120 Funny Questions to ask Friends When Bored

When you are with friends, there are moments you just don’t know what to say which could results to quiet moments [not that you wished it happened] and could be boring. As you know the surest thing to start up a conversation is laughter. The beauty of friendship is to have fun and spice up every moment because everyone loves to laugh and feel comfortable. Below here, you can read these funny questions you ask friends when bored.

Funny Questions to ask Friends When Bored

  1. In an ‘end of the world’ scenario, what would you make you valuable?
  2. I need an outsider’s view, what do you think of the state of the economy?
  3. Which would you fight? Is it a 54 duck –sized cows or a 1 cow-sized duck?
  4. Can you build a snowman?
  5. What’s your opinion in being a dog or having a dog?
  6. In a death match, who do you want to be as your celebrity opponent?
  7. Is it okay for parents to farts in front of their kids?
  8. What is it that you want to talk about but you never had the chance to do that?
  9. In case of a fire outbreak, where would you run to?
  10. Have you ever been touched by human species?
  11. What’s the weirdest thing you ever imagined?
  12. Are you going to kill me if you see me with your lover?
  13. Have anyone asked you about what question you always wished to answer?
  14. What would you do if you find yourself in a dungeon?
  15. Are your pajamas really cool?
  16. Are your bed sheets ever tucked in or out when you sleep?
  17. Do you have a pet peeve?
  18. What kind of sandwich do you enjoy eating?
  19. When you walk do you ever count your steps?
  20. What would your first name be if you were given the chance to choose?
  21. Are you always sensitive to quotes in movies?
  22. What job would you love to do?
  23. Hot tie or cold tie, which do you refer?
  24. Do you know the kindest person in the world?
  25. Are having siblings beautiful or annoying?
  26. Have you ever been so scared of seeing a movie?
  27. Where did you wish to travel to if given freedom?
  28. Your celebrity crush is who?
  29. What do you enjoy doing even when you feel bad?
  30. What tradition do you love in your family?
  31. In yourself, what trait do you love the most?
  32. Do you ever wish your parents to be another?
  33. Would you love to meet any fictional character?
  34. Which sport would you function well if given the privilege?
  35. When you are back from a party, what do you do first?
  36. Lagos or South Africa which would you rather explore for the holidays?
  37. Have you ever gotten into trouble by expressing your desires?
  38. Would you love me to fix your meal at your birthday?
  39. Do you love any of the athletes at the sport today?
  40. What advice did you receive from your parent that made you more powerful?
  41. Would you ever pick your name if you were to be born again?
  42. Being the smartest kid or the most famous kid in a school, which is best?
  43. On rainy days, what do you do?
  44. What would you love to research on?
  45. Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?
  46. In wealth and love, which would you want to have in abundance?
  47. Does any of the seven dwarfs look like you?
  48. What would you love to build in the space of 2 years?
  49. What company would you love to always market their products?
  50. Has talking to strangers ever been embarrassing to you?
  51. Have you been in a state where what you had to eat is a person?
  52. In the days of the week, which is your favorite?
  53. If you were guaranteed to be successful in a different profession, what would you want to do?
  54. Being a part of a family, what have you contributed to the growth?
  55. What part of your childhood life makes you love to want to be a child again?
  56. What would you do to live forever?
  57. Would you rate my sewing skills if asked to by a marketer?
  58. would you sniff it back or pull it out with your fingers If a strand of spaghetti accidentally went out of your nose
  59. Can you draw the biggest of your poop?
  60. Cereals before milk, milk before cereals, or?
  61. Where did you get your rules from?
  62. 1What is something your parents or friends would warn me about you?
  63. What will make you yield to either your friends or parents?
  64. Is your browser history pen for all to see?
  65. Have you ever answered a question backwardly?
  66. Are you closer to living?
  67. Does staying at home all day make you irrelevant?
  68. Would you like to be a spokesman for a group?
  69. Why wouldn’t you love to die tomorrow?
  70. When you shower, what’s the first thing you wash?
  71. Do you live to be known or you live to be all alone?
  72. Can we start a cult here in this street?
  73. Do you think we should always settle for whatever the government gives us?
  74. Will your name still live after you exit the world?
  75. Do you mean all you did was framed?
  76. Is it nice to give your kids names?
  77. Can you beat the wildest animal with your bare hands?
  78. What would you do that wouldn’t make me complain?
  79. Are skeletons in your closet?
  80. What are the others for if you think we are here to help others?
  81. Do you have a useless talent?
  82. Have you ever prayed to have a boyfriend?
  83. When do you poop?
  84. When you don’t feel like doing anything at all, what do you like to do?
  85. Who would you love to do to build your circle of friends?
  86. What are some things that are definitely not okay to do every day but okay to do occasionally?
  87. Can we take away something in this world so everything could start afresh?
  88. Do you say creepy things to strangers on your street or while in the vehicle?
  89. Have you ever plan to execute a crime perfectly?
  90. Can everyone withdraw money from your account?
  91. Do you think it’s best to brag or let everyone know you perform an act of kindness on the street?
  92. Is there some zombie killing soundtracks on your phone?
  93. Do you love who you love?
  94. Looking good or beautiful attitude, which attracts you?
  95. When you want to shower, what do you do first?
  96. What do you think does that doesn’t like you think of you?
  97. Should we be the reason why other people are harmed?
  98. Do you wish to kill someone in your lifetime?
  99. Do you love to be casual at your wedding party because of what your spouse like?
  100. Would you rather choose to be a lawyer or a bricklayer as a career?
  101. Do you smell good?
  102. What would you do each day if there is no punishment attached?
  103. Do you love your ice-cream to be pooped flavored?
  104. Does boredom get something on you?
  105. Do you have a favorite animal you would love to travel the whole world with?
  106. What would you like to be in an hour?
  107. Do you have your last words pasted on your walls?
  108. Should we always close or open our eyes while sleeping?
  109. What would be on the soundtrack if you are being filmed at this moment?
  110. What’s the craziest thing that happened to you and you can’t explain it?
  111. Is it easy to mind one’s business?
  112. Would you rather travel in 15 years ago or 15 years to come?
  113. Have you ever been arrested for a crime a neighbor committed?
  114. Should an uncle visit the niece in school?
  115. Has any food influenced your life in years?
  116. Would you need insurance if you have control of the transformer?
  117. Was your body hidden?
  118. What would you read about me if you had your ways into my mind
  119. Are people allowed to describe one another?
  120. Would you wish to always live for me?

Yeah! Having these listed funny questions, humor is your friend. You don’t have to skip beats or look awkward or boring to a friend or a stranger. You can start up conversations with your friend with no dull moment with these funny questions that makes a difference in a boring and fruitful conversation.

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