How to Start Chat with a Girl on Whatsapp and Facebook

How to Chat With an Unknown Girl on Whatsapp and Facebook

A large number of people, especially the male folks, have given up on trying to impress a girl in her inbox because they don’t really know the perfect ways to get things done while chatting with her.

Some, somehow, manage to get the contact of their crush, after making several inquiries and findings; but on chat, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, they end up not standing a chance. They shatter their hopes of causing the girl to, at least, like them with their inappropriate way of chatting.

And again, there are boys, men, who get stuck while chatting with a girl. It, the chat, starts very promising, both parties enjoy the whole thing — but, you know, it’s a guy’s responsibility to keep the ball of the chat rolling — until the guy gets blank, and begins to type awkward texts.

Having known all that, we have compiled ways on how to chat with a girl on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. In this article, we’ll disclose more of the don’ts, because if you are aware of the do not, you will be careful of how you get things done in her inbox.

If you’re among those, who have experienced those as mentioned above, this article is for you. Ways on how to do it right are stated here.

Still there? Let’s proceed.

Steps on how to chat with a girl on whatsapp

Follow these steps:

You need to take texting as an act — that’s what it is. Texting seems very much easy; many feel anyhow they do it counts. In chatting, you don’t need to focus on just words; you also employ the use of smileys, too. Most girls love it when you make use of smileys while you chat. Also note that, if you use wrongly, it can have a negative effect.

Here are the steps:

Note: These steps involve the DONTs, too.

  1. Text Your Crush A Simple Question

The very first thing you should start with is, searching for that message, which any other person can freely reply to. There’s no one who won’t desire the reply of that new girl that they just started messaging. Therefore, if you really want her reply, you have to give her a substantial reason to reply your message(s) in the first place.

Furthermore, make sure that the topic you choose, when texting your crush, doesn’t appear too personal; also make sure it’s relevant. Don’t be scared; go ahead and ask them what they are up to. If you have had a conversation before, maybe the previous day, then shoot a question relating to that conversation. You should keep this at the back of your mind: sending messages that intend to be funny, but seem to be completely boring, can lead to you having no reply from her.

So, clicking the send button after typing a questioning message, is an excellent approach. Be sure that the question itself is relevant. It may, to you, be like a perfect idea to text her with “hey” to kick start the conversation, which you plan to take into something else; you also should know that this way to start a conversation will in no time end up becoming boring. And, such doesn’t give you your desired result, most times.

Do you best to engage her in a more reasonable conversation, and you can use questions like, “how are you?” “guess who I saw today?” “what are your plans for the weekend?” “what are you up to?” and lots more of them. You are almost 100 percent assured of a reply if you send such messages.

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  1. Thinking About You

Type these three words, and send to that girl. It’s clear that you want to know those three words. Well, it’s “thinking about you”!

Type it, and send to her. Don’t forget to make it for by personalizing it: “I’m thinking about you”. After they receive this message, they will feel very much flattered. They will also, in return, think about you. You see the wonders, right?

When doing this, spice it up with a smiley face. Using a smiley face makes her feel how much you are really thinking about her.

  1. Do Not Be Serious At All.

It can’t be tagged a false statement if one says that this step is the golden rule of texting — it is. Don’t skip making your chat playful. Make sure you keep your conversation playful, light and fun; this way she’ll stay attached to the chat.

What the “being playful part does” is, it makes her text you whenever she feels bored or lonely. Why? Because she knows that you can make her smile. Anytime you meet her in person. Then you can introduce serious talks.

  1. Don’t Text Her In A Row

Don’t follow up a message with another message just because you haven’t received a reply yet.


If you do it that way, you’ll end up giving them the impression that, you’re very much desperate. Sending multiple messages in seconds appears very absurd, especially when you do it to that one who isn’t a close friend already? So, it’s imperative that you exercise patience; she might be busy.

BE PATIENT. Allow her to comfortably reply to your texts whenever she’s done with whatever that keeps her busy.

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  1. Avoid Long Texts

Ensure that your texts are not longer than two sentences. Make sure that you keep it within that. Anything longer might be weird because she might not be willing to read such long text.

And again, get rid of the one-word responses such as: “yeah, sure, okay, etc.” — they are the worst replies, you can ever send. Put a lot of effort in constructing your response. You can use a full sentence.

  1. Show, You Are Funny

It’s much attractive to be funny while chatting with her. If you successfully get them to laugh, at least, it will gradually give you a special place in their heart. Just try to be funny, it helps — but, make sure you don’t over-do it.

  1. Don’t Let Your Friends Text For You

Don’t ever allow your friends to direct you on what to text, or even text for you — most times, it doesn’t end up well. Do you want your crush to have a thing for you or your friends? It’s sure that you would choose that, you want your crush to have a thing for you, and not your friend.

That’s why you have to do your assignment by yourself, and not trying to let your friends do it for you. Have you thought of this: “what if your friend cracks a joke that hurts her, instead of making her smile or even laughs?”

Be cautious, don’t make silly mistakes such as using your instead of you’re, using they’re instead of there or their. If you find it difficult to get them right, then get Grammarly. It’ll help you in suggesting the right one.

  1. Keep The Conversation Going Until It Becomes Boring

Don’t do whatever to keep the conversation going, when it gets boring. In other words, don’t drag the conversation even if it appears boring. Get the chat going by replying every message sent to you — that’s what anyone who has a crush would do.

You need to be very sensitive, check how she responds to your messages, that should tell whether she’s flowing with you or not. If you notice that she’s responding with the one-word responses, call it a day, end the conversation for that night. Don’t feel sad about this. She actually might not be in the right mood to respond to your texts.

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  1. Do Not Take Long To Respond

There are social media platforms, which shows that someone has read your message — platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. After reading her message, make sure that you reply almost immediately.

And also, when you see her message, don’t take long to read and reply. If you respond quickly, it gives her the impression that she’s very much relevant. Girls love it when they are given much attention.

When you take long to reply, she’ll think that you are not interested, she can also get to feel that you don’t care.

Not because you want to reply without wasting much time, you will respond carelessly, take your time to think of a suitable reply for her. Don’t reply with seconds. You might be seen as highly desperate.

  1. Be Respectful, Control Your Emotions

Texting is something that’s very much complicated. Whenever you chat, you can send words, which can be misunderstood, because it’s just words, no voice attached.

Be careful about how you attach emoticons and smileys as well. Do not always add the abbreviations — lol, LMFAO, etc. — to your message, while replying.

Also, try to be respectful, reply decently and politely.

These are the best steps on how to start a chat with a girl on whatsapp and Facebook, which can help you to be assured of winning the heart of the one you have a crush on.

We will to read comment from you about your experience with girls you met on Facebook. Thanks

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