100 Bad Girl Quotes For Instagram

Bad Girl Quotes For Instagram

Instagram seems to be the hub of a show-off especially for those that tagged themselves badass girls.  While trying to express yourself with cute selfies, your friends might label you as being sassy. Yes, if that’s what they say, there are lots of response to caption your Instagram pictures and to show them that you are the best version of yourself.

And for those that feel that your post and caption should dance to their tune. And possibly, the best way they can tell you this is by using some offensive words. Here are some perfect responses to clap back even harder on them.

Just read through this post to find a caption and bad girl quotes for Instagram that will match any picture you upload on your Instagram page. Share your bold feelings and have no apology for anyone’s feelings and reaction.

Bad Girl Quotes For Instagram

1. Come on, judge me. But make sure you are perfect.

2. I can never fit in, I was born to stand out.

3. 100% confidence level: selfie no filter!

4. Am already classy, never trashy and a bit sassy.

5. I major in making difficult things look easy and the impossible look cute.

6. Hello! I am a rare breed and an odd combination of “Beautifully sweet” and “never you mess with me”

7. Hello peeps!!! I was away not because I forgot how to slay.

8. I shine bright and give no room for anyone to dull my sparkle.

9. I am simply sassy, cute, and classy!

10. Don’t like my dressing? Well, I dress to impress myself.

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11. I am always classy and sassy with a light touch of a bad assy.

12. A sass every day helps me keep the basics at bay.

13. You can never totally understand me because I am completely confusing, weird, and damn unpredictable.

14. Its better for karma to slap you in the face than when I do that.

15. Hey!!! Listen keenly. What did you hear? Sure, you heard me not giving a f*ck.

16. Me? Am close to perfect and far from difficult. Many say am imperfectly perfect and also beautifully complex.

17. I stay strong rather than being pretty and useless.

18. My personality, you can’t fathom. It’s an unbroken line of successful gestures.

19. Kings attract Queens, and only Queens know what it takes to keep a king focused.

20. Look closely, and you’ll see that we don’t belong in the same category. Every girl’s eyes have it’s own vocabulary.

Badass Quotes for Instagram

Looking for badass quotes for your Instagram pictures or comment on a friend’s picture, below are some badass quotes for Instagram.

21. Hey, watch out and choose wisely! It’s either you are by my side, on my side, or in my f*cking way.

22. To the idiots who know nothing about me, I point my middle finger at them, and for the b*tches trying to bring me down, I smile at them.

23. Be careful how you talk to me, my head always stays high but my middle finger higher.

24. Every bad thing I do, I do them very well.

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25. Funny how you look. Just like what I drew with my left hand in the dark.

26. The best place you can make your opinion is right in your ass.

27. Hey! Shut your trap cos I wear heels that are way bigger than your d*ck.

28. Hello B*tch, you’ve got more issues than Vogue.

29. Keep your attitude to yourself because my middle finger is super strong.

30. What you think about me doesn’t matter. I know myself, and I am damn proud of myself.

31. F*ck you! I have people like you giving my finger a hard-on.

32. Hey boo, your approval doesn’t count. I already have mine.

33. I am so gold, you can settle for silver, and that’s fine.

34. Life isn’t perfect, but my outfit is.

35. Come on; babe don’t be ashamed of who you are. Leave that for your parent. It’s their job.

36. For all those staring, don’t worry I’ll make it worthwhile.

37. I only please a person a day and when I checked today isn’t your day. Tomorrow? It doesn’t look good either.

38. Trying to dare me? One advice for; don’t stand to close too the heater. Remember, plastic melts.

39. Listen, and all you will notice that I am not caring.

40. You turn on the days when my middle finger has a response to all your questions.

Sassy Caption for Instagram

41. I laugh when people think they can hurt my feelings. Like I have one.

42. I’m not mean, please. I’m only bluntly honest. It’s not my making that the truth hurts.

43. Your opinion and a pizza are two different things, and the difference between them is that it’s only a pizza I can ask for.

44. Sorry, I am not picky. I only know what I want.

45. Every time I look at the mirror, all I see is my only competitor.

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46. Hello!!! Just for your information, my girlishness has very share teeth.

47. Epic things can’t happen with basic people around you.

48. Own what’s yours, else opportunity finders will try to make it theirs.

49. Every day that I discover myself, the more people fall off my life.

50. Hi haters, stopping hating on me, you aren’t perfect, hope you know. Guess what? I wrote this with my middle finger.

51. Watch! My middle finger is already up. I don’t really give a f*ck.

52. An then people like you pop up, the main reason we have middle fingers from God

53. I hear them saying that I act like I don’t give a damn. Yes, I am not acting.

54. The only thing I do is what I want.

55. I can be anything, right? I chose to be sexy.

56. Excuse me, what language is that? Sounds like bullsh*t in my ears.

57. You can take me as I am or better watch me as I go

58. Damn it! I can feel a “f*ck you” coming right after an “I don’t give a f*ck” and both accompanied by my middle fingers.

59. You don’t like me but still, watch everything I do? You are a fan b*tch.

60. I don’t worry about who will let me since no one can stop me.

Bad Girl Captions for Instagram

61. The beauty you see on the outside is a reflection of the same from inside.

62. I’ll give to more reasons to keep rolling your eyes, let’s hope you’ll find a brain back there.

63. I know that everyone doesn’t like me. I also know that everyone doesn’t matter.

64. Am sorry that your birth certificate is an apology from a condom production factory.

65. Apologies for hurting your feelings when I called you an idiot. Sincerely I thought that you already knew.

66. Some people deserve more than a middle finger. Thank God He gave me two hands.

67. I am a nice person in most days but please don’t push the b*tch button.

68. My coffee is just like me and I like it that way; bitter, dark and very hot for y’all.

69. Queens and hoes don’t match. So, no competition between them.

70. My style screams the volumes about my personality and attitude. So find yours.

71. Being sexy means confidence, independence and unlimited fun.

72. Girls like me are intellectual paintings. You don’t need to understand them before you admire them.

73. Am sorry dear. I just checked my shopping receipt and I didn’t buy any of your bullsh*t

74. Sorry b!tch!! I keep a small circle because I deal on quality not quantity.

75. I stay happy and it drives many people crazy.

76. I am a perfect blend: 50% sweetness and 50% Savage.

77. B!tches like you inspire the serial killer in me.

78. Life goes on and I’ll keep being happy with our without you.

79. Hi haters! All you can do is stare at me while I and my fellow stars head to space.

80. I don’t need many likes. Am not a Facebook status.

Bad Girl Quotes and Captions About Herself

81. One thing I would cherish doing if I were you is adoring me.

82. Hey!!! Mind you, my height is 5’1 but my attitude is 6’2.

83. Me? Am a badass with a good ass.

84. Hey b!tch! You look so fake. Little wonder why China couldn’t accept they made you.

85. You can call me your what nightmare cos that’s what I am.

86. Dear haters, I just want to let you know that I am typing this with my middle finger. Best regards.

Short Badass Captions for Instagram

87. Quality over quantity; that’s my principle.

88. I am not easy to define, I let haters wonder about me.

89. Wow!!! I saw a replica of you today, but I flushed it.

90. To those who know me, they’ll tell you; hey heart is gold but her attitude is Savage.

91. Okay, I have you but let me save that under “f*ck it”.

92. Thanks for the hint. I now realize that my middle finger was given for use when words aren’t enough.

93. Damn it!!! This is for you, yes my middle finger.

94. Hello, please don’t try to study me cos am too complicated. It’s obvious that you won’t graduate.

95. I just found another new member. You can join the club to hate me. Their weekly meeting is at f*ck you street, off kiss my ass avenue.

96. I would rather smile with the sinners than give a f*ck about them haters.

97. An advice B!tch! Eat some makeup so you can make sense from the inside.

98. You are too dumb to handle me even if I came with an instruction manual.

99. I don’t need charm to keep haters of me. My attitude and middle finger can handle that perfectly.

100. When I see you all I see is a human version of menstrual cramp.

Bottom Line

Be you and do what feels right to you because what others think or say about you is none of your business.

Here you have over 100 bad girl quotes for Instagram. All the caption that should accompany your Instagram selfie. With this, you can keep the mouth of those who are always looking for what to say shut.

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