71 Ideas on How to Describe Yourself on Facebook in 2020

how to describe yourself on facebook

The power of social media cannot be underestimated today. It is a learning space and of course also an atmosphere to get fun. You don’t have to bother your head about the right and perfect words to come up with on how to describe yourself on Facebook.

These will help you as you will definitely love them and pick one or two for use on your Facebook page.

Short Words to Describe Yourself on Facebook
  • My full time job is being fabulous
  • This is the most awesome, kind and unique person you’ll ever know
  • I rule, a king on my own
  • Everyone is born single and simple, until they decide to complicate things
  • Unique in my own way, that’s me
  • Smile always, that’s the real deal
  • God first, me second. You get it? You’re welcome
  • If you don’t know me, it’s your loss
  • The captain of my ship, I sail my own storm
  • Whatever you see here is only a mirage
  • You want reality? Then face your life
  • I am a real force you have to just reckon with

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  • Let’s not make things complicated; I am just me
  • You think you’re bad? Get ready for your worst nightmare
  • I make use of my heart less and my head more
  • I dream by the day and sleep at night
  • My reality is your nightmare
  • I am normal; you’re just the weak one
  • My uniqueness is in my weirdness
  • Even if I walk slowly I never walk back
  • Like or dislike me; all I ask for is my respect
  • I am me, your opinion is unimportant
  • I don’t give a damn what you think or even feel
  • I’m odd? Of course I’m number one
  • You don’t like me? Well, raise your standard
  • I deserve the world and all
  • Queen, boss lady, chief woman; I’m that and all
  • I don’t compete but I win all
  • I am me, your approval is not important
  • Female, woman, unique and strong. I’ve got girl-power
  • I am fun-sized not short, so don’t get it twisted
  • The world is not for us
Unique Ways to Describe Yourself on FB
  • I am the realest and the best of them all
  • The good and the bad, I do them all well
  • To speak is mine, to understand perfectly is yours
  • I am the change you want so let’s get it started
  • A deviation from the normal, that’s what I am
  • Things are not always as bad as you see them
  • Bad, badder, baddest
  • My smile, my confidence. My mistakes are my greatest strengths
  • Master of all, I mastered it all
  • I know what I know, I don’t want arguments
  • A master of none
  • Life is stressful enough, don’t come here to give me headaches
  • Nothing should scare you not even your failures
  • Let people imitate you, do the unexpected
  • Bundle of surprises
  • Never be too busy to laugh, it’s the only medicine for the soul
  • My patterns are not so patterned but then who really cares
  • Most of things are not regular I am one of those
  • My mind is a window, it opens freely
  • The fact that I do stupid things does not mean I am not smart
  • My intelligence scares even me
  • The way I see things is different from yours
  • An enigma
  • I know what you don’t know
  • My heart is my own, don’t start scaring me
  • I will allow you the space but don’t even think of misbehaving
  • Let me quench your thirst with my words
Good Ways to Describe Yourself in Facebook Profile
  • Let my smile soothe you I see blessings even in situations
  • Row your boat yourself
  • I am what you’re not
  • Power is not my forte
  • I don’t know what I don’t know
  • This is my time, this is my rising
  • You might not want to know me after all
  • Allow me to scare away your fears
  • Just be you, it doesn’t bite
  • Let my smile spice up your days
  • I’m not your world, you can’t rule me
  • You hate me? Thanks for the affection
  • Nothing beats just being you
  • The only thing you can be is yourself, the others are booked
  • I am in charge around here
  • In all I do, I strive to be in control so that I don’t lost control
  • Let me live so that you don’t miss me when I’m gone
  • Every day is my holiday
  • God controls everything for me, so I sit back and just enjoy lifer as it comes
  • I love holidays
  • Lose or win, I am always at the top of my game
  • My best friend is me, the rest are acquaintances
  • Simplicity does it all for me
  • I don’t overdo things; reason I am not stressed

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  • Not how long at all, but how well you lived it all
  • I am so much love with myself
  • I smile even in trouble and that is the reason I am a strong human
  • You think you know me? Welcome to the club
  • A bundle of surprises, I surprise even me
  • Even if my plan stays or not, I still enjoy life like I don’t care
  • You hate me? Well, that’s what I am. You’re welcome
  • I am the real me
  • My life is enough as mine
  • If you want to enjoy life, just live like you have an extra life
  • I strive to put life in my years as that is what count at the end of it all
  • Good or bad, I know that life is worth living and that alone is a strength for me
  • You take me serious? The joke is on you
  • This page is for someone who does not in any way take life serious
  • This little light of mine will shine so brighter than you can imagine
  • I am a little bit of crazy that will do just fine
  • You are in this world just for me
  • I am a varied diet
  • Lighten up and enjoy it all
  • I am not you so deal with it
  • Life is too hard to take me serious
  • On my way to becoming who I love
  • Some things will not be clear to you, but then damn clarification and just flow with life
  • I am one of the unclear thoughts that you will have
  • Sugar and honey coated, that’s just me
  • I’m not blind, I just don’t see you
  • Like a magnet, I will definitely pull you
  • Smiles and fun is the only plant that I do well
  • Fire in my body, hotness in my brain
  • I am a complete person
  • I come only to give you fun and fun unlimited
  • May your smiles be bright and your laughter be like the sound of thunder
  • I am the bridge for you to cross into knowledge
  • I will make you shocked
  • My heart and head are two different personalities
  • I am an opening that enters your souls
  • My coldness bites like the wind in the winter
  • I attract attention, you might just love that
  • I don’t play games, I am the GAME
  • My life in itself is a message. I hope it gets delivered to you
  • Intriguing and interesting I can be. But then vicious, I can also be
  • I am here to give you nothing but nightmares
  • Only me can change me, don’t even bother to try
  • I have only 2 attitudes to life: appreciation and Happiness
  • I am the mirror which you can see yourself through
  • Whatever you choose to be, be a successful one
  • I am determined to bring smiles to your glum

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