Best Comments to Impress a Girl on Facebook

Best Comments to Impress a Girl on Facebook

Girls are quite complicated species of human being. They are mostly unpredictable because you can never predict what their actions or reactions to actions might be. Don’t be scared; they are just as hard to understand as they are easy to impress. You might not understand why they behave the way they do, but you can get a hint as to what will impress them or what will not. Girls like to be appreciated no matter how little the appreciation might seem. Yes, it does a lot to them. Complimenting them is one of the ways of appreciating them.

The relationship between girls and compliments is one of a kind, but then, everyone likes to be complimented, regardless of their gender. So here we go, what’s the best comment to drop on a girl’s picture to impress her, make her head swoon, capture her attention, and steal her heart? There’s an unending list of such comments, whatever you choose, the goal is to impress and make impressed.

What are the best compliments for a girl picture on Facebook?

To impress a girl through your comments, you don’t have to use ‘big words.’ I mean you don’t have to consult your dictionary to get the word with the highest number of alphabets to capture what you intend to express. That’s a complete turn off in most cases, and at the same time, you don’t want your comment to appear too simple. So, try all you can to be in the middle. Don’t be a bore by telling her the same thing she hears from everybody, she must have heard it one thousand times, and over that she’s beautiful. You also want to tell her she is beautiful, why not change your choice of words? She’s going to feel more appreciated hearing the same thing but in a different dimension.

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Also, bad usage of grammar is a complete, of course, who would want to end up being confused as to what you typed rather than being impressed? So, make sure you type things right, know the right tense to use and watch out for typos (typographical errors). There’s a joke about a guy who had the mind of impressing his crush with his comments but ended up insulting her as a result of a typo, Yes, he typed ‘nice pig’ instead of ‘nice pic,’ silly mistake, right? Well, that’s on a lighter note, When you type a comment on her picture, you should check and recheck for any grammatical blunder or typographical error so as not to create a bad first impression of who you are.

The type of comment you type on the girl’s picture should be based on the relationship that exists between you two. Is she a friend? A stranger you want to hook up with her? A crush? Or just an acquaintance? Whichever way it might be, it will be advisable that you don’t mix up the comments meant for one with the other. For instance, what will sound funny to a friend might sound scary or freaky to a stranger. So you should think about the rapport between you and the girl in question. That brings us to the issue of you not appearing like a stalker.

Now, it wouldn’t be cool if you end up being labeled as a stalker in a bid to impress a girl. You don’t have to be the guy to always like and comment first on each of her posts if you are not her friend, I mean if you are a stranger. So you could comment on her picture randomly, leave out consistency if you don’t have a good rapport with her yet because you might end up annoying her instead of impressing her with your sweet comments.

Don’t forget to be creative, you don’t have to stick to the one compliment, that anyone can come up with, to impress her, There are so many ways you could express your adoration of her. You don’t want to bore her with the same old line now and then, so, it’s advisable you type something that will capture her attention, something catchy, that she’ll find herself going back to the comment to be sure someone said that.

You should also consider complimenting the most visible feature she possesses. Of course, you possibly can’t talk about her intelligence or behavior based on her picture so you’d rather not talk about those before you get up close with her. Complimenting the most visible feature she possesses dwells mainly on her physical appearance, her body shape, her nose, her smile, the length of her hair, her complexion, the color of her hair, her dimples and so on. The list goes on and on, so look out for that particular feature you wanna compliment on and let her know you notice that part of her.

To the main deal, Here is a compilation of things you can say to impress a girl on Facebook, especially when you’re commenting on her picture. Mind you; these are just a few of the numerous things you could come up with. Here we go.

1. You are so beautiful that I can’t just help myself from staring over and over again at your picture.

2. I don’t believe the beautiful ones are not yet born; the reason behind me not believing that? Well, just look at you.

3. We don’t have to ask who runs the world. It’s obvious that girls like you run the world.

4. I can see that God has released more of His angels here on earth, and you happen to be part of the few angels because you look so angelic.

5. Wow, look what beauty my eyes found here; you are so stunning.

6. I want to make a request please, I need you to give me my breath back because you are simply breathtaking.

7. Whoa, my eyes are stuck because I can’t seem to get my eyes off of your picture.

8. Just looking at your picture, I realize that there are more wonders the world is yet to discover.

9. You look so ravishing that I could just eat you up right now.

10. I had always believed that no human could be as beautiful as an angel; well, you prove me wrong by being as an angel.

11. Talk about perfection; all I can see is you. You are so perfect.

12. If this isn’t beauty, then I wonder what beauty is.

13. I need to see your mom, because I want to thank her for giving the world a beautiful gift like you.

14. You look super gorgeous in this picture.

15. I love your beautiful face, especially your dimples.

16. What a cute nose you’ve got there.

17. Omg! I think I’ve just found the next ‘Miss world.’

18. Love your picture, always stunning as ever.

19. Your smile is so bright that it lights up my world.

20. Aaaaawn, you look super cute.

21. It’s a special privilege for the world to behold such a beauty as you.

22. You are beautiful just the way you are.

23. I need nobody to tell me right now that I’ve just seen an angel cos of her angelic smile.

24. You are natural yet so beautiful, that means you are naturally beautiful.

25. I wish I could have this kind of day every day because it’s not every day that I get to see someone as beautiful as you.

26. You look super sweet, if I see you everyday I might have to get checked for diabetes.

27. Whoa, I love what I see; you are pretty and unique in your own special way.

28. I can never get tired of looking at your face because it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever set my eyes on.

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Hmmm, quite impressive, right? So you could also add yours to it. You don’t really have to stick to these, feel free to come up with your own comments as the creativity in you allows.

Lest I forget, it is important you don’t include remarks that may sound insulting in your comments, no matter how harmless it may appear. Girls are quite sensitive and as such, what you might see as a joke might appear otherwise to them. However, to cut out the possibility of this happening, you could just make sure your comment is creatively short. Yes, your comment should not be too lengthy but at the same time, it should be creative and sweet. As said earlier, don’t be a bore, add little sparks to your comment and that will leave her dazzling.

Don’t try to flatter her more than necessary because she might just discover that your compliment is not real. You should try to keep your compliment real, and as such it’s going to add to her confidence and leave her dazzled.

I really hope you get to capture her attention with these compliments. It might not be on her pictures only, you can use these compliments in person; there’s no harm in trying.

Have a nice time trying these compliments out and enjoy the attention you get from it.


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