How to Talk to Girls on Facebook and Get Them Attracted to You

How to Talk to Girls on Facebook

Facebook being one of the most sort after social media in the 21st century, it has taken over so many so many ways of mingling with people, it became a place of clubs and bars for the attenders, a place to come in contact with older women who still find happiness in men but probably not confident enough to show it, most case with younger men, and as it is some becomes successful while others ain’t.

Having a way to have girls interested in you too ain’t that easy but definitely comes with a right way to do it. In this post, we will discuss various tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook easily.

How do you starts a conversation with a girl on Facebook effectively?

First and foremost, the fact you can’t ever have her shouldn’t be on your mind, not if you truly want to hook that beautiful lady you have your eyes on. There are several of enticing ways to catch her attention. So read well and be a bit more interesting, knowing what to say to a girl on Facebook can also help in keeping her engrossed in you.

How to Talk to Girls on Facebook Politely

Pictures of You Should Be Updated

No matter what your thoughts might be, learning the ins and outs on how to address girls well on Facebook shouldn’t be your first step. Instead before initiating contact with anyone, you first have  to give your own profile a good look that can create urges for them to want to know more about you. What does your profile picture and cover photo look like? This is a basic to Facebook or any social media websites.

So what kind of picture is perfect to use as profile photo.? Well, you have to be original as much as possible. Choose a picture that shows you looking handsomely. You should also make sure your cover photo beautiful as well. Try as much as you can not to use any photo you capture with another lady or any picture of you and your friends chilling.

Good Profile Bio

Having a good facebook profile bio shouldn’t be neglected. Introducing yourself with a sentence is a concept that most of Facebook users don’t take seriously. In fact, majority of e-book on dating do not talk about this. Your profile “about me” section is a great place to start with if you really want to impress a girl. Try to keep the about me description simple and succinct. You should avoid irrelevant words and every single word must be unique. Fill out your about section so it can also give insight to anyone interested as to who you are. We have written some about me ideas, check some examples of beautiful about myself quotes for Facebook.

Your Relationship Status

Part of the profile section is the “Relationship Status”. Facebook provides the option to let people know your relationship status. Ladies are not so interested in drama or someone that is not straight forward. You can’t be single and choose “It’s complicated” or “in an open relationship” to describe your status. With this kind of relationship status, you are not likely to get a response from any lady you send a message to, if by any chance she go through your profile before she decides to respond.

Make her see that you are single, and that you work or go to college is a necessary information you should add to your profile. Ladies not only trying to avoid a messy relationships, they also want a guy who has his head put together. Allowing them to know that you have a career or a career plan will definitely help increase your chances.

Clean Your Timeline

The next thing you shouldn’t forget is your timeline. Do have a thorough check of your timeline, and make sure you remove any post or pictures that will makes you look like an irresponsible guy. Ladies loves to get associated with mature, responsible, handsome and intelligent guys. By doing some kind of timeline cleaning, you are sure to get a better chance of getting beautiful ladies attracted to you and want to know you more.

You Should Be Active

You should ensure you stay active on your Facebook regularly, share meaningful and motivational posts. By doing this, you won’t be portrayed as an accidental user, scammer, or some irresponsible dude that uses social media to deceive ladies. If you don’t have a reasonable amount of Facebook friends, posts or pictures, this will not speak well about you at all and would be a major red flag to any lady that decides to check up on your profile.

Ladies loves to smile, sharing hilarious posts isn’t a bad idea. You can check up some examples of funny posts you can put on your Facebook Timeline.

Dropping a comment on your friends’ photos and posts shows you are socially active. Also, posting your own pictures or interesting posts as i mentioned earlier gives her insight about your personality.

Don’t Over Do

Don’t over do while posting or commenting. Just because you want to stay relevant or responsible, that doesn’t mean you should be posting something every hour and every minutes though. You’re likely to be seen as a jobless someone. Always find a golden moment to post on your timeline. That way, you come off as an average, well-adjusted guy who she would genuinely be interested and will love to know.

Make Research

If you lack the right words to say to a girl you meet for the first time on Facebook, you should start with a little bit of research on the powerful words to catch ladies attention. You can get ideas from any dating or hookup apps. We have also written some tips and how to start a chat with a girl on Facebook.

You should try to learn one or two things about her, and then start your discussion base on what you’ve learnt about her. You can checking out her profile to get some useful information about her. Most importantly, if her relationship status claims being single. You can go ahead to check some of her pictures. Proceed to her bio profile to read more about her. You will get enough details like where she comes from, where she lives, schools she went to, her occupation, things she enjoy doing and so on.

You shouldn’t leave her page without scrolling through her timeline too. Just like your profile speaks a lot about you, so do hers too. Pay much attention to the kind of posts, links and comments she posts. By doing this, you will get an insight into her type of person too. Her photo album will also give you some open clues on things she likes to do and places she likes to go.

So, prepare yourself very well and get some first hand information about her before you send her the first message. When you conversation flows naturally, you stand the better chance of becoming her friends and making her get used to you.

Make Friendship

If by any chance you are not friends yet, try to send her a friend request. Bear it in mind that ladies have hundreds of request daily and yours may not likely to be noticed. But if it happens you have some Facebook friends in common, you stand a chance to get accepted quickly. If you don’t have any mutual friends, consider sending her a follow up message to the request. This is a good technique and will give you a high chance to having yourself noticed.

Make sure you introduce yourself politely. You can also do it in a funny way to get her attention. You can check up some funny introduction examples you can make use.

So in short, having friends in common gives you better chances of her accepting your request. But it still not bad to send an introductory message alongside your friendship request even if you have mutual friends.

After doing that and you  are lucky to be accepted as her friend, you then need to know how to impress a girl on Facebook chat. Getting prepared is the major key. If you send a simple greeting like “Hey” or “How’s it going?” she is likely to ignore you. The chances of her responding is high when you shoot her with a message that suits the type of person she is.

How To Interact With Girls On Facebook

Majority that ask about how to talk to girls on Facebook and how to interact with girls on Facebook really think it is very hard as they will be talking to a total stranger.

Interacting with girls on Facebook messenger is not that difficult as it seems. You wouldn’t want to begin your chat “Hello sexy babe” or “How are you doing beautiful girl”?, because ladies tend to like someone that approach them with respect. So, try to be-careful with the choice of words to begin your conversation with her.

In addition, keep the conversation cool as much as possible. Use friendly and casual word so you get better chance of getting response from her. Don’t give her the impression that you are one of those creep guys on Facebook trying to get ladies laid.

How Do You Approach a Girl for the First Time on Facebook Chat?

There is no fixed approach on how to talk to girls on Facebook, but you should be polite with your approach. Greeting her politely is the key. Here is an example of how you can begin your conversation with her

“Hi Juliana, my name is Chris”, greet her by her name and let her know your name as well. Then you can go on with more explanation on how you get her contact. Below is a nice example you can adopt.

Actually, Facebook recommended you as a possible friend, and I decided to check out your profile. I could see we have some common interest such as fashion, movies, politics and adventures. I saw on your timeline you’ve been to Santorini. I’d love to be there too as I have read a lot about how wonderful the island is. I have sent you a friend request and would be glad if you accept the request. Maybe, we can discuss further on your trip to Greece.

That’s just an example, just like we recommended earlier, it is a good thing if you have checked up her profile, photos and posts to understand the kind of person she is and what she loves to do.

Bear it in mind you are not the only one hitting her dm, most especially if she is very attractive and still single. She would pay more attention to you if you open up a meaningful conversation with her rather than “hey baby”, “whats up girl” kind of message. The way you approach her will show your mature and responsible which will increase your chances of getting a favourable response from her.

What Am I Supposed to do After Her Response?

Wow, you are lucky to get a response from her, so what next?. You have passed the stage of asking how to talk to girls on Facebook, it is not time to learn how to keep the conversation going with her. She replied to your messages and she seems to have interest to continue the conversation with you. This is a golden opportunity which you should not blow up. At this stage, you are getting to know her, you should keep calm and ensure the conversation flows properly without using any words that could annoy her.

This is the time you should start impressing her with cool words and let her know you are interested in her (as a friend to start with). I know you may find it hard to come up with a point to discuss on but trust me, the right words will come naturally once you begin lightly (don’t begin with strong words). You should proceed with engaging topics that will make her laugh and at the same time see you as intelligent guy.

You should pick some clue from her response. Check if she is trying to be formal or free with you. The clue you get will determine the direction you will take her with your discussion. The most important part you should not forget is to be yourself and stay calm. Mature ladies will definitely detect if you are confident or not, owing to the fact, they have been with other guys before.

Final Note

Having discusses various tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook and get them attracted to you. You should try as much as possible not to hide things from her when you finally get talking.

Tell her things about you. What you like, and dislike. If you like going out with friends, let her know about it. If you are jovial, tell her jokes often to make her day. Show her you nice, intelligent, respectful and not the common type of guy. I bet you will get some ratings and soothe her feelings compared to other guys she has dated or had contact with before knowing you.

Please, drop your comment if this guide on how to talk to girls on Facebook has helped you in one way or the other.

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