New Born Baby Wishes and Messages to Parent

Amazing New Born Baby Messages to Parent

Children are a special gift from heaven, and all always love them once they arrive. The safe delivery of a baby into a home comes with great joy not only to the parent but to relatives, friends, and well-wishers. So, it is time to celebrate the gift of this priceless creature into your midst.

Whether you are a grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, friend, other relatives, and even a well-wisher, there is a wish and prayer for you to send to the parents of the baby. With this, you won’t be lacking in words to express your heartfelt happiness and sincere congratulations to the family that is blessed with a new baby.

Read through to pick any wish and prayer that best fits what you would want to send across to the new baby and the entire family.

New Born Baby Wishes to Father

1. Congratulations on the birth of a new baby into your family. My prayers for you and the little one is that heaven will give you the strength and grace to be the best parent.

2. I am delighted at your new responsibility as parents. I am very sure that you will make the most fantastic parent that any baby still in heaven would wish to have. Accept my hearty congratulations for the gift of a new baby.

3. Today, the earth stands still in joy because a baby is born into your midst. Congratulations on the safe arrival of this rare gem to you.

4. Every child comes as a reward for our endless efforts to make one. I am glad to see that yours is duly rewarded. Congratulations on a fruitful reward into your family.

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5. My prayer is that you both be more in love now since you will be waking up every morning to find a bundle of love in your life. That bundle of love is your new baby.

6. My prayer is that this cute and lovely little one brings endless happiness; you’ll always treasure into your life.

7. I pray that this new gift of a baby radiates an unmeasurable joy and a beam of sunshine in your lives. Accept my hearty congratulations on this special day.

8. From now forward, you will realize that the best life anyone can even wish to live is a life with a baby. Babies bring happiness and lots of fun into a family. Enjoy the best moments in your life from now forward.

9. Your lovely and cute baby will bring unlimited happiness into your life, and he will grow up to be your blessing. Babies are indeed a pack of blessings. Congratulations on receiving one.

10. The resources and strength you need to fulfill your new responsibility as a parent, heaven will send to you as you raise this little one with love.

11. I am sure that one of your heart desire is having a baby in your life. More of your heart desires will be granted, even as you continue to raise your new baby with love and care. Congratulations on the birth of a new and lovely baby into your family.

12. The gift of a new baby into your lives will come with more avenues to fulfilling your heart desires, and you shall continue to succeed in all that you do. Accept my heartfelt congratulations.

13. The cry of your baby, the smell of talcum powder, and the touch of those little and soft feet all bring and unexplainable joy to your heart. I pray this joy to continue to fill your heart. Congratulations on the gift of a new joy.

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14. Wow!!! Your baby is so adorable and cute. From the cute little fingers to the soft and smooth skin, all I see is a precious gift to your life — an awesome congratulations on the birth of a baby to your home.

15. I need not ask why your lovely and adorable baby is so cute – mom is an epitome of beauty, and dad is naturally handsome. Your perfect combination makes yet another perfect little creature. Congratulations for this priceless gift.

16. My earnest and sincere prayer for you today is that heaven will give you the wisdom and love to raise this little one in the right path. Congratulations to you on the arrival of this precious baby.

17. Your family ties will get stronger now because another cute baby has been added to you. Congratulations on the addition of new strength to your family.

18. Here comes the reward for a hectic and heavy nine months. The reward of your baby is the sweetest and fantastic gift that you can ever receive from anyone. Congratulations to you, my dear.

19. My sincere prayer for the latest parent in the city is that you receive all that you need to raise this little above the skies. You are blessed to have such a charming and cute baby. From me to your lovely baby i extend a lot of love.

20. You deserve real joy and happiness today. The gift of a baby to you is a reward well-deserved. Congratulations on the gift of this cute and priceless jewel.

21. Welcome our priceless gift. We receive you with so much happiness and joy. Please accept my hearty congratulations and extend some to mom and dad.

22. I wish both of you lifelong happiness with your new baby. Congratulations on this new addition – all the best too.

23. Your baby is so adorable and cute. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

24. Congratulation! The long awaiting source of joy and love is finally with us. May you receive divine grace to raise your baby in love and wisdom.

25. Congratulations on the addition of a cute baby into your family. Your baby is awesome and adorable, and I am truly happy for you both.

New Born Baby Wishes to Mother

26. After the long wait for months, your household is blessed with the gift of a healthy and lovely baby. Congratulations on the birth of your cute baby.

27. Congratulations on the safe arrival of a baby into your home. I pray that this baby will grow in health and live to fulfill a purpose in life.

28. Your baby is another angel from heaven — the cutest I have ever seen. My hearty wishes I can’t exhaust, but your baby will grow to be exceedingly great. Accept my sincere congratulations for having such a lovely being in your family.

29. I am delighted to see two become three in your family. Congratulations on this unique expansion and addition into your home.

30. Hurray!!! It is the birth of an adorable baby. Congratulations on this great blessing. May the family be filled with happiness without bound.

31. Children are the heritage from God, and you both just received one today. Congratulations on this unique gift to your home.

32. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Joy fills my heart, and I can’t wait to watch this lovely angel from heaven grow with love and care.

33. Cheers!!! You both went into an agreement and here is a miracle of a lovely baby to prove your faithfulness to each other: best wishes, mom, dad, and the latest wonder to the family.

34. Congratulations on your newly found responsibility. I wish you the very best, wisdom, and the resources to care for this adorable baby that heaven has given you.

35. Here is the road map into parenthood. I pray that heaven provides for you all that you need for a safe trip. And the cute baby you shall be journeying with shall grow in health, strength, wisdom and wealth. Congrats!!!

36. Your lives have received an enormous blessing, and your home can’t escape exceeding happiness, fun, and joy. Congratulations on the birth of your darling baby.

37. I wish you more happiness even as it has begun today with heaven’s blessings and the gift of the cutest gift you could ever ask for. Congratulations dear on the arrival of a lovely baby into your home.

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38. Wow!!! It’s a cute and lovely baby. Its now time to start learning how to sing the old nursery rhymes you never knew to sing right.

39. Welcome to this side of the world, lovely baby and angel. Accept my sincere and hearty congratulations with lots of love. Congratulations to you on this amazing bundle of joy into your lives.

40. Heaven has sent another angel in the form of a cute baby to bless your lives with more joy, love, and happiness. I pray that this blessing will continue to grow and increase the love in the family.

41. I pray that all the joy and happiness that accompanies your new baby to the world will never cease in your home — happy parenthood to you.

42. It’s the birth of a new baby, and the luxury of uninterrupted sleep is over. I hope that you find love and pleasure in every bit of adventure you have with your God-given gift. Congratulations!!!

43. Congratulations to you. I wish your new baby a glorious life filled with good health and all-around happiness.

44. I so much delight in the news of the safe arrival of your new baby. Meanwhile, accept my sincere congratulations. I trust that mummy, daddy, and the lovely angel are all doing fine?

45. Mum has found a new lover, and dad is happy that he is loving mummy’s new lover than she does. I pray that the love and joy you both share on the birth of your baby will continue in your lives and family.

46. The gift of a baby can be such great joy in a family. Such joy and blessing are what I wish you as you welcome a new member into your home. Congratulations to the latest mom and dad.

47. The demands of being a new mother can hit you with so much fear and be scary; I know that. But I want to assure you that you are not alone on this journey. I am here with you. Congratulations on the latest edition in your family.

48. Hello brother! Thanks so much for keeping to your promise about making me an aunt. I am overwhelmed with joy on the birth of your baby. Congratulations.

49. Congratulations dearest. I received the news about the arrival of your baby with great joy. I hope heaven gives you the wisdom and grace to raise this cute angel with love and care.

50. Hurray! It’s a new baby in the house. Congratulations and more blessings upon you Mr and Mrs.

The safe arrival of a new baby into any home is worth the joy, wishes, and prayer. We believe that we were able to capture your sincere wishes and prayers to the family of your loved ones on the gift of a new baby into their families.

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