Graduation Status for Facebook and Whatsapp

Graduation Status for Facebook and Whatsapp

Graduation Status for Facebook

You came, you saw, you conquered and you graduated!

You’ve burnt the midnight candle, studied hard, experienced being broke and now it’s time to earn your reward. One of the greatest days of our lives is our graduation day. It’s the day we put on our gown, doff our hat, strut, smile, celebrate and earning that diploma. It’s that day we become the legal owner of that certification or degree and we share this beautiful and proud moment with our friends and family.


Fortunately, social media has provided a way for us to reach out to our friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues to receive this good news and rejoice with us.

Facebook proves the most effective platform to convey our feelings concerning about our graduation but in doing so, we need to use the right approach to be enthusiastic, joyful but also being known as a graduate.

You’ve attained a new status in life; you’ve blossomed from a student to a graduate and what better way to share this than your Facebook and Whatsapp status.

Here are some examples to write about your graduation on your Facebook status:

  • As a graduate, I’ll always remain grateful to y school; a place where I learned how to adapt and evolve; to be a better version of myself. Congratulations to me.
  • As a graduate, I’ll forever remain grateful to my school; a place where I learned how to think without the box, dream without borders and imagine without boundaries. Thank you.
  • Happy graduation to me; indeed it was an exciting journey.
  • Let’s all clap for the new graduate in town.
  • Graduation is not an easy feat; happy graduation to me.
  • Dream big, dream wide, dream deeply; impossibility is not a possibility. As a graduate, I’ll forever cherish these words.
  • Life gives you a second chance called tomorrow; as a graduate, every day would be an adventure for me.
  • I have endured and now it’s time to relax; happy graduation to me.
  • I’m ready to explore my full potential, I’m ready to go outside my comfort zone, I’m ready to broaden my horizon. I’m now a graduate.
  • I experienced both the good and bad while in school. As a graduate, I’ll cherish these memories.
  • The courage they say is not the absence of fear but the action in the presence of fear. Wishing myself good luck as I take risks as a new graduate.
  • I’m ready to make an impact; to do something new and great in the professional world. Watch out!
  • After passing through the rigorous learning at school, it’s time to let my signature become my autograph. Congrats to me.
  • I’m transiting to a bigger place. Happy graduation to me.
  • With enthusiasm, I will venture into this world as a new graduate.
  • Greater opportunities coming my way; happy graduation to me.
  • I’m filled with joy and laughter on this joyous occasion; happy graduation to me.
  • Congratulations to me as I’ve completed my foundation. It’s now ready for future achievements.
  • On a job well done, I congratulate myself. Happy graduation to me.
  • Today’s my graduation; I want to scream and shout.
  • This graduation marks a stepping stone and a ladder for
  • I wish myself all the success and happiness in life as I go out into the world. Happy graduation to me.
  • I’ve added any feather to my hat. Happy graduation to me.
  • Finally, I won’t pay to work but start working to get paid. Big congratulations to me.
  • Say it loud, say it proud; it’s my graduation.
  • If u will it, you can have it; congratulations to me getting my degree.
  • Although I’ll be leaving school, I won’t stop pursuing knowledge. Happy graduation to me.
  • “I wish to be a graduate”, here I am I guess.
  • Today is my day, it’s my graduation day.
  • Today is a day to reflect, celebrate and contemplate. Happy graduation to me.
  • Congratulations to myself as I embark on a new professional journey.
  • Shout out to the new graduate in town; that’s me!
  • Here’s the proof that hard work and determination pays.

You can also take up a simpler approach by penning a message congratulating yourself then adding some quotes to make it enlightening.

Finally I am Graduated Quotes

Here are some quotes to put you out there as a graduate: “Congratulations to me, I’ve graduated” or “Happy Graduation to me” is written before or after the quotes.

  • It’s not the years in your life that matters but the life in your years that matters. Live your life to the fullest.
  • Your Altitude is viewed as an indication of your Attitude and you are only as small as your dream.
  • I can be anything I want to be, don’t tell me I am Nothing, maybe Something greater than u ever imagined but I know I will be Everything I want to be.
  • I’ve made many sacrifices for this and now, I have emerged triumphant.
  • Victory is not an easy feat but my persistence won.
  • Everything we achieve in life is through effort.
  • I wish myself the very best as I set out on this professional path.
  • Learning is like a sponge to me, I won’t ever stop soaking it up.
  • No more waking up at 6 am; we are waking up earlier than that now.
  • School’s out and I’m out.
  • Minds may also be parachutes for they guide you only when they are open.
  • It’s clear the future holds risks, uncertainty but also great opportunities.
  • Indeed, a journey without obstacles wasn’t a journey at all.
  • To thine self, be true.
  • Stand up, speak up but don’t shut up.
  • Yes you know, but can you do?
  • Persistence is what makes a river cuts through rock.
  • Learning is for a lifetime; you never graduate from experience.
  • Welcome to the world which is full of uncertainty but also thrilling.
  • On this day, I am no more a student but a professional.
  • Finally, I will enjoy the fruit of my labor.
  • On the road to success, don’t give up, never give up.
  • Today marks the start of a professional status in my life.
  • One of the biggest dreams of my life has been achieved today.
  • Indeed, the best part begins after the big chapter in one’s life; that which is the school.
  • I won’t cry but smile for it’s not the end but a new beginning in my life.
  • School life is in phases; at the beginning, we start fast, we slow down in the middle and we feel reluctant to leave at the end.
  • Graduation may close a door in one’s life but it opens a thousand others.
  • I won’t forget my true friends, those who stood by me.
  • To my lecturers, thanks for terrorizing us.
  • As I go confidently following my dreams, I wish myself success.
  • Graduation marks the beginning of bigger challenges to face and conquer.
  • Whatever you do in life, make sure you always follow your heart and intuition.
  • The best provision for old age is education.
  • He who reads will lead.
  • The means of education are what is being taught in school.
  • Life is an improvisation, school shares the tricks.
  • Never stop questioning in life.
  • Success is that mountain which keeps you ahead as you climb it.
  • Always keep going; never quit.
  • Life is short; so live it to the fullest.
  • Question, understand, appreciate, learn and grow.
  • I came in, blossomed and emerged as a butterfly.
  • Dreams plus action is what makes a reality.
  • Education should be a free privilege.
  • He who sows shall surely reap.
  • I am a free bird; the architect of my future.
  • Hard works bring great rewards.
  • The experience is what makes education important.
  • I dreamt I imagined, I achieved and now I am a graduate.
  • With this knowledge; I shall fly and reach for the stars.
  • Doing small things with great love is what makes them great.
  • The future is in our hands; it belongs to us.
  • Dream, plan, believe, act and accomplish.
  • I have a key to unlock my world and a passport to freedom; that’s education.
  • Education is one of the greatest opportunities I received.
  • My life is yours for me to lead.
  • Thanks for the opportunity of receiving the most powerful weapon; education.
  • The fruit of education is sweet though the roots may be bitter.
  • I’m an achiever; I’ve made momma proud.
  • Education guides one in the right direction.
  • A bright future lies ahead of me; it’s dazzlingly.
  • It’s a new beginning crowned with a happy ending.
  • I finished what I started; kudos to me.
  • Indeed, hard work, efforts, and passion pay
  • Today brings me steps closer to my desired future.
  • I did it, let’s party!
  • I see my future smiling at me.
  • Education provides a staircase to success.
  • I feel ready and excited to take over the world.
  • These last few years weren’t easy for me but it was worth it.
  • I’m ready to explore this world of infinite possibilities.
  • Thanks for believing in me; I didn’t let you down.
  • I won’t ever stop learning, dreaming and achieving.
  • School; a place of preparation.
  • This piece of paper here is worth celebrating.
  • From a believer to an achiever; thank you

I hope these proved helpful in guiding you to write that awesome graduation status on Facebook. Do well to invite the world to celebrate with you.

Happy graduation!

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