71 Blessed with Baby Girl Status and Message Ideas (2024)

Congratulations! You or your partner just gave birth to a precious little baby girl and you’re looking for the best we are blessed with a baby girl status to put on your Facebook or other social media account? You’ve come to the perfect place! Alternatively, if you’re looking for blessed with baby girl messages to send to new parents, we’ll provide you with that too!

Most of these blessed baby girl announcement ideas will have a religious feeling to them, so if that’s not what you were looking for, try these posts: the perfect Facebook status to announce your newborn and baby birth announcement messages.

What to Put in a Blessed with Baby Girl Status?

When you add a new member into your family – whether that be by giving birth, foster care or adoption – you want to let the whole world know. While you’ll probably send a personal blessed with baby girl message to your close family and friends, there are more people to consider.

That’s why putting out a blessed with baby girl Whatsapp status or Facebook status is a great idea! You’ll only need to write it once and all your friends and relatives are informed in one go.

Pink background with the text: "Join us to announce the arrival of our beautiful new addition."

Take some God-inspired words and use them as an announcement on the arrival of your baby girl. Make sure to include her full name (perhaps you can even include the meaning of the name) and speak from the heart.

We have compiled a series of blessed with baby girl Facebook status to help you announce the birth of your female child into this beautiful world. This set of announcements can stand as an inspiration to help you construct that interesting blessed with baby girl Facebook status, which won’t skip putting smiles on the faces of friends and family upon receiving it.

Blessed With Baby Girl Status Examples

Orange background with the text: "We welcome to this world, our little queen, the one to change the world."

Blessed With a Baby Girl Status for Facebook

1. We are filled with joy to announce the arrival of our precious diamond.

2. With much love, we welcome to our family this beautiful princess.

3. Join us to announce the arrival of our beautiful new addition.

4. At last, our special one is here.

5. So gorgeous with her tiny nose and tiny toes; meet Janet Peace.

6. We proudly introduce to you our baby girl.

7. Welcome our sweet 1-day-old daughter, she’s the best thing, which has happened to us.

8. Cream it from the top of the roofs, it’s a girl child.

9. We announce the arrival of a baby girl with much delight.

10. We welcome to this world, our little queen, the one to change the world.

Multi-colored background with the text: "With Joy in our hearts, we announce the arrival of our little princess."

11. God has blessed us with this lovely baby girl.

12. With a lot of pride, we welcome our pretty daughter to this world.

13. Our dream has finally come to reality.

14. With Joy in our hearts, we announce the arrival of our little princess.

15. Join us as we welcome a gorgeous daughter into our family.

16. We announce the arrival of this blessing, this blessing given from the Lord.

17. The Joy in our hearts can’t be compared to that of any other as this incredible being joins our family.

18. We are very much thrilled to announce the birth of our sweet daughter.

19. We can’t stop laughing ever since this blessing came to us. We are blessed with a baby girl

20. Love and pride are all our hearts hold as we welcome this phenomenal into this world.

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“I am Blessed with Baby Girl” Posts for Your Timeline

21. The love in our hearts grows with every passing day, whenever we announce the arrival of our cute daughter.

22. This baby is from God’s loving hands to ours; join us as we celebrate her.

23. We have a lot of delights in our heart to present to you our little daughter.

24. The Andrews family specially announces the arrival of a gorgeous baby girl.

25. The John’s family proudly releases the announcement of the birth of our daughter.

26. This baby fills our arms with love, and also fills our heart with so much Joy; we announce the arrival of our jewel this afternoon.

27. With pleasure, we present to you our sweet baby girl.

28. There’s someone so small, someone, who is so adorable; we would love you to meet with her.

29. We are very much happy to disclose that we just add another branch on our family tree.

30. An awesomely sweetest girl you can find in town.

Yellow-orange background with the text: "Right from heaven, God sent something adorable to love. It's a baby girl!"

31. She’s really precious, and not just that, she’s an angel sent from above. We are glad this package came to our door.

32. Very little nose, very little fingers, very little face, very little toes. Everything she uses is very tiny; we are glad to tell you that it’s a girl.

33. Right from her head to her tiny feet, she’s so awesome and fabulous.

34. There’s a star that just fell down from heaven, we are thrilled to discover that, this star dropped in our arms. This star has all of the sweetness mummy has, and daddy’s charm. We are glad to have this star, our daughter, with us.

35. She’s sweet just like candy, she’s so precious like gold, our beautiful baby girl, a beloved miracle to hold.

36. Come and see, it’s our sweet baby girl.

37. Everything so sweet, everything so nice is all we see in the eyes of our little girl.

38. Right from heaven, God sent something adorable to love. It’s a baby girl!

39. With much thanks to God, we introduce to you our lovely daughter.

40. We are very much grateful to God for giving us such a wonderful princess.

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Blessed with a baby girl quotes

41. All thanks are ascribed to God, our sweet little girl has arrived into our family.

42. I haven’t seen any blessing compared to a really healthy baby girl.

43. This baby came from God’s loving arms into ours, join us as we welcome her.

44. Little girls are too beautiful, no wonder they come as blessings from God. We are proud to announce her arrival. Maybe, we’ll name her “gift”, because she’s really a gift from God.

45. We really had the thought that it was a boy, but it’s a girl and we couldn’t be more happy.

Multi-colored kami ng marami nana nga kilo aith the text: "We really had the thought that it was a boy, but it's a girl and we couldn't be more happy."

46. Wow! She looks sweet, she must be an angel from heaven! We are sure she is. Join us as we welcome her into our family.

47. God has really showered his blessings on us with this little angel, and we ask that you bless our angel with your care.

48. We’ve been praying for blessings to come to us, but when you came, we discovered that you’re the blessing sent from above to us.

49. Very soon, a gift from God will be coming into our home, a brand new flower in the garden of our family. Bless our lovely daughter.

50. Our family just got increased by one. We just added to the family a new member, a sweet baby girl. And, this new member of ours is accepting gifts, kisses, hugs. Come and share some love with her.

51. We are basking in euphoria to share the arrival of our daughter into this world, we have lost words to express our Joy, all we can say is: thank God for this blessing — baby girl.

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Blessed With a Baby Girl Wishes

52. The cake of our family has just been blessed with icing and cherry on it. Yay! We have a baby girl in our home. We are grateful to God for giving us this blessing.

53. We have a new addition to our little family, and this person is just an angel sent from God. We wish she gets awesome and crazy as we are. Come around and witness the madness real soon.

54. Just after these wonderful nine months, and the seasons of happiness — which hasn’t ended though — we can’t explain our Joy as we share this news: it’s the birth of our awesome baby girl. Similar to the sound of a toy, she stands as the light in our lives. She is our adorable girl.

55. With the sufficient grace of God and his blessings, we are now proud and very happy parents, isn’t God good? He really is. Yay! We are parents of this lovely baby girl, who God has sent to us. She has innocent ways. Let us introduce her to you, her name is Cynthia Adams.

56. We have a very important and big announcement to make, and we request that you send your blessings and best wishes. The news is that we just got increased by one in our family. Yes! It’s a girl. We are so happy to have her into the family. She looks just like an angel. Bless our little angel.

57. An incredible little girl has been added to our family, I felt such an enormous amount of love the second the doctor placed her in my arms. I and the family are happy to have her as a part of the family. God bless her, and God bless you as you send your wishes.

Multi-colored background with the text: "Our little baby girl has finally made it into this beautiful world. All the happiness in this world can be found in our hearts. Bless our cute angel."

58. We have been blessed with a bouncing baby girl, we are filled with profound Joy, we can’t just explain it. Bless our lovely baby.

59. Our little baby girl has finally made it into this beautiful world. All the happiness in this world can be found in our hearts. Bless our cute angel.

60. We have cherished to become parents, and finally, that dream has come true. Join us to welcome to this world, our precious diamond. We are so grateful, Lord!

61. She is not only God-sent, but she came to let us know that God can melt hearts, she is our treasure. We can’t trade her for anything. Thank you so much, Lord.

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Blessed with a baby girl quotes to send to new parents

Baby girls are special gifts from God and having them is a blessing. Their parents need to be given an award for having such a beautiful gift but unfortunately, many of us tend not to be closer to our parents, so instead of thinking too much about what the award could be, you can make your award be in form of a wonderful message just to wish them on the arrival of their little princess and through this you can also bless the child on her arrival. It would be so wise of you to choose any of the sweet baby girl blessing status messages below and make the new parents happy.

Pink and purple background with the text: "Children are God's heritage, may she grow to be a virtuous woman like her mother."

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62. Congratulations on the birth of your girl. I can see her growing into the queen that she truly is coupled with her mother’s kind heart and her father’s strength. You both are just the perfect parent for her.

63. It is so exciting to celebrate the birth of greatness. She shall be greater than your expectations on her. She is just a spitting image of you both, she shall make you proud.

64. Children are God’s heritage, may she grow to be a virtuous woman like her mother.

65. Congratulations to you both for having the whole blessings of God. A blessing she is, a blessing she would be.

66. What a cute addition to a wonderful family. Now your family is the epitome of sweet things.

67. Wow, it seems like it is the birth of a star, your little princess is surrounded with so much sweetness. There is no doubt about the future, her greatness is certain.

68. Welcome to the world of parenthood, before we move further, let me tell you that she will never leave you to wander. She is yours and may she stay with you forever.

69. From this moment, everything about you has changed, because you are now in a new world. May you never lose your relevance in her life.

70. How sweet that your curious moments have been replaced with a sweet princess. May you have a better satisfaction of leading her to the top.

71. You are so special in the sight of God for him to have given you one of his beloved angels in the form of your baby girl. She will soar higher and live deeper than your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions: Blessed with Baby Girl Status and Message Ideas

How do you announce being blessed with a baby girl?

Keep it simple and heartfelt.

For example: “Thrilled to announce the arrival of our little princess! Our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratitude.

How can I put my status on a girl baby?

Share your happiness with a warm status.

Something like: “Welcoming our beautiful baby girl into the world. Our family feels complete with her adorable presence.

How do you caption a baby girl?

Make it sweet and personal.

For instance: “Tiny toes and rosy cheeks – our little angel has stolen our hearts.

Final Thoughts: Blessed with Baby Girl Status and Message Ideas

With these “blessed with baby girl” status and message ideas, you can send an announcement to friends informing them about the wonderful baby girl, who just joined your family. And also, you can use this to create your own ideas. If you have just had a new baby in your family, we say a big congratulations!

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