering your birthday and wishing you on that day is just luck. Thanks for making me know I am indeed lucky.

9. A big big thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday, both those who remembered by themselves and those that were reminded by Facebook. I am very grateful for your birthday wishes.

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Thank You Everyone for the Wonderful Birthday Wishes

10. If those birthday wishes on my timeline can be calculated in terms of money, I’d bet I would almost be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg himself because your wishes made me feel richer than I could ever imagine. From the depth of my heart, here goes a very big thank you to you all. Love you big.

11. My birthday is not just like any other day to me because it is one of the few days that I come in contact with most of my friends here on Facebook. I appreciate you all and thanks for wishing me well on my birthday.

12. A birthday celebration is incomplete without the wishes of other people. Thank you all for joining in the celebration of my birthday through your good wishes. I am very grateful.

13.I want to seize this opportunity to appreciate everyone who made my birthday a memorable one through their good wishes on my timeline. Thank you so much for your love. XOXO

14. I don’t have to be surrounded by the richest or happiest people in life if I do not matter to them, what matters is knowing that I matter to those that matter in my life, Thank you all for making me know that I matter.

15. One of my hidden fears in life is having a birthday with nobody remembering the date or even wishing me on my birthday, thank you so much for pushing that fear away. Your birthday wishes on my timeline mean so much to me. Love you much.

16. I would like to thank you all for your birthday wishes, your wishes are just so wonderful it got me wishing I could have my birthday everyday, funny, but then, I do appreciate you all.

17. My birthday was special, but your wonderful wishes made it more special, Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes.

18. My birthday is just for a day, but the wishes I got would last for the whole year. Wish I could show you how important your birthday wishes are for me.

I appreciate you guys.

Wow, we’ve got a handful of these messages now, you can pick anyone to suit the way you feel about the birthday wishes you get on your timeline. Of course, feel free to modify it to suit your taste. Happy birthday, celebration!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes! Made my day very special! I have the greatest family and friends ❤

  2. Thankyou so much for all your kind bday wishes. Feels good to have made it to 75 and most pleased all is still going good. Much time is still being taken up with assistance to my sister Sue with maintenance of our mother but no doubt it is just pay back for when we were just young little kids so must not complain. Love to you all. Neville

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