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break up status for facebook

Break ups are one of those things that comes with growing up and loving, It’s not really what you want but then things and people change so you’ve just gotta make a choice and take your stand on certain things. It’s one of those moments that you feel lonely and vulnerable especially if the break up didn’t come from you. You wonder how or why you and your sweetheart came to be like that. Well, it doesn’t matter how long you wonder because some things are just not meant to be no matter what.

Now, after the break up, you don’t have to start moping around, yeah, it’s not easy to just move on after a break up, but then, you gotta show your lover ( now your ex) that you are doing just fine without them, or if the breakup wasn’t based on decisions made by you and your partner, you could show them how much you miss them and the times you spent together.

Uploading a number of status about breakup on your Facebook timeline is one of the many ways to do this. Your Ex is going to see it and know how you feel about the whole break up of a thing, If the break up was so bad to the extent of you guys blocking or unfriending each other on Facebook, don’t think your Ex won’t see it because during the course of your relationship, you must have had one or two mutual friends on your FB friend list, It’s these friends that will make him see the status by one way or the other.

Thinking of the best break up status you could upload on your Facebook timeline? Don’t rack your sweet brain too much cos we gat your back! Below is a list of break up status suitable for uploading on your Facebook timeline:

1- Most times when someone leaves you, it’s not because you’re not special, it’s simply because they can’t meet up with your special standards.

2- Breakups are just like eye openers, it opens your eyes to every fault of your partner which you were blind to just because you were madly in love with them.

3- Sometimes your heart needs enough time to process what your head already knows.

4- Isn’t it funny how people loose diamonds while searching for stones? You don’t know what you’ve got until you miss it.

5- I cry myself to sleep every night wondering if I really wasn’t good enough, but now I’ve come to realize that it’s not that I wasn’t good enough but you were just not good enough for me.

6- If we don’t move on and forget past battles, we wouldn’t have a reason to conquer new battles.

7- If I could turn back the hands of time, I’ll do just that to make sure I didn’t meet you in the first instance cos meeting you has been more of a curse than a blessing to me.

8- We meet people for different reasons in life, we meet some to get a blessing while we meet others to learn a lesson, I learnt a hard lesson from meeting you.

9- No matter how hard you try to make things work between two people, if they are not meant to be, it’s just not going to work out.

10- Breaking up is not the end of the world, it only means that the SHIP you once boarded having RELATION in mind has stopped moving, you could hop on to another SHIP, probably FRIENDSHIP.

11- If something isn’t meant for you, no matter how much you hold on to it, it’s definitely going to slip through your grasp because what will be will always be.

12- You don’t have to feel bad when someone leaves you, it simply means they’re not worth having someone as beautiful as you to start with.

13- Self respect is about knowing when to love and when to stop loving, I have self respect and I wouldn’t compromise that for anything.

14- Choosing not to argue or go further with people who are committed on misunderstanding is one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make.

15- It doesn’t matter how good you are, if a person has no eyes for your goodness, you’ll always remain bad to them.

16- Whenever I think of the good times we had together, I just keep wishing it never happened because I just can’t get over it even now that we’re no longer together.

17- Two minds were meant to think alike but you choose to think differently, two hearts were supposed to beat as one but you choose to break my heart.

18- It takes two to tango, if you hadn’t walked away I would have held on to you, if I had held on to you, you wouldn’t have walked away.

19- I miss you when I can’t sleep, I miss you when I’m sad, I miss you when I’m bored, I miss you when I’m awake, I miss you in my dreams, Even though things didn’t work out well between us, I still miss you and all the good times we shared.

20- You said I was too proud and I’m happy to tell you that it wasn’t pride, it was knowing what I want and standing for it, You weren’t the best.

21- Only if we could tell what life will bring to us, we wouldn’t wish and dream for things that were never meant to be ours.

22- I hoped, I cried, I wished, I tried all I could, but nothing I did was enough to hold you or make you stay with me. Heaven knows I wish we could still be together.

23- You broke my heart, Now I’ve learnt not only how to break hearts but also how to break bones. Thanks for making me stronger.

24- Break ups are quite confusing, You’re head over heels in love with your Ex for a moment when you remember what you had, and the next moment, you’re wishing you could just snap his head off his neck for hurting you so bad.

25- Just wondering tho, if you had put in the kind of energy you’re putting into this break up into the relationship I’m quite sure we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

26- Even when you cloth a monkey, it doesn’t make it less of an animal, same thing happens when you show love to someone who is full of hate and isn’t ready to change that, It doesn’t make such a person less hateful.

27- If anything, I’ve learnt to stay in love rather than fall in love.

28- The worst part of a break up is seeing someone who was once your everything become someone who is nothing to you.

29- It’s gonna take almost eternity to heal the pain your love left in my heart, but then, I’ve just got to move on and admit that you’ve become a part of my past.

30- Convincing someone to stay with you when they want time apart is only gonna hurt you more, it’s okay to let them go.

31- Begging someone to act right isn’t really worth it if they don’t see they’re wrong, I’ve come to know that it doesn’t pay to waste your energy on the wrong people.

32- You should know that you are not to confuse what you’re worth with what you are offered. Most times you’re offered worthless stones into place. Having you was good, but losing you was better.

34- I would never be the same again after you left but I know that whatever happened is for a reason, I still miss you.

35- When things don’t go as you want, stay positive because your creator knows every of your wants and wouldn’t be giving you anything short of that.

36- Breaking up with you has left me broken, I know it’s nothing to you but it’s everything to me.

37- I just keep wondering how strangers can become best of friends and how friends can become strangers so easily.

38- If we don’t let go of the past, it’ll be hard to enjoy the present and prepare for the future.

39- Some people were never meant to be part of your life, it took just a little push to send them out of it.

40- Passing through a painful phase is just to make you stronger for the next phase in your life.

41- Between learning lessons and being blessings, I discovered so many reasons why we couldn’t just end up together.

42- If they act like they don’t wanna keep you, show them who’s the boss by letting them know you don’t mind losing them.

Aaaaawn, quite an emotional list of status we’ve got up there for you to put on your Facebook timeline. I hope you’ll be able to find one that suits your break up mood. I wish you better luck finding love.

Stay strong and positive!

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