150+ Awesome Status for Facebook About Love

Awesome Status for Facebook About Love

Getting the right words, to some, is an act that seems quite difficult. Whenever they try to express themselves with their words, either they get snubbed, or they receive a disapproval message. That can be frustrating, right? After considering this, we have put together a good number of messages, two or three of which will do the magic.

There was a certain man, who was challenged into writing posts for 30 days straight — posts about love. He felt he could do it, classifying it an easy task; he began on the first day, continued on the second, and guess what! Just imagine. He couldn’t proceed on the fifth day. Why? Because he went out of ideas to help him continue.

Are you into something similar?

Keep your eyes glued to your screen as we disclose a whole lot of awesome messages, which you can use on Facebook. Who says words do not move guys, same way girls are touched by them?

Have you ever desired to speak of exactly how you feel, but no matter how hard you try, you discover that you don’t have the right words to express them?

With these messages, expressing yourself, expressing how you feel is, to a much extent, assured.

Still there? Let’s proceed into disclosing the awesome status for Facebook about Love.

Facebook Status About Love

  • Anytime I set my eyes on you. I fall in love like I haven’t fallen in love before.
  • There’s one thing you can use to describe LOVE, and that one thing is AIR. Why? Because, air is something we can’t see, but we can feel; that’s how love is, too.
  • If a storybook were the love we speak of, we’d cross each other’s part on the very first page of the storybook.
  • Because of my level of experience, I’ve learned that you have the ability to lust over many, but genuine love just that one person.
  • Love is similar to the sun, which rises from the cloud and does it work by making your soul warm.
  • If you ever get distracted while reading, because the thought of someone won’t just let you concentrate, just know it that you are in Love.
  • Do you want to know how I see my Love for you? Well, I classify it a journey. It starts at forever and ends at never in this life.
  • In this Life, there’s no scale available to measure the amount of one’s Love.
  • Just today, I have put on over 10 thousand smiles, just because I had you around. Isn’t it remarkable that in just a second, love can make you do these: cry, laugh and also feel complete.
  • Don’t think there’s a wrong or right location — place — for love, there’s nothing like that. It happens just like that, anywhere, then you are, like what glue does, attached with it.
  • There’s a common thing between being drunk and being in love, that is: you will no longer be in control of the things you do.
  • One thing you should know is that “love never fails,” but if it ever fails, also know it that right from the beginning, it wasn’t Love.

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Love Status for Facebook

  • You get strength when you’re deeply loved by someone; you acquire courage when you love someone deeply.
  • Yes, Love Conquers All — not few, ALL.
  • I tag our love a mysterious bond, which nothing can break, and will stay that way for eternity, through tough times and struggles that may come our way.
  • It doesn’t matter what you do or the place you go, what matters is, “my love will be with you to any corner of the earth.”
  • Another way to describe Love is, it’s a very great beautifier.
  • Know that Love is just Love. You just can’t explain it, no matter how hard you try to. Love will always be a mystery — it will no more be a mystery after you have experienced it.
  • Don’t think there are rules when love is concerned, there are no rules — just values, and that’s it.
  • See this: love is something real; something real is love.
  • The beginning of all you can think about in life is Love. It leads to a kind of sheer happiness, which you just can’t explain.
  • You presence taught me what love truly is; please, never leave me, love me every second, every minute, every hour, every day.
  • Your smile made me fall deeply in love, but I remained in love because of your loving heart.
  • I don’t think I could have been able to achieve all I have today if I hadn’t felt the love you have shown on me.
  • Want to know the greatest refreshment in life? That’s Love!
  • If you go to the desert, you feel an everlasting thirst, but whenever I come to you, your love creates, for me, a long-lasting purpose.

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Romantic FB Love Status

  • Between happiness and our soul has a bridge, and that bridge is forged with something called “Love.”
  • Don’t worry, if really, our Love is true, it will surely find a possible way.
  • The moment I met you, you hit me down, and then I was picked up by your presence in my life.
  • The single thing, which controls every emotion you possess — even the least emotion — is Love.
  • When two people share a strong bond, no matter the condition of things, the universe will fight to create an avenue for them to come together.
  • I don’t know how and why it happened. I just fell in Love with you.
  • The breath I take in is for you; the life I live is for you; and, I genuinely love you.
  • I want YOU to know that I really love the third word in this sentence.
  • Before I never believe that dreams can come true, I began to believe that after I met you, you are a dream come true. I felt I knew it that my dream had come true, when I met you, my love. Know this; I’ll never stop loving you.
  • I thank you especially for coming into my life and putting, not just smile on my face, joy in my heart. With my entire being, I love you so much, and at every heartbeat, I miss you even more.
  • This world contains over 6 billion people; I see it as a blessing from God that he brought me to you — or should I say he brought you to me.
  • Placing my lips on yours, holding your soft hands, hugging you tightly in the night; that’s the picture I have in my head whenever I say “I love you.”
  • Don’t ever forget to say, “I love you,” because tomorrow is not something that is promised.
  • Now and Forever. The only two words that come to my mind whenever I say, “I love you.”
  • I love you, not just to infinity, but beyond also.

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Awesome Facebook Love Messages

  • Things don’t just happen; they happen for a reason. You’re a complete blessing for me. I love you so much.
  • I’m deeply in love with life because it connected me to you; one of the main reasons I love you is, you have shown, to me, what life really is.
  • I can’t imagine the level of how blessed I am after the universe brought us together. I so much love you.
  • You’ve always asked for a reason why I love you, well I love you because you are the special lover of my soul.
  • I love you, darling. I don’t even know what I would have become without you. You’re so incredible.
  • You have no slight idea the rate at which my heart beats whenever I have a sight of you.
  • Each time I see a text from you, my cheek hurts, I’m sure I smile too big.
  • I have this promise for you. No one will ever love you, even a meter close to the way I love you.
  • There’s nothing compared to when the people in love act as lovers, and at the same time, as best friends.
  • Be careful that you don’t touch me. You are likely to be a victim of Love.
  • Whenever I dream, I just find myself dreaming of you. I know that: one day, dreams conceived will come true. I truly love you.
  • Right in the midst of a hundred billion reasons, I love you, princess.
  • I think I’m selfish because I never want to share you with anyone else.
  • There’s nothing compared to your cute smile. It’s no doubt that that’s all I need to battle the struggles in my life.
  • Know this; your smile is one of the surest keys to my heart.
  • Anytime anybody asks me, “How is life?” I simply reply that “She is doing pretty well.”
  • Love is extremely beautiful because I found it with you. You are beyond being perfect.

With these messages, you won’t go out of ideas when creating that lovely message for him or her. Either you pick them just the way they are, or you pick points from them and craft out yours.

Thanks for reading!


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