How to Use Facebook for Business Without Tanking Your Productivity

Facebook has more users than China and India combined. It’s one of the most important marketing tools for businesses of all kinds. Facebook has one of the highest ROI you’ll ever find on social media. But it can also become a time suck if you don’t use it efficiently.

Here are six ways you can use Facebook to grow your business, which leads to customer success. These tips will also show you how to be more productive when marketing your business.

Offer Promotions & Events

Most users like Facebook pages because they want news about upcoming events and promotions. If you gather your customers’ behavior and social media habits, you’ll notice this. Your customers are more likely to use these coupons and promotions that you offer on your page. You can also share them on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, where the conversations are quicker and the users are younger.

Share Timely & Unique Content

Facebook is one of the best social media channels because it doesn’t have character limits or a certain time frame to share posts. You can create unique content and share it immediately from your Facebook page. You can share anything from a blog post or video to an engaging photo or a lengthy post written directly to your page. The more interaction you get on your Facebook posts, the more often your posts will appear in your follower’s news feeds.

Creating unique content related to current events and news is a quick way to attract attention. You don’t want your Facebook page to turn into one long advertisement. Your goal should be to engage with your followers and make them feel part of the conversation. Include a combination of the following posts:

  • Unique content that engages with your target audience
  • Shared content from other websites
  • Promotional content or links to your products and services

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook provides plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals. It’s not a social media site just for keeping up with friends and family. There are hundreds of Facebook groups created for specific industries, interests, niches, and professions. You have to use your personal Facebook account to join these groups.

The more you contribute to these groups, the more brand recognition you’ll receive. Contributing to Facebook groups alone can increase your expertise and industry leadership. Just don’t sound like a salesperson in your posts. This is the quickest way to turn off potential customers.

Customize your search for Facebook groups based on certain keywords. Facebooks also offers suggestions once you’ve joined a few groups. There are plenty of groups dedicated to business, entrepreneurship, leadership, online marketing, and more.

Create Your Own Group

Can’t find a Facebook group that you like? Create your own Facebook group instead. You can create discussions, add members, and meet potential customers. The great thing about having your own Facebook group is that you can do whatever you want with it.

The great thing about creating your own group is that you have complete control over which members to add or which conversations should take front and center. It automatically gives you leadership status through the eyes of your members, which receive the help they need through your products and services.

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves free things. According to Exact Target, 36% of consumers like a Facebook page to receive a free item or a sample. Some of your followers can turn into paid customers. Not only are they a grateful follower, but they’re also a target audience that’s likely to return to your page to read your updates.

Host a Contest

Another way to grow a business on Facebook is to have a contest. What’s the difference between a contest and a freebie? A freebie offers low-cost items for free, while a contest allows your followers to win something that’s of greater value. Maybe the prize is a free consultation which leads to greater customer success down the line.

Contests work on Facebook because they help you attract new followers. It can also help grow your email list as well. You can use a third-party contest app or email marketing app to capture personal information that’s needed before followers can participate.

These are just some of the simplest methods that you can use to grow your business and promote it on Facebook. Just starting out with one or two of these methods will show you how to be more productive. Get to know the social media channel and determine how you can be a part of the conversation rather than turning your page into an advertisement.

Written By:
Douglas Pitassi
Freelance writer and small business blogger.

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