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A lot of people get very obsessed with the use of Facebook, and along with that, a few strive to portray relevance on their pages. It may be about having a blank thought of what exactly to write on, in order to give people a different idea of who you are. It can’t be gainsaid, that the Facebook bio don’t allow lots of words in it. Facebook bio requires concise “About me” words, which talks about all that you support, you do, or your expertise.

There’s a man who was alleged of a crime which he knew nothing about. He couldn’t escape, even though he wasn’t guilty of the crime; they detained him, and started thorough investigations. Their research led them into his Facebook account, a glimpse on his bio didn’t send a message twice. After they saw the kind of person they detained, it didn’t last for up to 2 days, and he was discharged.

The power of being a person of substance. In this article, you’ll be shown several personal lines, which can aid you to check yourself and restructure, or send out a good signal “About you.” The collection available is one which was prepared just make sure its everyone’s pick whenever it’s placed juxtapose with any other written words “about you”.

You can, from these words, make a perfect Facebook status about yourself. Without further ado, let’s, in details, see those words for you.

Facebook Status About Me
  • I always seem to be joyous, and in a happy state with the simple things of life; I don’t only seem to be happy, joyous, I just discover that I’m always happy with the simplest things.
  • People wear makeup just to put up a different look, and showcase the beauty, but above that, I love the real confidence that makeup gives me. A thousand words can’t explain that confidence.
  • I’m just human as you, I can’t deny that I have weakness, I sometimes observe real sadness, and I also make mistakes — as they say, “no one is above mistakes” — but these things which I know about have made me a better and refined person today.
  • My coming to this world is to be, and appear, true, not to be perfect. As popular saying goes, “nobody is perfect”, and it can’t be proved otherwise.
  • The key to happiness and less worries is when you’re in love with yourself, and your heart, more than you love that of others. I love myself.
  • Everyone’s concern should be about doing his best in any endeavors he finds himself; so that, you won’t blame yourself for anything which happens. I am doing my best.
  • I can’t fight to be anybody else, I’m in deep love with who I am; and also proud to say and describe who I am, because I am not living to impress anybody. There’s much comfort in dwelling in the person I am.

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  • There’s one person who is the very first: that’s God; the next person is me. So, in everything I do, I don’t fail to place God first.
  • Whenever I walk on the street, I see people laugh at me, I have come to realize that, they laugh at me because of one thing: I am different; but, I laugh back at them, because they are all the same. I don’t get moved by people’s ill reactions towards me.
  • One of the biggest things I’ve learnt in my life is to fight, fight for whatever I need. I fight in order not to beg anyone for anything.
  • I can’t imagine what my face would have looked like, if I had given in to frowning all the time. I’ve learnt to smile, and it has been fun. I’m also aware that I confuse a lot of persons when I smile, so I won’t stop smiling.
  • I chose to be who I am today, not because of someone’s approval or people’s decisions, but because that’s who I am already. It’s not a necessity, neither is it mandatory that you have to like or succumb to it. I am me!
  • I have heard people say I act like a weirdo, I won’t dispute that, I agree to be weird, because being weird is quite good, but being normal is highly saturated with mediocrity.
  • My leading aspirations in life is not to appear like others, it’s not to be skilled like others, it’s not to be intelligent like others; it is to be unique in my own special way.
  • Instead of me to live like you, I rather die. In other words, if I have just one option, and it appears to be living your life, exactly how you live yours, I will rather kill myself.
  • They say, you get motivated when you attend seminars in which stories that motivates are discussed, but I think on this note, I’m different, because I get motivated when I notice my haters around. There’s nothing that motivates me more than noticing that.
  • I owe no one no explanations, but if you should know, the movement of my life is not different from a speeding bullet, it’s on the go, it hasn’t just hit its target.

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  • Many, today, struggle to impress the world: they buy the best clothes, shoes, necklaces, phones, technologies and whatnot, just to make sure they meet up to people’s standard; but at my end, I don’t live to impress anyone, rather do I exist to live anyone’s life, I exist to live my own life, exactly the way I design it through which will I be happy.
  • The people with little or no support will want to take the glory for where I am today. They keep saying, there’s little effort contributed very much, but I’m here to tell you that I got to where I am today, because I never stopped being myself, I never copied anybody’s lifestyle.
  • If you want to be my friend, you have to accept me for who I am, I won’t accept you when you don’t accept me for who I am.
  • My friend, come closer, I have something to tell you: search round the world, and you’ll never see anyone like me, I’m one of a kind — in the midst of billions of people in this world, I am one of a kind. And, that’s not all, I’m distinctly unique. Never allow these fact omit itself from your memory.
  • Others sit and count set of awesome persons they know, they count celebrities, footballers, athletes, and whatnot. They also argue profusely about who they know can be used to define awesomeness, but I’m here sipping my cup of coffee with the mentality that I’m the only awesome person alive — I am the only awesome person I know.
  • Whenever I proffer advice to people in order to solve their problem(s), I digest the problem(s) from within me, and learn from it. This way, I try to keep away from same mistake.
  • How I go about my life, the choices I make, the mistakes which I know I learn from, and the lessons; you can notice them all, but I put it to you that they are none of your business.
  • Only if you know how sorry I feel for those who don’t know me.


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