25 Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person in 2022

25 Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family in Person

So your relationship with your partner has taken a new turn. It has been taken to a whole new level. It’s not just you and your partner alone in it. Now a third body is involved, Yes, a miniature version of you is on the way, and you just can not hold back the joy and excitement that this bundle of joy brings with it, I bet you are just ready and rearing to share your happiness with your loved ones, especially the ones closest to your heart.

How to Announce Pregnancy

To do this, it will be most appropriate to spread the good news in-person to your friends and family, or what better way is there to share the cheer heralding the coming of your little bundle of joy, A text will do well too but will, of course not, be as good as you show how happy you are through your words, actions and gestures in person.

In that case, you might as well try to add a little surprise here and there, drop a hint or just spice up the good news in such a way that those receiving it will indeed see the reason for them to also join in the cheer.

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Most importantly, it will do well for you to know when it is right to share such news, You don’t want to go about telling everyone about your pregnancy when you barely know if it has come to stay or not,most advisably, The first trimester is out of the question and if you really have to tell at all, you will want to limit it to only a couple of friends or family that you consider very close, mature and important, in most cases, it will be good if the pregnancy news is announced to your partner and the parents( both parties).

Then when the pregnancy becomes obvious to all, you really don’t have to do the talking, the baby bump will speak better than any word you could ever come up with, so you wouldn’t have to go through the stress of thinking about how you will tell other friends, family and acquaintances about your pregnancy, that’s even if they have to know necessarily.

Thinking of how best to construct an announcement that will capture the joy and excitement you have about being pregnant? Don’t look far because the following hints will give you an idea on how to go about that.

If you don’t want to follow the conventional way of just showing your partner the pregnancy test result which will inform him of your pregnancy, you can as well spice it up in a little surprising way that will keep him in some minutes of suspense, for instance, you can get a colourful wrapping paper, a pair of baby shoes and clothes, Then you will wrap your pregnancy test result with the baby shoes and clothes to make it bulkier, When your partner comes home you can just present the package to him claiming it’s from one of his relatives to him, I will advise you get your camera ready to capture the expression on his face as he unveils the package, I’d bet the expression on his face will be so priceless you don’t want to forget it.

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Another way of announcing your pregnancy to your partner is designing a tee-shirt with an inscription, either ‘expectant mother’ or ‘ mother to be’, or whatever suits your personality, let him see you rocking this tee-shirt, I’m quite sure he will get the hint, better still if he doesn’t get the hint, he will be curious to know the reason for your dressing, and this will provide you with a pleasant atmosphere for announcing your pregnancy!

The following are thoughtful ways to announce pregnancy to family in person

Thoughtful Ways to Announce Pregnancy

1. Guess what, mom! You’re becoming a grandma in some months time. Aren’t you just happy about that?

2. I suggest you start learning how to sing lullabies if you didn’t know how to before now because there’s someone that will enjoy getting that from you in my tummy!

3. Hmmm, Just wondering what it’ll feel like to be a mother because I see that coming real soon! I am going to be a mother!

4. If you haven’t learnt how to change diapers, make Baby food, check when the temperature is suitable for the baby to feed, I will advise you start learning now because you will need those skills very soon, You are going to be a father!

5. Just wondering, Is this how my mom felt when she carried me in her belly? She certainly must have felt better because I’m feeling like I am carrying another human being in my belly all by myself!

6. Have you ever thought of the name you will like to give your little niece? If you haven’t, start coming up with one because you will have to name your little niece in a few months from now. You’re going to become an aunt!

7. I think we will have to redecorate this room to suit the cute little guest that will be joining us in the next eight months, Hey, Good news! Our little guest has come to stay!

8. You will have to bear with me on my cooking skills. I just can’t get back to my formal way of cooking, what with being pregnant and all!

9. I just don’t understand why I’m suddenly craving for banana these days, probably because that’s what the baby in my belly wants, obviously, banana is its favourite fruit!

10. Enjoy your time out with me while you can because our little bundle of joy is going to join the party really soon.

Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents

11. Aaargh, I’m so gonna miss my tight fitted clothes because this baby bump will not look too good in it, I have to start preparing how to rock my maternity gown for the next seven months!

12. Do you remember when I told you that you would do an amazing job of being a father? Now is the time to show me how well you will do the job of being a father because our baby is on the way!

13. I just don’t know why I always feel lazy these days, maybe it’s because I’m carrying another human every second, minute, hour of the day!

14. Motherhood! Here I come!

15. It is with great joy in my heart that I announce the coming of our little bundle of joy!

16. Don’t be jealous but just so you know, you have a rival in few months time who will share in the love and everything I give to you, Scared, huh? Don’t be, because the rival is your unborn child!

17. I will soon be employed to a full-time job with no breaks, It’s really worth it because I won’t be paid in cash but in laughter, giggles and happiness, Yes, that’s the job of motherhood!

18. I can’t wait to see a smaller and cuter version of you, you will be surprised to see that he might look exactly just like you when you were a baby, but he would just be sweeter and cuter than you were, We don’t have to wait so long because our baby is already on the way!

19. Do you mind sharing?? Because our little bundle of joy is here to share in the love and happiness you give to me!

20. When you write an exam, you wait for the result to know if you passed or failed. Well, the output of your input is here in my belly, Yaaaay! You’re going to become a father!

Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family at Dinner

21. Have you noticed any change in me recently? Probably my body structure, eating habits or dressing style. That’s because I’m pregnant!

22. I have a present in here waiting to be presented to you first, then the world at large, in less than nine months time! We’re leaving singlehood for parenthood!

23. I just can’t seem to have a good appetite nowadays, as almost everything disgusts me. Being pregnant is not a joke!

All the hints above will assist you with the right words on how to announce pregnancy to family in person.While keeping you and those you want to announce to excited.

Mind you, your pregnancy can be announced in any way that suits you, if you decide to ignore the suggested ways to announce pregnancy to family in person that we have written above. Just make sure that when you are announcing it, you put the audience you’re announcing to in mind, As earlier said, do not announce at all if you don’t want the news spread faster than you can imagine, as the world has become a social world where the smallest news is spread within seconds or even before the owner of the news gets to know about it.

Pregnancy comes with its quirks and perks, of course, it’s not really as easy as it seems, but then, the reward is worth the stress.

As you venture on the journey of motherhood, I wish you a stress-free pregnancy period. I also wish you a safe and happy delivery! Enjoy!

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