Funny Comments for Facebook Profile Pictures

Funny Comments for Facebook Profile Pictures

Funny Comments for Facebook Profile Pictures

How will you feel if someone commented on your picture or post on Facebook, and that comment has tons of likes even more than your picture or post? No one wants that because you want your picture or post to be the focus. But what if it is the other way round, you commented on a friend’s picture or post on Facebook, and all attentions are on your comment? What if you end up having more likes on your comment than the very picture or post you commented on?

Do you want to have more likes on your Facebook comments? Do you want to have all the attention? If yes, then you must be able to give a hilarious comment that will make people laugh continuously, you know nothing feels better than that! One of the ways to get all your desired likes is by giving funny comments on that picture uploaded by your friend. Funny images are great, but here I will be giving you some funny comments that will make all your friends laugh out loud and also look forward to seeing more of your comments on their pictures.


What are the best funny comment for Facebook profile pictures?

Here we have compiled some hilarious and top funniest comment for a facebook profile pics that will get you more likes and wow reactions

1. Wow, this is so funny that I forgot to laugh.

2. What if I told you that there is a place called, I don’t care.

3. Do you expect me to laugh or what, like I don’t understand, what you want me to do about what you just posted?

4. Rest In Peace almighty English; someone just killed you.

5. Don’t you have any other thing to do than posting this, I saw this shit last week.

6. Shut up and go straight to the point, I have had enough of this shit.

7. I don’t understand if this is a human or a ghost. You look more like a monkey though.

8. If I can’t share this wonderful thing you called a post, what do I stand to gain?

9. Oh really, that is very interesting, please go on and make me understand.

10. Who do I tell that they are posting shit again?

11. Some people need to be blocked from Facebook, one of them is you, are you that daft?

12. I pray for you, receive sense…. Can I hear you say a very loud amen? Because you need it.

13. Look at them, oh! They love their phones more than they love God.

14. Do I look like I care? Hell no, that word, care, is not in my dictionary.

15. What is your point exactly, I mean I am yet to get what you are trying say.

16. Oh, my chest, my right kidney, my heart, in fact, I can’t explain what is wrong with me right now.

17. So you mean it has now gotten to the extent that you cannot write God correctly, this is the devils handwriting, you need to erase it from your life.

18. Awesome, it looks more of a true life story.

19. I am not saying that you are lying; I only meant that it has ones happened to me ironically.

20. Hahaha we all know this before, so don’t form Mr. Perfect here.

21. If you are bored, go to the cinema rather than disturbing our peace here.

22. Give that man some accolade, he deserves it, only that he needs brain more than the accolade.

23. It is a no from this side; I don’t care what the outcome will be, I stand on my ground.

24. Stop this madness for Christ sake.

25. Oh, I know what you mean but let that be the secret between us.

26. You think you are funny but you are not or maybe I forgot to laugh though.

27. Cool story bro, cool story.

28. Wait right there I want to pee; you need to explain this better because it seems you alone understand it.

29. I love this post, just that as I was about to like it, I fell and broke my neck.

30. I can’t hear you clearly; it is noisy here, can you please speak louder?

31. This post killed me that I forgot to die.

32. Many people here are asthmatic, please don’t complicate issues for them by taking away all the oxygen, if you cannot spell oxygen correctly, then it is not by force.

33. Maybe you should check the fridge; you need a cold drink to cool off your brain, it is dangerous to keep it hot like that because it has started malfunctioning, a cold drink will help you.

34. It seems everybody’s brain is on strike.

35. I have to stop my kids from using Facebook because it seems some people have decided to damage their tongue with their words.

36. You are cast already, we all know that you are doing this for attention. All this doesn’t freak us anymore.

37. Please someone should help me delete this picture from here, I need to clear my phone of the virus.

38. I have a special talent of getting tired by just reading your post on Facebook. What have you done to me? Am I the only one having such an experience?

39. Be grateful to those who defend you in your absence; I am one of those you should be grateful to because, despite the nonsense you just posted, I still liked your post hahaha.

40. I seriously no longer have time to argue with people who still use phones with a removable battery, I am sure that is what you are using so, please mind the way you talk here.

41. To Whom It May Concern, your boyfriend is asking me to give him a babe, and I think this lady is the best person I can give to him.

42. If a snake bites someone on the neck, please where would you tie the rope because this is more of a snake bite on my neck?

43. I have seen the nicest person on planet earth, it is this person, I understand you, and we are all ready to help your situation, please who is with me on this?

44. How can you ask me if I would die with you, are we twin, are my you, are you me, are we related in any way, I want to know before I take my decision.

45. Nobody has better eyesight than this man, he has seen beyond the future.

46. If you are like this and your husband is like this, can I see your kids, please? If you don’t have any at the moment, please it is not too late to break it and start afresh with someone else but please do not make the same mistake.

47. Next time, can you be more original, please?

48. Some people will go to an expensive hotel, just ones but with different clothes and take over 1000photos to upload them daily and make it seem as if they live an expensive life, no problem, ride on God is watching from a distance. Did I mention the name? No.

49. Next time before you post anything on Facebook, please be sure that none of your friends is a grammarian.

50. Common sense is not that common.

51. Don’t try this in my country; there are several Ways you will be dealt with.

52. If there is an award for being lazy, then I will send someone to pick it up for you.

53. Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an application, then maybe after then, they would start using it as expected.

54. This post is like watching a foreign movie without a subtitle; you think you understand until a fight starts and you ask yourself what happened, what causes the fight? But you have no reply because no matter the number of times you backward it, you still won’t understand it. Who is in my shoes?

55. What is another name for meaningless? This post.

56. I don’t think inside the box, and I don’t think outside the box, in fact, I don’t know where the box is, so please kindly explain yourself.

57. Lies I tell to myself; his next post will be better because he would have grown up.

58. They say it is always good to do what you love, but I want to tell you this, if this is what you love, then you must have made a wrong choice, have a rethink.

59. I’d like to stay here a little longer and read more of your post, but if I dare to do that I might die, so I am out of here.

60. Funny how such a beautiful post could tell such a sad story and teaches such a sad lesson. Lol.

It is time to upgrade your Facebook game, and we got you covered. That funny moment when your comment gets more likes than the status itself is about to happen. All you need to do is to pick one of this, but be sure that anyone you want to use is correlates with the status so as for you not to look stupid and so that your comments won’t be neglected. Are you ready? It is time to make your friends laugh. Good luck.

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