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Now, the wedding is over, what do you use to always remember the beautiful moments you spent with your friend? A picture, right? That’s it. Getting the pictures isn’t the problem, but attaching awesome comments to them tends to be the problem for some.

Imagine showing some sense of humor in your message used with the picture(s) and when it gets delivered, they misunderstand the intention behind your words, it won’t be a good one, right? This is exactly why we have packaged the awesome comments for couple pics on Facebook.

Are you the groom or the bride basking in euphoria to the extent that you can’t think of quotes worth posting alongside those stunning pictures?

Have you tried writing those comments for that picture — or those pictures — but the right words don’t seem to be coming out?

Marriage is a special, wonderful and memorable activity; that’s why whatever word that proceeds through your finger(s), as directed by your brain, should be special. And, for some people, constructing that special and beautiful comment for couple pics on Facebook is a herculean task for them.

Don’t worry, we have just the right words for you to comfortably copy, giving those pictures a magnificent caption. While we were putting this together, we had you in mind, so we are sure you’ll find it useful; another incredible thing are, you can get ideas from these awesome comments for couple pics on Facebook.

Still there? Join us as we disclose them to you.

Awesome Comments for Couple Pic on Facebook

1. Shower your love on her, when she always disturbs you to pray with her. Her reason is: she wants to be with you in paradise, too.

2. People say this very often: behind every successful man is a woman; but, you should know that she’s not behind him, she’s beside him and she is also with him. To repeat that, “She’s not behind him”

3. What’s a strong relationship? A strong relationship is making the choice of loving each other, even when you find it difficult to like each other.

4. The feeling that stands as one of the best feelings ever is when you get a hug from someone you cherish, and the person, in turn, hugs you even tighter.

5. How do you identify a true relationship? When you see two persons, who are not perfect, turning their backs to giving up on each other.

6. A wonderful place for you both to be is together.

7. Falling in love is the easiest of the others — staying in love and letting go. You should know that staying in love is a challenge, letting go happens to be the hardest part.

8. Any place in this world with you is far better than any place in this world without you.

9. Every day, I freshly fall in love with you.

10. I really don’t desire a perfect relationship; what I want is: I am in need of someone with whom I can act silly, someone who treats me specially, and someone who always loves being with me.

11. When I’m right close to you, hours just feel like seconds; when I’m not close to you, days feel just like years.

12. You don’t stop loving someone, just because you’re mad at that person. It doesn’t work that way.

13. I so much thank you for sticking around, even though you have every reason to walk away. I also want to thank you for making it a lot easier when life becomes difficult.

14. You both are looking like two lovebirds; I pray that as you begin this journey, love shall always abide. God bless this marriage.

15. We don’t love only when we find that perfect person, but we come to love by learning to see that imperfect person perfectly.

Good Comments for Couple Photo

16. Let’s stand together, and be successful.

17. And, a certain person asked me, “what exactly do you see in him?” I gave the reply: “everything you don’t see”

18. My friends said to me, “to make her fall in love, you have to make her laugh.” But, the reserve is the case here, because anytime she laughs, I see myself falling in Love.

19. I just want to get the grey hairs with you.

20. It seems God make your hands looking at mine; your hands so much fit in mine.

21. Love really doesn’t have to be perfect, instead, it needs to very true.

22. I’m really happy I was thrown out by someone else so that you could dust me up and love me.

23. Sitting closely with you doing nothing at all, means more than the whole world to me.

24. As for my hands, you may hold them for short time, but I’m sure you hold my heart till eternity.

25. Whenever you hold me, I feel completely safe.

26. The very first day I looked into your eyes, I can clearly remember; my world experienced a flip.

27. Go out and look for someone who knows that you are nothing close to being perfect, but still treats you like you are perfect.

28. Finally, I have seen the one whom my heart beats for.

29. Ever since I set my eyes on you, no one else in this world has been worth having thought of.

30. Love her even more, when she argues. She’s fighting to make things right for you both.

Words for Beautiful Couple

31. Love her even more, when she cries for nothing at all. Don’t ask her why she’s crying, just tell her that it’s going to be okay.

32. In the midst of our crazy fights, lengthy talks laughs and jokes — I fell in love.

33. If I could offer you one thing, I really would give you the ability to look at yourself in my eyes, because that’s when you will realize that you are very special to me.

34. I’d watch with joy countless times if you were a movie.

35. I prefer to die tomorrow than live for a thousand years without you by my side.

36. Whenever someone asks me, ”what’s the best thing about you?” I tell them that, the best thing about me is you — my queen.

37. It’s said to be love when your partner’s happiness worth more than that of yours.

38. If all I have is you, I still will have everything.

39. Just like how the birds sing, every heart has a song it sings, waiting for a response until other hearts sing back. Those who desire to sing easily search out a song.

40. The love I have for you has no suitable explanation. The boundaries of my love expand every day. My love, as well as my life with you, will surely turn into a never-ending story.

41. It is nothing to love someone, it’s something when you are loved by someone, but it’s completely everything to be loved by the one you truly love.

42. The beginning and end of everything is the fact that I love you.

43. The world may see you as one person, but to just one person you are the whole world.

44. I observed that you were really perfect, and I loved you; then I observed that you weren’t really perfect and my love for you grew stronger.

45. Men read this: when you’re in a relationship, don’t try to make your woman become jealous of others, instead make others very much jealous of her.

46. If I got for myself a flower, whenever I think of you, I could stroll through my garden for eternity.

47. It gives you strength when you know you’re loved by someone; while showing your love intensively on someone gives you great courage.

48. I so much love you, I am who I am today just because of your presence. Thanks for being mine.

49. You alone are the one who gives me Joy every day, you are the center of my world and my entire heart.

50. I have a lot of love for you because the whole universe conspired to assist me to find you.

51. Isn’t marriage a very beautiful thing? Just look at these two lovebirds. This will make the older ones in marriage want to marry again and again and again.

52. What would I be living for, if I have to live without you? You’re my heart, you’re the air I breathe in. I love you.

53. As we grow in age, even when we already have grey hair, I’ll always love you. I’ll keep falling in love with you over and over and over again.

54. Every day we stay together is recorded as the best days of my life. And, no matter what we face in the future, I’d always love you.

YES! These are the awesome comments for couple pic on Facebook. As said earlier, some of you might have tried several words but the output hasn’t been encouraging; that’s exactly why we took our time to package these words for you.

They are quite enough for you, make your choice, if possible, you can use all of them at the same time. And, you can read up about 3-5 of them and create a lengthy status for couple pics on Facebook. You don’t really have to bother about being incoherent, with these words your coherence is sure.

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