Collection of Beautiful Comments for Pictures on Facebook

What are Some Lines to Comment on a Beautiful Picture on Facebook?

“Everyone is beautiful”; we know this and “Everyone loves compliments. Whenever a picture is posted, most people just tend to write the same monotonous comments without giving true compliments.

Think about it? How would you feel if after striving for the perfect pictures, everyone’s comments are, “Fine, good, nice?”

Giving beautiful comments on pictures you see on Facebook boosts the self esteem of the individual, helps you make a good impression and also a way of showing how polite you are. Want to be her friend? Want a connection with him? You need to develop the art of giving out beautiful comments.

Here are some tips to guide you while giving out those beautiful comments for pictures on Facebook:

Uniqueness: Avoid writing the same comments as others have written and avoid repetitive comments especially for the pictures of the same individual.

Apply creativity: You can pour out your artistic flair and creative abilities while composing those beautiful comments. Sometimes short poems can help for better impression.

Politeness: Avoid being rude and pointing out the flaw of the individual while writing your comments. Don’t write lewd or obnoxious comments as well.

Be real: Write good things about the individual but do not over-exaggerate as this makes you seem like a liar. Learn to give out genuine comments.

Be smart: While writing it, don’t state the obvious and avoid being oblivious about what you can see in the pictures.

Attentiveness: Pay attention to details in the pictures such as clothes, shoes, background, hair, smile etc

Be free: You can try writing goofy but heartwarming comments; in any way it won’t make her feel uncomfortable.

Beautiful Comments for Pictures on Facebook

Here are some top collections of beautiful comments for pictures on Facebook to inspire you:

1. You are beautiful; you know it and I see it.

2. Your smile just light up my day, thank you.

3. You are brave, beautiful and real.

4. I wish I had your dimples.

5. I admire your style; chic but cute.

6. I love your hair; it’s wild yet wavy.

7. You are a protégée from the goddess of beauty.

8. I was looking for a girl who’s beautiful and I saw you.

9. Today is one of my lucky days, because I saw your picture.

10. You look so beautiful it seems unreal.

11. You are so captivating; it should be a crime.

12. Something pure and beautiful: that’s who you are.

13. I’m inspired by your look.

14. Your beauty is beyond words.

15. You radiate strength and confidence.

16. You scream elegance.

17. Someone looks great today.

18. I’m drowning in your beauty.

19. What an impressive photo.

20. Your beauty is enchanting.

21. I love how you don’t know you are gorgeous.

22. Your beauty has no borders.

23. You have beautiful eyes and beautiful hair.

24. I saw someone magical today; it’s you.

25. Truly, you are more than beautiful.

26. I admire your great taste.

27. With your smile; you light up my world.

28. This new look is so perfect on you.

29. You are stunning; I can’t help but stare.

30. I know one fact my dear; you are gorgeous.

31. Look what you did; you made me a believer.

32. You are so cute; it’s adorable.

33. You ooze charisma.

34. Your eyes are like two pools of water; I want to drown in them.

35. You are so animated; it looks unreal.

36. You give a new meaning to the world, “Beauty.”

37. Those shoes were made for you.

38. In your own way, you are uniquely beautiful.

39. You love yourself, and that’s something I admire.

40. “To thy own self, be true,” you just proved this.

41. I love how expressive your eyes are.

42. One of the things I like about you is your beauty.

43. You are the queen of sophistication.

44. The truth is, you are beautiful.”

45. I’m looking at this photo now, and I won’t regret it.

46. Someday, you’ll be great.

47. You are fine, and that’s no lie.

48. There’s no one better than you can be.

49. Even without makeup, you are flawless.

50. This picture will create a thousand memories for me.

51. Your face tells a thousand stories, and your eyes express a thousand words.

52. You have pretty hair, pretty eyes, and a pretty smile.

53. You look so happy that it makes me happy.

54. In and out; you are magnificently beautiful.

55. Your smile is captivating.

56. You are sensational.

57. You are like a flower; delicate and beautiful.

58. You are nature’s masterpiece.

59. Subtly, you are divine.

60. You are a sigh of perfection.

61. Your loveliness defeats misery.

62. You must be a thief for you stole my heart right now.

63. You must be a pirate because you got me hooked with your picture.

64. You must be a villain for your picture just captured my heart.

65. I love those with a beautiful heart, and you top the list.

66. You are wonderful.

67. Your beauty is unrivaled.

68. I love how beautiful and passionate you are.

69. From the heavens, you are a gift unto earth.

70. Do you know what makes you beautiful? Your strength.

71. A breath of fresh air is what you are.

72. I see your true colors, and they are beautiful.

73. Without any doubts, you are beautiful.

74. I love how your beauty feels alive.

75. There’s something about your eyes; they are so blue and they remind me of the ocean.

76. You are a touch of flawlessness.

77. Your eyes remind me of autumn.

78. I’ve never seen someone so endearing.

79. There are no limitations to how amazing you are.

80. From within your soul; comes your beauty.

81. You are like spring; splendid and beautiful.

82. Your smile is appealing.

83. Though you are perfect; I find you flawless.

84. Your beauty is spectacular.

85. I find you intriguing.

86. Your eyes are mesmerizing.

87. Your body is work-out goals.

88. Let me confess; even the moon and stars don’t glow as pretty as you.

89. Your hair is awesome.

90. Your beauty is alluring.

91. Your beauty is worth dying for.

92. You are a rare jewel.

93. You are a reflection of true exquisiteness.

94. A treasure is what you are.

95. You are stunning, and that’s an understatement.

96. Your smile is all natural; I love it.

97. Your figure is impressive.

98. You’ve got an alluring figure.

99. Red is your color.

100. Your eyes are gorgeous.

101. I love how decent you are, yet desirable.

102. Truly, you are a blessing to us.

103. Your beauty is like magic.

104. I love your positive vibe.

105. In your own way; you are beautiful.

106. Caramel skin and chocolate eyes; you are like candy.

107. One word describes you: Everything.

108. Your skin is so flawless.

109. Simply speaking, you are the best.

110. Your eyes are like coffee.

111. Your tresses remind me of the river.

112. Is it wrong that I find your nose fascinatingly cute?

113. You, my dear, are a show-stopper.

114. You are an uncommon beauty.

115. I love seeing you smile.

116. Once again, let me remind you of how beautiful you are.

117. I had to take a triple look at this picture; it’s so cute.

118. I know everyone will like this picture.

119. You are beautiful; in and out.

120. Your beauty is worth eulogizing.

121. It doesn’t matter what they say; “you are beautiful.”

122. You must be the most beautiful girl I’ve seen

123. Your beauty is spellbinding.

124. Staring at your picture can be addictive.

125. You are nature’s finest.

126. You blow my mind with your beauty

127. A beautiful creature is what you are.

128. I love how beautiful you dress today.

129. It seems that each day, you grow more beautiful.

130. This is picture-perfect!

131. Lucky are those who have you.

132. I’m envious, that dress was made for you.

133. That shirt looks good on you.

134. Gladly, I’m impressed.

135. You just gave me a reason to smile.

136. You just won an award for the cutest smile.

137. Your cheeks are rosy, I want to pinch them.

138. I’m envious of your jawline.

139. You were born to wear those shoes.

140. Raise your head my dear, for you are beautiful.

141. I love your hair; it’s so silky and shiny.

142. You are a whisper of love.

143. You are extraordinarily beautiful.

144. You are pleasing.

145. Not to be weird, but I can’t stop staring at you.

146. I have a confession; I adore you.

147. Your beauty is unimpeachable.

148. I am thankful for you are beautiful.

149. Your eyes are like windows to your soul.

150. Your smile creates hope.

151. I find you incredible.

152. I find your eyes irresistible.

153. My wish is to hug you right now.

154. In the darkness, you are a torch.

155. Your beauty is worth staring at.

156. I see endless potential.

157. Every time I come across your picture, I’m never disappointed.

158. Your style is original and so you.

159. I love your style; classy, chic and comfortable.

160. Never forget this, “You are beautiful.”

161. You are happy, and that’s what makes you beautiful.

162. Know this; “You are priceless.”

163. Surely, you don’t disappoint.

164. I love the way your eyes twinkle when you put up a smile.

165. I love how you are full of passion.

166. You are strong and beautiful.

167. I thank your parents for creating you.

168. Truly, you are beautiful.

169. You are extremely beautiful; it shouldn’t be real.

170. You are a promising beauty; full of potential.

171. Your beauty cannot be ignored; it isn’t possibilities.

172. The blue color of your eyes remind me of summer.

173. You are so ethereal; it seems so unreal.

174. Life is good, but when you laugh, it’s much better.

175. You look dazzling. It’s almost dazzlingly.

176. I’ve got wrinkles; from laughing too hard.

177. You have a beautiful soul.

178. Life isn’t perfect, but this picture is.

179. I love my skirt; it’s so cute.

180. Finally, here’s a picture to motivate me.

181. I see the strength behind your eyes; it’s beautiful.

182. Cheers to this delightful picture.

183. Every time I look at this picture, I fall in love.

184. Welcome to another day of seeing your beautiful picture.

185. I’m so glad that you took this picture.

186. This will be one of my favorite memories of you.

187. I can’t decide if I like the picture or you more.

188. It took me a while to stop gaping at this picture.

189. This picture just took my breath away.

190. I’ll take this picture a thousand times again if I can.

191. I can’t look at this picture and not smile.

192. I set my goals high, so I wear these heels to take me there.

193. Elegance is my style.

194. Pretty and poised is who I am.

195. I’m so cute; I’m lucky.

196. This picture is not an image; it’s a work of art.

197. Am I permitted to fall, in love when you see this picture?

198. Your beauty is an artwork.

199. This will be a memory you can’t erase.

200. The camera loves you.

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