Facebook Wedding Announcement Wordings

Facebook Wedding Announcement Wordings

In preparation for weddings, not everyone would be invited to the wedding so there is always a need to share the news of your marriage with individuals who did not get invitations, wedding announcement does that perfectly. To those who responded that they were unable to attend even being as a guest invited to the wedding, it’s unnecessary to send announcements to them. As a result of the type of wedding ceremony, time or wedding budget limitations, distant friends and relatives who could not be invited receive announcements from many couples. The announcement could be casual, formal, or eloped.

Below are some of the wedding announcement wordings you can use on Facebook;

Unique Wedding Invitation Wording

Here are some unique wedding invitation wording template you can make use of

  • We the family of [Mr. and Mrs. Groom’s parents ] are glad to announce the marriage of our dear son and brother, to the bride, daughter of [ Mr. and Mrs. Bride’s parents] at the wedding location on wedding Date. We plan a celebratory reception at reception location on Reception Date.
  • Just make waves at our wedding celebration; you don’t need advance reservation and ticket. Please join us as we set on the journey of forever on [date] in [location].
  • Beloved friends on Facebook, You have been a part of my love stories and even my heartbreak; you’ve become a part of my life; the highs and lows. Come let’s celebrate this beginning together on [date] at [location].
  • It’s officially the year we are getting married! I’m still pinching myself. Everyone, prepare to celebrate with us on [date] at [location].
  • [Year] is going to be an amazing year for us! We are pumped up!! We are glad to announce to you of our [bride’s name][groom’s name] intentions as inseparable ones on [date] in [location].
  • We thought we should tell you that we got married when we ran off Facebook because you are good friends. Yes, it was on a go we did it! The knot was tied on [date]. Our new address is our home address.
  • You were with us in our thoughts and prayers as our friend, with joy in our hearts; we announce that on [date], we joined our families in Holy Matrimony in a private ceremony in [location]. We are grateful you would be celebrating with us.
  • You call me your Fire, but baby you light up my entire world. I’m super excited to tell you, my Facebook friends that we tied the knot on [date] at [location].
  • If I believed in luck I would have called you my good luck charm. You stepped in and my life had a turnaround. You’re my gold. Gold I would never stop digging. Hey everyone, this is my bride I would live with forever.
  • Facebook friends, here is that being who is a fountain even when I (by myself decide) saying it is enough, let me handle it from here. We are now one! Celebrate with us.
  • I don’t know where you’ve been all my life but now that you’re here Baby. I’m never letting you go. Friends join us on [date] at [location] as we tie the knot.
  • This is to announce to you who I look forward to doing life with you on [date] at [location]. Our address is the new address.
  • It’s time to have fun and merry, two hearts became one! At the wedding location on wedding date, the bride and groom were married! At reception location in a private reception, we then danced the night away. Our home address is the new address.
  • At the wedding location on wedding date, there was a union of bride and groom whom we are pleased to announce. Immediately, following the ceremony a private reception was held at the reception location. The new address is our home address.

Casual Wedding Invitation Wording Couple Hosting

  • Bride and Groom were married at the wedding location on wedding date. Yes, we made it! On reception date at reception location, we would be celebrating with a barbeque please do join us.
  • We finally tied the knot because we love each other! At the wedding location on wedding date, bride and groom got eloped. At our reception to be held on reception date, we look forward to seeing you at the reception location.
  • The marriage of their daughter [bride name] to [groom name] on [day of week], the [date and year], with joy in my heart I [host name] announce to you. It’s holding at location venue and address.
  • I officially invite you, with a ridiculous amount of joy in my heart, to come and witness myself and my cupcake takes a leap to share this journey of life together. We want to take this step with you as our cheerleaders as it was on this Facebook that love found us. This will mean a lot to us. The flyer has every detail of the ceremony. Further inquiries, reservations etc. can be directed to both of us, our families or close friends. Thank you from my heart as always.
  • Two hearts are joined together, too strong for anyone to measure just as precious as the ocean treasures, sharing their lives together forever. We joyfully announce the marriage of [bride name] and [groom name] which took place in [location] on [date].
  • I will be starting a new journey with my very lovely baby, [bride’s name], exactly one month from now. You all have walked with me on and off Facebook, through the different stages of my life. When I added new feathers to my cap and on my various accomplishments you have cheered me on. With tears of joy, I announce to you the union of [bride’s name] and [groom name] on wedding date at the wedding location.
  • In a tropical destination, [bride’s name] and [groom name] went away for vacation and are happily married. We the parents of the bride are pleased to announce to you! Bride and groom got hooked on wedding date at the wedding location. On reception date at reception location, we hope to celebrate with you.

Wedding Date Announcement Facebook

Looking for the proper template for wedding date announcement on facebook, check the below examples

  • Love in our hearts and a match made in heaven with stars in our eyes, we [bride’s name] and [groom’s name] announce we were joined in holy matrimony on [day of week], the [date] in [location].
  • [Host name] have the honor of announcing the marriage of their daughter [bride name] to [groom name] on [day of week] [date and year] at [location]. We are proud to share the happy news because you have shared in the lives by your love and friendship on We this space.
  • We share a great smile even though we are not a perfect duo, we are happy to have each other for yet another year! [bride and groom’s name][Year].
  • Cocktails, dinner, and dancing on [date] beginning at [time] at [location]. You’re highly invited to celebrate the night away on the eve of [bride and groom name].
  • You’re the embodiment of all I sought and wondered if I could find, in him, I found a living. Join us as we celebrate togetherness on [date] at [location].
  • . You make me tingle all over. You excite me, yet I’ve never been this grounded with anyone else. I’m proud to tell you we [brides name] [groom’s name] got married on [date] at [location].
  • Love by decision, we gallant, love by feelings, we dey. My heart has come home. ❤❤ Cheers to forever baby.
    • Facebook friends, you have celebrated me while in school and out of school, even screaming my name when I got an award. You have kept watch with me when I took on projects and when I executed them. You’ve followed so many of my adventures and shown so much concern, support, grace, and love to me, sometimes undeserving. You have witnessed my moments of holy rage and pure silliness. It time to share in my joy as [groom’s name] takes me down the aisle.
    • Thank you, King of Glory, God of Fine and Chubby boys.

At a time, from my mouth to your ears
I told y’all I was going to close my Facebook account
If my boo is not fine and chubby because trolls would finish me here.
All the pitfalls and exhilaration.
All the rejections and acceptance.
All the highs and lows. [Groom’s name] rode with me
And we are on a never-ending journey.

      • A promise was made for life when he slipped the ring on her finger. Now that they’re man and wife. Join us as we share their joy. On [date] at [time], a party to honor the newly married couple [bride and groom name] will be held.
      • [Bride and groom’s name] are happy to announce we are now husband and wife. On [day of week], [date] at [location] we exchanged vows. We set sail for a much-needed vacation, and we tied the knot in a tropical destination.

The above marriage announcement wording ideas are intended to help inspire you during your planning process and also provide great examples to planning a gathering among friends and family to celebrate your newly sealed marriage; at the spur of a moment, you can still have a celebratory event even when you get home.




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