40 Happy Easter Posts for Facebook (to make anyone egg-cited!)

Happy Easter Facebook Posts

Yay yay yay! Easter is here again, yes, that season the Easter Bunny comes to life, that season when we hunt for Easter eggs, and most significantly, the season of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thus, as it is a season of celebration, we would want our loved ones to share in the joy, happiness, thrills, and frills this festive season brings along with it.

Looking for your one-stop for Facebook status on Easter day, then you’re just at the right place, the following status updates will do an excellent job of keeping both you and your loved ones excited and looking forward to the next Easter celebration.

Facebook Status on Easter Day

1. Easter is a season of great joy, as we share the pleasure we get from the resurrection of Christ with other people.

2.Light up the halls! Shout for joy! The saviour has risen! Halleluyah!

3. Easter is all about pleasure. It is all about happiness! Easter is all about God’s blessings! Easter is all about fun! I wish the best of all these for you this festive season and forever more!

4. What is life without laughter? What is life without friends? and what is life without having fun and having friends around? Easter is the perfect time to combine these two to produce the best season of your life yet.

5. Easter is a special day to celebrate the one who died for the world to live, the one who has more than enough to give! Happy resurrection day!

6. Wishing you a wonderful Easter as beautiful as the view of the stars at night, as bright as the sun during the day, as cool as the breeze at the ocean side, and as warm as a hug from a loved one! Have a grand Easter celebration!

7. Celebrate this Easter with endless love, unspeakable joy, renewed strength and overflowing peace. Happy Easter!

8. As Christ ascended into the heavens in a glorious array on the third day, may all good things that have descended in your life receive the power of ascension and burst forth gloriously even as we celebrate the resurrection of our saviour!

9. In the spirit of Easter, we find joy, peace, endless love, Wish you and your family a wonderful Easter!

10. Let this season of resurrection lift you from every form of depression, despair and hopelessness, let it usher you into a state of excitement, hope, and strength! He has risen!

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Happy Easter Status for FB

11. Easter is a season to show how grateful you are for the sacrifice that was made for you and the world on the cross! Happy Easter!

12. Celebrate this Easter with renewed strength, steadfast hope and overflowing joy. I wish the best for you this Easter season!

13. Enjoy this Easter celebration in a new dimension, Do what gives you comfort and care less about what ifs. Happy celebration!

14. The best gift anyone could receive is the joy of family, the warmth of loved ones and happy laughter echoing all through the day, This and many more are my wishes for you and your family this Easter season and forever more. Happy Easter!

15. Yippee! The Easter Bunny is here. Grab as many gifts as you want cos it’s all about the joy found in the season! Happy Easter!

16. I pray the happiness of Easter fills your heart and lightens your path today and forever, Happy Easter!

17. Easter is a time to be thankful, celebrate what you’ve achieved thus far and prepared for what’s ahead of you with new optimism. Happy Easter!

18. Today is Easter day! Eat and drink all you want freely, but don’t forget to remember that there’s always a result for overeating sweet, Lol. Happy Easter Celebration!

19. Easter talks about the resurrection of Jesus Christ! May every good thing virtue that has died in your life receive the power to come back to life even as we celebrate this Easter season!

20. Easter is another opportunity to gather all the blessings you have in your life together and render a song of gratitude to your maker for each grace! Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter Whatsapp Status

21. Easter is like a renewal of the promise God made to us, May you experience the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life as you partake in this season of celebration!

22. Wishing you an Easter full of peace, joy, love, and strength to go through whatever comes your way. Have a fun-filled Easter!

23. May the good memories today bring linger in your heart and provide enough pleasure to keep you hopeful of the future ahead! Happy Easter!

24. Happy Easter! May the cheer and goodness surrounding this celebration dwell with you and your family now and forever more!

25. May this Easter season bring you peace of mind and smoothness in your life. I wish you the very best of this season!

26. On this particular day, I want to you and your family a shower of heaven’s blessings and may God grant you the power to rise above all adversities. Happy Easter!

27. Happiness isn’t perfect until you have someone to share in your happiness. May the joy in this Easter season exceed the ones you’ve been experiencing before now. Happy Easter!

28. Happy Easter! Wishing you an easy life, full of peace to last you every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and years of your experience!

29. Jesus has risen! May the miracle of Easter bring you blessings, love, and goodness! Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Easter!

30. Here’s a wish that this Easter brings you a lot of beautiful surprises and unique things! Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter Facebook Quotes

31. May your heart be filled with love as Easter shows the love Christ has for us by laying down his life for our sins. Happy Easter!

32. Above all, I wish that you succeed and prosper in whatever your hands find doing, Happy Easter!

33. May God’s love and peace never cease from your dwelling place all through this celebration season and beyond! Happy Easter!

34. May the power of resurrection that raised Jesus from the dead resurrect everything that needs a transformation in your life! Happy Easter!

35. Join in the joy of this Easter celebration with lots of zeal and loads of pleasure. Joyous Easter Celebration!

36. Happy Easter! As you share the joy and happiness found in this season with your friends and family, may all that calls for celebration never cease from your life!

37. Enjoy this Easter celebration with high expectations of the blessings attached to this season, may the joy, goodness, and merriment of Easter surround you and your loved ones! Happy Easter!

38. Face your greatest fear with new courage as the saviour of the world is risen; thus, you grow with Him in courage and strength! Happy Easter!

39. May this Easter season add color to your life and fill your heart with love and cheer! Happy Easter!

40. When Christ rose on the third day, He was wrapped in glory, and even the power of death could not hold Him down, Just like no power could hold Christ back, I pray earnestly that no power will keep you back from radiating in Glory as you celebrate the resurrection of Christ!

Trust you were able to get quite a number of status updates to keep your Facebook timeline buzzing all through the Easter season, Now it’s left to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Happy Celebration!!

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