Chinese Quotes about Love, Relationships, and Marriage

A relationship between man and woman has been and will be one of the most important topics in this life. It is so arranged by nature that men can’t live without women and women without men. But despite the importance of these relations, for some reason, we are not taught how to properly build them.

Because of such a serious attitude to this topic, it is sometimes very difficult to build good, long-term, mutually beneficial relations with each other. But wise Chinese quotes about the relationship between men and women will help you. You don’t even need to learn over 50 dating online and offline tips, just read the words below and you will understand everything.

1. There is no power in the world more powerful than love.

2. Love is a priceless gift. This is the only thing that we can give and yet it remains with you.

3. Love is a lamp illuminating the Universe; without the light of love, the earth would turn into a barren desert and made people a handful of dust.

4. Love is the beginning and end of our existence. There is no life without love.

5. Love is the only one of all spheres of human communication, which is an amazing interweaving of spiritual and physical pleasure, creating a feeling of fullness of life with meaning and happiness.

6. If you seek to resolve a problem, do it with love. You will understand that the cause of your problem is a lack of love and it is the cause of all the problems.

7. Love only makes sense if it is mutual.

8. The truth is that there is only one highest value – love.

9. Fake love is more a result of ignorance than a lack of love.

10. Separation for love is the wind for fire: it extinguishes the weak and inflates the big one.

11. No one will feel good near you, while you feel bad alone with yourself.

12. In the relationship between a man and a woman, there shouldn’t be someone else’s opinion and advice.

13. Men who don’t forgive women their small flaws will never enjoy their great virtues.

14. In partnerships, we often want to achieve what we have failed in the love of our parents.

15. A man always treats a woman the way she treats herself.

16. Every woman should remember that the man doesn’t go to someone but goes from someone.

17. A happy marriage doesn’t depend on how compatible you are but on how you deal with your differences.

18. Don’t look for perfect people, look for soulmates.

19. Men in love pray to the Sun, and women to the Moon.

20. Every woman truly in love is more or less paranoid.

21. Love is the story of a woman’s life and an episode in a man’s life.

22. A woman doesn’t demand much from love – just to feel like the heroine of a novel.

23. Love makes women bolder and men more delicate.

24. A woman knows the meaning of love, and a man knows its price.

25. A woman needs love, and a man needs a woman.

26. Man and woman are created to love each other but not just to live with each other. All the famous lovers lived apart.

27. It is bad when there is nothing in common between a man and a woman, except love.

28. Women are more sensual than men but less aware of their sensuality.

29. Women give men the most precious thing in life. But they invariably demand it back.

30. When a man learns to love, he should be ready to experience hate.

31. Love lives long only if each of the lovers knows its price.

32. Freedom is the highest value, and if love doesn’t give you freedom, then it is not love.

33. We change if we love. But sometimes we lose own individuality because of it.

34. If we spend our lives on love, we will not have time left to complain or feel miserable.

35. Love is a theorem that must be proved every day.

36. Starting a new love relationship is easy, but keeping them can be very difficult.




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