226 Powerful Facebook Status About Life Lessons

Facebook Status About Life: Life is the time during which we operate, a time during which we are recognized. It is a state that follows birth and precedes death. Life as small as it is, is the essence of our manifestation as human and the foundation of our being. And as an entity, you just think about life and feel like putting something down. At times you want to let the world know your thoughts through your Facebook status.

Updating status is one of the most interesting pastime of Facebook lovers. But there is some sort of gratification in coming up with some unique and Inspirational facebook quotes about life lessons that possibly will add value to someone life, and such gratification no psychology or emotion can explain.

Sometimes, sharing some quotes on your Facebook status will be a breath of fresh air to your viewers and friends. Instead of the numerous photos and videos you share on numerous occasion, why don’t you try to spice things up by sharing some beautiful quotes.

It can be anything you want it to be; cute, serious, sentimental, goofy and based on any topic. Also if you know you can’t part with your photos and videos, here are some Facebook quotes about life lessons you can always attach as a photo caption or post alone:

Long Facebook Status About Life

Choose the best one from these long facebook status about life that perfectly captures your heart, to enlighten your friends.

1. Do you look forward to that day when you would lay on your bed, look up at the clock, and see that your time’s up. Will you be happy leaving when you look back in time and see that you made the world a better place and used your gifts despite your circumstances or be sad because you didn’t leave a mark and makes no impart? It’s never too late to rethink!

2. John Mason said, “There are two types of people in the world: those that talk about things and those that do things.” What you do marks the difference between you and those who are doing nothing; and it puts you above them. So, be a doer and not a hearer and reader only.

3. One important secret to internal motivation and being positive: when you are feeling somewhat down-spirited, don’t tell people how you feel, tell them how you want to feel. By controlling what you say, using positive words with enthusiasm, you help to change your physical and mental state. Not only are the benefits self-rewarding, but you will recognize the positive impact you have on others.

4. Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out? See, if I add value to myself, I’m investing into my future but if I add value to you, I’m affecting the world. So, what do you have to offer the world? Only in God will you find your purpose in life because He created you and has the manual for your life.

5. If you want to be great in achievement, you must first plant the seeds of thought that will become that desired tree of fulfillment. If you are healthy in your thoughts and rich positively in mind, sooner than later you will blow people’s mind. You are the way you are because your thoughts have not changed and you can only become better if your thoughts have not changed.

6. When the time finally come, what will people remember you for? Will they say, “You was here on earth; and you graced their lives directly or indirectly; or you engraved your tracks not just on the sand of time but on the pavements of destinies and rocks of life; or you was a fountain of great stuffs and not a stagnant pool of old rubbish; that you helped to wipe away their tears?” How you live your life matters.

7. Successful people know that true education is what you get for yourself and by yourself, it’s not what someone gives or tells you, they know that true success in life does not come by luck, a lucky man is not a successful man, true winners know that they must develop skills and acquire knowledge before becoming truly successful.

8. Make new friends but cherish old ones. Smile always. Be happy per moment on your journey on earth, don’t have a sunken boring outlook towards life. Return borrowed properties on time and well presentable too. Always leave everything better than you find it. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated: with respect, understanding and consideration. Because life is too short to waste.

9. Don’t condemn people even when they are at fault. Appreciate others a lot. Give compliments and be a “Thank you” fan,  Please “addict and “I’m sorry” agent. Do what is right, for the right reason, when it’s right, where is right, how it’s right and whom it’s right. This is because there’s an old saying that if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.

10. Like a person who has gained mastery over their craft, you must gain mastery over your life, take your life out of neutral, no one can make this commitment for you, intentionally pursue your own God-given purpose and maximize your own divine potential, intentionally get rid of self-defeating habits and undermining relationships.

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Facebook Status About Life Lessons

1. I regret nothing in my life, even though my past was full of hurts, I still look back and smile because it made me who I am today.

2. Don’t be bothered about what other people think about you, we view things differently, and their view should not get you bothered.

3. Never make the same mistake twice because the first time is a lesson and the second time it has become a choice.

4. Do not be too worried because others are making it big. You will surely get there when you are meant to get there so relax, breathe and be patient.

5. Do not think that being alone is a bad thing because when the wrong people surround you, it is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

6. You don’t have to convince everyone that you are someone with integrity because integrity is the way you behave behind their backs.

7. Life becomes very easy when you learn to accept the apology you never got.

8. Sometimes you only need to do everything that is best for you, not things that please others.

9. Do not rush anything, do not stress out or worry about how things will work out, instead of overthinking, align your faith with divine timing and trust that everything good will come at the right time.

10. People don’t always need advice, sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand them.

11. Forgiveness does not stop them from behaving badly, but it will save your heart from getting destroyed.

12. In life, you should know, that everything is temporary, that others treat you the way you treat yourself, that happiness is a choice that requires hard work, that life is not fair, that a lifetime is not very long, that everything is about taking risk, that family are the people who love you truly.

Facebook Status of Life

Life lessons are always earned and learnt. A good idea is always to update your status with Facebook status of life lessons like the examples below:

1. I am not perfect; I’m simply a perfect blend of imperfections.

2. You know what’s beautiful about life, when you fall, you stand up back.

3. When someone ignores you; move on and live better.

4. Life gives you a second chance always. This is “tomorrow”.

5. When someone thinks you are wrong; laugh and prove yourself right.

6. Dream, work hard, pray, believe and work smart.

7. Live each day doing something that will inch you closer to a greater tomorrow.

8. You don’t need the best people as friends; just the right ones to help you become your best.

9. Having just a single friend is better as opposed to a thousand enemies.

10. Live with hope; that one day, you’ll be more.

11. Sometimes, life gives you what you need. Trust me, this is better than what you want.

12. In this life, be of great significance to those who matters to you.

13. Have the strength to always walk forward; sideways maybe but never backwards.

14. Live with hope; have the strength to face the fear always.

15. You are not perfect. No one is, be free to make mistakes but learn from them.

16. Embrace, love and accept yourself; flaws and all.

17. Knowing your strengths and weakness will go a long way to aid you in life.

18. Learn from the past to make good decisions about the future.

19. A lesson learnt in life will make you live better.

20. Sometimes, life has a way of proving us wrong. Sometimes, the results are better.

21. Live a life of purpose; full of bliss and significance.

22. Enjoy the little things in life. These are the biggest things to someone else.

23. The decision and choice you made yesterday shaped you into what you are today.

24. Life is too short to deal with bad energy.

25. Life goes on; whether you exist or not. Therefore, live and make a difference.

26. Make the best of every moment granted to you in life.

27. Don’t waste time thinking life should be easier; think you should be better instead.

28. Life is like a camera lens; focus on that which is important to capture it well.

29. A negative mind trying to live a positive life just won’t do.

30. Life is about finding yourself while creating yourself.

Short Facebook Status About Life

You can always start off with some short quotes about life. Here are some short facebook status about life ideas to inspire you:

1. When I fall, I stand up back and fly.

2. Life is like a journey and we are riding the bus.

3. Life is like a dance; the people you meet are your dance partners.

4. Life is like a canvas; the people you meet provide the colors to create a picture.

5. Life is like a book; each pages is contributed by different writers to make chapters of your life.

6. What’s a rainbow without a little rain; that’s life.

7. Life is full of ups and downs; after the storm comes the sunshine.

8. Life is beautiful; whoever says otherwise isn’t living.

9. Life is a gift. The perfect way to use it is by living.

10. Travel, explore, go outside your comfort zone; this is all part of living.

11. Be with someone who awakens your soul.

12. Always remember in life, that there’s always light at the end of a tunnel.

13. Self-discovery and knowing what motivates you is a good step to living a better life.

14. Live with nothing to lose but everything to fight for.

15. Live with nothing to hide but everything to show for that which is good and true.

16. Your life gets better by chance and not by change.

17. Life is like the ocean. A journey is never the same; always exhilarating.

18. Sometimes you need a push to make you pull up better, harder and stronger.

19. In life, things may go wrong sometimes but life goes on.

20. Life is beautiful; itself is a reality to be experienced.

Best Fb Status About Life

Status has to do with your present position, condition or situation. And thinking about posting any updates on Facebook, a lot of thinking needs to be done, because millions of people use facebook. Also, about 300,000 give an answer to the question which is always on the little box in your profile “what’s on your mind?” every minute.

When you answer the question all your active friends see it, you have to make a choice to make your answer reasonable and worth it, here are some best fb status about life which can be posted.

1. Life Is like a camera, focus on what is important and capture the good times, focus on what is necessary and capture the bad times because they will be remembered and told as experience.

2. Life is a race; you should never quit because winners do not quit and quitters do not win.

3. Sometimes in life you just have to accept the fact that certain thing will never go back to how they use to be, so you only need to live in the moment.

4. In life, if a man commits a mistake and fails to correct it, he is committing another mistake, and until he learns to correct the mistakes made by his mistakes, he will continue in the circle of mistakes.

5. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a gift, accept it. Also, Life is an opportunity, grab it. Life is a journey, complete it. Life is real, face it.

6. Don’t be disappointed by what life and nature are bringing, just believe in yourself only then your success is sure.

7. The only man who never makes a mistake is that man who never does anything. Never dwell in your mistake, move on and see good things come your way.

8. In life, success is not about your qualifications but your impact to your world, it is not about your profession but your innovation and solutions to problems, it is not about your bank account but your mind account.

9. In life what we should fear is not death, but we should fear never beginning to live. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, love and loss, happiness and sadness, success and failures. Live and notice the connection with our real experience of life.

10. Life is kind of like one big roller coaster. It starts slowly and fills you with anticipation and curiosity; it takes you up and then sends you flying down only to rise up quickly again if you are wise enough.

11. A person who falls and rises again is much stronger and better than the person that never fell.

12. In life, give a chance for people to see you struggle but never let them see you quit because you can’t tell the number of people that will quit as well.

Facebook Quotes About Life Lessons

Motivate your friends with these powerful Facebook quotes about life lessons

Facebook Quotes About Life Lessons

1. That which cannot be reduced to practice should not be allowed to hamper the mind, it should be thrown aside, abandoned and ignored, if theory should be proved to have no useful end, it should still retain as a beautiful theories which are proved to have no use in life, and no substantial basis of reality.

2. Small repairs in a broken wall help to build a stronger barrier against the sea of negativity that surrounds us. Staying connected is more important than making your point. Don’t overreact or give advice quickly. This only trains people not to be open with you.

3. Each man is as low or high, as little or great, as base or noble, as his thoughts, no more, no less, each moves within the sphere of his own thoughts, and that sphere is his world, in that world in which he forms his habits of thoughts, he finds his company.

4. A successful man is a man whose powers are shown in what he does, and not in the mere talking and arguing, avoids metaphysical quibbling and quandaries, but applies himself to the accomplishment of some good and useful end.

5. Networking involves casting your net to connect with like-minded individuals and working toward establishing mutually beneficial relationships with them. Networking relationships are built upon an attitude of service and sharing.

6. While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others. There isn’t enough time to learn everything in life by trial and error. We must learn from life changing lessons of one another.

7. Being different doesn’t imply inferior or superior to others, especially inferior, don’t confuse being different with being lesser, different simply means different. A woman is not less than a man because she is a woman, a man is not more than a woman because he is a man, their differences are necessary because of their purposes.

8. Character development is a choice or better stated, a series of choices, unless we choose to learn from our experiences and then apply the wisdom we have learned, we are doomed to mediocrity and a less than stellar life. We are also doomed to continually repeat the mistakes we have made in the past, by repetition of acts, the character becomes slowly but decidedly formed.

9. Friendships die through neglect, don’t expect others to read your mind. Voice your concerns over any offense and express your desire to make things right. Silence often waters the root of bitterness, talk it out.

10. To live creatively, we must be willing to be a little vulnerable, we must be willing to be hurt a little, if necessary, in creative living, to love, trust and to open ourselves to emotional communication with other people is to run the risk of being hurt, but its a risk worth taking to live creatively.

11. Don’t keep waiting for a change to take place, take steps to effect that change. It is not God’s responsibility to effect that change, it is yours. Nevertheless, to enjoy positive results we must effect changes.

Facebook Quotes About Life and Love

Love is a beautiful thing, and love happens in life, virtually all human has in one way, or the other felt what love is, so here are some quotes about love and life that you can post on facebook.

13. Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you happy.

14. Life is a book, every content in it is written with a pen, sadly mistakes cannot be erased, but it can be corrected so as not to make it repeat in the future.

15. You live only ones, live it with lots of love, if you do it right, hatred will be taken far away from you and that once will be enough to lead.

16. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

17. Do not grieve over the past, for it is gone and does not be troubled over the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

18. Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, losing someone hurts, Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love. But in reality, love is the only thing in this world that cover up all pains and makes someone feel wonderful again.

19. Save your heart for someone who cares. The future is unpredictable so be remembered forever through the love you give and not forgotten for judgment or hatred.

20. No matter how messed up you think you are, there will always be someone that loves you and still thinks you are amazing the way you are.

21. Do not care about the material things someone could give you. Think about time, attention, honesty, love, care, loyalty and effort; those gifts mean more than anything money could buy.

22. Life is not about how hard you can hit; it is about how hard you can get hit and still move on.

23. Sometimes you need to maintain a distance to keep your loved ones closer to you.

24. Never hate people as much as they hate you or treat them as bad as they are but instead love them and treat them as good as you are.

Facebook Quotes About Life and Happiness

Happiness is something everybody wants but it is hard to find, and when posting anything about happiness on facebook, it must bring at least a little joy to anyone seeing it.

You deserve happiness, you need to share happiness and write about it too. Here are some Facebook quotes about life and happiness that will do the job;

1. No one wants pain; only happiness. But it’s about one being more and the other less.

2. Another key to happiness is never to allow pain to be perfected.

3. Know what makes you happy, know who makes you happy.

4. Happiness is about being thankful for the little you have; this makes you receive more.

5. Sometimes, beautiful memories bring happiness. So, create moments now.

6. In this life, you deserve happiness.

7. Being with someone who makes you happier is another ingredient to a healthy life.

8. Take pleasure in the things which brings you joy and happiness.

9. You create your happiness too when you put a smile on someone’s face.

10. Know that happiness is something you are entitled to. You deserve it.

11. Be strong, never give a chance for pain to be perfected.

12. Make sure that whatever you do makes you happy; there’s no greater pleasure derived from this.

13. Living a happier life means laughing harder, crying lesser and smiling more.

14. Contentment and happiness goes together with a splash of hard work.

15. Life is too short trying to make others happy at the expense of your happiness.

16. Sharing happiness is what makes it real and lasting.

17. Abstain from negativity, stay positive and live happier.

18. Wherever you are, promote peace. Happiness is always tagging along.

19. No one but you, is responsible for your happiness. Be happy!

20. Happiness changes nothing yet changes everything. Think about it!.

21. In life, the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively without offending himself, to achieve this, he must set boundaries to respect himself and make himself happy.

Happy Quotes For Facebook Status

Here are some happy quotes for Facebook status that will put a smile on someone’s face.

1. Drop and emoji below if you are happy.

2. Smile, laugh, love, giggle; whatever you do, be happy.

3. I love how you can find happiness in the littlest things.

4. Being happy is holding memoirs of beautiful moments.

5. Learn to congratulate and celebrate others; this also makes you happy.

6. Every day, tell yourself; “I am happy”. Do thus until you truly are

7. Being with someone who makes life much better will make you happier.

8. When you are happy, life is much sweeter as your happiness overshadows the pain.

9. Love is a master key; it opens the door to happiness as well. Use kit wisely.

10. Let your life be an adventure; do whatever it’s right that makes you happy.

11. Your life is not a fairy tale but being happy can make your life a dream.

12. Be a source of happiness wherever you go.

13. Sometimes you need to pause, smile and be happy in your pursuit.

14. Giving more yet expecting less is key to a happier life.

15. Whenever you are with me, I am happy and the world is full of smiles.

FB Quotes About Life

1. Life is too short to be sad or to worry about your problems. Live your life and be happy now because tomorrow might never come.

2. Anything that makes you happy is what you should do, neglect the critics and see how far you will move.

3. Be strong and move on, forget the past because it is time for you to be happy again.

4. Never change your originality for the sake of others because no one can play your role better than you, and pretense will never bring happiness to you because you are faking it.

5. Try making someone happy and see how much satisfaction you get back, all because you will see the happiness flow freely.

6. Life is like a camera. If you face it with a frown, you will see yourself as you are, so always face it with a smile.

7. Till you understand that life is not about pleasing everybody, you will keep trading your happiness for people’s choice and not your choice.

8. To be happy, it first takes being comfortable. Try to create your own happiness instead of finding it. You are the best person to make yourself happy.

9. When one door of happiness closes, another door opens immediately, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the door that has been opened for us.

10. If you want to be happy, you have to be happy on purpose. When you wake up, you can’t just wait to see what kind of day you will have, but you will have to decide the kind of day you want to have.

11. If you truly want to be happy in life, then you must focus on what you have because unhappy people focus on what they think they should have.

12. Do not wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated, so you have to learn to be happy now; otherwise, you will run out of time.

English Facebook Status For Life

If you need to write a good English Facebook status for life, here are some to inspire you:

1. Life is short, make good use of it.

2. Be everything you want to be; we live but once.

3. Life is a fascinating journey; have a go at it.

4. Have good predictions and wishes for the future; you need this.

5. Make each day daring, spontaneous and exciting.

6. In life, learn to balance your curves and edges.

7. Look for a beacon to light up your life and an anchor to support you in this life. `

8. Living is like creating a masterpiece; the result is always stunning.

9. Live a life that’s challenging yet inspirational. This is how you grow.

10. Life is a thriller, don’t lose yourself in this rush.

11. Be with someone who makes you reach out for the stars.

12. Making your horizon broader will go a long way to making your future brighter.

13. Your life is special, make your story unique and beautiful.

14. Endurance and persistence; both are needed for a successful life.

15. Life is about creating memories, enjoying today yet preparing for the future.

16. Life is a dance; having the right partners to go with you is essential.

17. Love your life, don’t deny your existence. You were born to live.

18. Nothing in life can hold you down; you laugh in the face of gravity.

19. Those who talk behind you are likely to be behind you in life.

20. Life is a game, be the best player there is.

21. Life isn’t about sunshine and butterflies always. Sometimes, it’s about war, victories and loss.

22. Life is full of infinite possibilities; nothing is impossible.

23. In life, see every hardship as an opportunity for improvement.

24. Life is a journey; ride with the right friends.

25. In this life, you can be everything and more.

Facebook Status About Life Changing

Facebook Status About Life Changing: A good amount of people sign up to participate in the frivolous activities done on Facebook, instead of figuring out how to use the platform to add value or absorb positive energy.

There’s a girl who, after she joined Facebook, started posting her pictures, not minding how much of flesh gets displayed. She was so much addicted to Facebook like she benefited financially from it, but all she benefited from it was fun. Until a particular day, she came across a quote which transformed her thinking. That was how she began to see a different facet to what life entails. Then, she opt-in for the better life.

This unarguably tells us that, messages with tangible lessons can dwell, without being resisted, in the hearts of many. Many will say, I want to start occupying my timeline with life changing quotes, but I don’t know how to start.

facebook status about life changing facebook statuses

Some now feel that, most people in their list are not sharing posts which suits their present perspective. For other people, it’s about reading these words to fuel their commitment, desire, determination, resilience to burn even more; it’s also advisable for people who have lost pace, and feeling like giving up.

Well, this article covers life changing status and quotes, which can be used for Facebook status about life changing, and other similar platforms; and, it comes with a level of percentage assurance that you’ll get, in you, a chord struck.

Ready to feed your thoughts? Here they are:

1. Life is a book, your activities in it isn’t seen as writings from a pencil, but from a pen, so mistakes made in the past can’t be erased. That’s why you have to be careful of your behaviour, dealings with people, habit and the likes.

2. Attaining trophies, applause is what life is all about to some, but frankly, that’s not even a match to what it’s about; it’s about learning, loving, growing, and changing.

3. Dream like you can live forever, and live like you’ll die today. In what ever situation, don’t expect pity from no one. Live life to the fullest.

4. One of the major disabilities in life is a bad, poor attitude. An attitude which pushes people away.

5. Always surround yourself with people who have qualities of the kind of person you want to be; and, people who don’t make you feel inferior or less of yourself. Energies are contagious.

6. The amount of lives available for all men is one, so live your life with the mentality that you have just one life. Live it! When you do this, there’ll be no room for hatred or greed, because you’ll have Love within which will help you lead.

7. Did you fail yesterday? Do you think you can’t do it in a better way? Always remember that, everyday is a second chance to try again.

8. You should never compete with anyone, when it comes to the quest for who’s better, instead we should compete to be better than the person we were yesterday!

9. Doors will only be wipe open for those who boldly seek an opening. If you don’t go for it with a touch of rugged behaviour, and boldness, you won’t get what you seek, instead you’ll be wavering around.

10. Your present position today doesn’t matter more than where you can reach tomorrow. Keep it going.

11. Don’t be scared to fail, failure is a signal informing you that, success is near. You haven’t tried if you don’t fail.

12. If you’re scared to fail, you’ll never try and you’ll never make any positive impact.

13. The shots which you neglect, the shots which you never take, you miss a 100% of them.

14. Whenever a great change wants to surface, it, most times, gives rise to chaos. So, in that chaos, tough times, you’re going through, don’t give in to it, understand that it’s there to usher in great changes.

15. Make steps forward to achieve something, no matter how small, you won’t be found at the spot where you use to be.

16. Don’t forget to love yourself first, because everything is likely to fall in place after you do that. Loving yourself is one of the leading requirements to achieving personal goals

17. Love is a very powerful remedy used to cure people—the giver and the receiver.

18. Loving until it hurts end up creating no more hurt at all, rather it increases the Love.

19. Any relationship which won’t let you be yourself, any relationship which has its aim pointed at dictating for you, desist from it.

20. Whenever you have a broken arm and/or leg, you have no choice but to give it time to heal, that’s the same way you need to allow time to heal your broken heart.

Life Changing Facebook Quotes

1. You don’t stumble on blocks—challenges—when you sit down at a spot without making any decisive move. Challenges are things you must meet on your way to success, you can’t elude it. Keep on going.

2. Your want for something should somehow kill patience within you, to an extent. Don’t wait for it, go for it.

3. Unsuccessful people pursue the easier endeavors, they are not willing to do what the successful do—the late nights, the researches, etc. Always wish you were better, don’t pray it gets easier; if it gets easier, it won’t have an in-depth impact in you.

4. Making mistakes isn’t a barricade to success, but making a mistake over and over again is.

5. What gets you started is Motivation, and what gets you going, what intensively flames the fire, is habit.

6. On your way to success, you’ll meet loads of challenges, and it’s imperative you accept all of them, not just the ones you like.

7. The moment the thoughts of giving up come in, just have it in mind that, you’re close to success. That’s when the failure becomes tragic, because you would have broken through.

8. Don’t ever belittle yourself, because the ideas which form in your head are more important than any other person’s own. Sit down, or take that position that suits you and start working on your ideas!

9. The desire of the Successful and the unsuccessful to hit set goals, or reach their potentials is the element that differentiates them, not their abilities.

10. Success is like a beautiful girl, you have to keep playing your cards well to stand a chance, if you say, I’m tired, she sees you as a person who isn’t serious. Don’t relent.

11. If your main concern is about showcasing more of your expertise even when the pay is small, in no time, you’ll receive in return, financially, more than the work you put in.

12. Don’t sit down at one place, observing indolence, and expect opportunity to run up to you, you have to stand up and create them.

13. Species with great strength, intelligence are not the ones that survive, but the ones, responsive, that react responsively, to change.

14. The best day and time to start the pursuit for excellence is today and now respectively. Strive from this minute to doing work with great touch of excellence.

We hope these Facebook status about life lessons will motivate you to share on your Facebook status; don’t hesitate to choose anyone that speaks to you and we would appreciate your comment below

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