2022 Dope Slaying Quotes for Instagram

Slaying Quotes for Instagram

Slaying on Instagram is one of the many glitz, fun, and glamour that comes with being on Instagram. Instagram is your one-stop social media platform for slaying, and when we talk about the slaying, you should know that we’re not talking about ‘killing’ or anything that has to do with the murder. Of course, you might kill people’s hatred or beef towards you through slaying but believe me, slaying, in this sense, has to do with doing what you know how to do best in an amazing way that leaves people in awe of you.

Slaying on Instagram doesn’t come easy that’s why a lot of Instagram users would gladly go extra miles to get slaying quotes they need to slay on Instagram, All these are in a bid to be crowned a ‘SLAY KING’ or a ‘SLAY QUEEN’ on Instagram.

There are so many ways of slaying on Instagram, but we’ll be limiting it to only one aspect, you can slay by uploading eye-catching pictures of you on a daily basis since Instagram is more of an image and video social media platform, and what better way is there to slay than uploading catchy and attractive captions to your videos and pictures, these captions have a way of adding more color and life to whatever you upload, It attracts more attention to your post and makes people anticipate your next post.

Now, to the main deal, we’ve been able to come up with some quotes to help you in the ‘slaying ministry’ on Instagram, take a peek below and you’ll be amazed at what we’ve been able to get on slaying.

Slaying Quotes for IG

1. There’s no rule to living your life, anyhow you choose to live it, remember You only live once.

2. Being me is not as easy as you think it is, doubting it? Then try being me.

3. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, a picture on Instagram is worth a thousand pictures on your phone, who cares if that’s not what the saying really means.

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4. Just because I don’t spend a lot on clothing doesn’t make me less attractive, cos it doesn’t matter how beautifully clothed you are, if you’ve got a bad attitude, you’ll never be attractive.

5. I can’t get over myself, I’m so so fabulous, and I get better being fabulous each day.

6. I’ve got few friends because most people you call friends are even worse than those you call your enemy.

7. You’ve gotta stay off me if you don’t wanna be diagnosed with diabetes cos I’m super sweet.

8. One priceless feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything is that of loving myself for who I am and caring less about what others think of me.

9. Having a beautiful personality isn’t always about what you say; it’s mostly about how you say it.

10. If the police were responsible for arresting beauties, I definitely would have been arrested severally for being such a beauty.

Slay Quotes for Girls

11. Every day I spend alive is like a fashion show with me as the runway model, so I do all I can to make sure you fall in love with my style.

12. I don’t care how much or how little you love me, last time I checked, loving me or hating me hasn’t been the one paying my bills.

13. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to look back and confidently say ‘Yes, I made it.’

14. I’ve gotten to that point in my life where people’s opinion about me is none of my business.

15. Peace is when you upload a picture of you on Instagram, and you don’t even go back to check if people liked or commented on it, Peace is rare, huh?

16. If I were allowed to change anything, I’d gladly let my smile change the world and keep the world from changing my smile.

17. I’d be so dead if I were caught doing wrong, and I was requested to read the alphabet backward to get my freedom.

18. If you know you can’t say something nice about me, then you should know you are to say nothing at all about me.

19. You think I’m antisocial, well I’m not, I don’t have the time to deal with stupid people, fake people, and their drama.

20. Hey, do you want to know about me? well, I play, I’m crazy, I say, I slay.

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21- Middle finger to all my haters, You hate just because you can’t stand up to my standard.

22. Did you catch that aura? Of course, you should, That’s the aura of me being adorable.

23- I don’t know how I missed it, but man, look, I’m so cute that I’m now jealous of myself.

24. My smile is so contagious, I think I should get paid for having a smile as beautiful as this.

25. I woke up like this, gotcha! You’d probably be thinking I’ll be looking less awesome, but hey, I’m always awesome.

26. I’m the boss of me, I own, direct, and manage the affairs of my life. If you want a job with me, you’ve gotta apply in clear terms.

27. Love is not always as cuddly and mushy as people paint it to be, most times, it’s about trying all you can to paint the perfect picture you’ve always dreamed about.

28. Friends are just one set of crazy people I can’t do without.

29. I’m a twin personality. I can be so naughty and immature today and be so serious and mature the next day, it all depends on who I choose to be that day.

30. Sometimes, the best way to get back to those who wrong you is to smile as nothing happened and move on like they never existed.

31. A little hint about me, I’m a classy girl who chooses when she wants to act crazy to get what she wants.

32. I don’t confuse what I want with what I need, I’ll have you as a friend if I want you, I’ll make you want me as a friend if I need you.

33. Isn’t it funny how I don’t compare my life with that of others, what’s the use of comparing the sun to the moon when they’ll all shine when their time is right?

34. Every day is an opportunity for me to write another chapter in the story of my life, being the author, I can choose to hit you with a plot twist any time, I’m unpredictable.

35. I won’t stop being good to you just because you choose to be bad, humans will always be humans, and animals won’t stop acting like one.

36. Loving myself is my number one priority because a million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself first.

37. I’m so proud of the person I’m growing up to be.

38. Less fake friends, less drama, more real friends, more Peace.

39. If you’ve got an issue with me being me, then you should know I’ll have everything against you for being you.

40. I’m my number one fan because others will give up on you as time goes by, but rooting for myself is one thing I’ll always do.

41. They do say ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ but I say ‘A pics of me a day, keeps boredom away.’

42. Where my goons? Thank God it’s Friday, let’s party all the way!

43. I wanna have fun on every day that ends with ‘Y,’ am I asking for too much?

44. If only we could do a screening of our friends before we choose the best one, we’d had fewer emotions to battle with.

By now, I believe you should have had your fill of those quotes you can use to slay on Instagram, and you must also be wondering what is so crucial about the slaying.

Well, I’d like you to find out yourself, but then, I’ll give you a little gist about slaying before you find out yourself. Slaying gives you this kind of confidence that you’d never imagine, especially when you get the likes and sweet comments rolling in on your pictures, you should know that the level of happiness you’ll have is not in this world at all.

Apart from the confidence slaying gives, it also has this unique way of making you gain popularity among your friends or even those you barely know and this, in turn, will link you to interesting contacts. Slaying on Instagram also helps you to widen, if not, change your company of friends entirely, It helps to boost the calibre of friends you have or roll with.

As earlier said, you should find out the importance of slaying on Instagram yourself through uploading these wonderful quotes listed above, and, trust me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Give these quotes a try, and you won’t ever regret doing so. Happy slaying!

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